No matter who you associate with, keep these seven pieces of advice in mind

No matter who you associate with, keep these seven pieces of advice in mind
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Don't ask what you shouldn't ask

ignore the

relationships, sometimes close and sometimes estranged.

No matter who you are dealing with, remember not to take yourself too seriously.

in life, even if you communicate with each other every day, there are some things that others don't want to tell you, don't ask.

be clear about your attitude towards doing things, and don't get involved in private affairs that should not be taken care of.

those who really regard you as their best friends and relatives will naturally talk to you when they are in need, and you don't have to rush to be enthusiastic. Other people don't say it because he doesn't want to.


promise others

try your best

when you promise, no matter the depth of the relationship between the other person and you, since you have promised first, do your best.

when dealing with people, don't take credit seriously.

some local dialects say that some people just like to act like big heads.

means that when you show your authority in front of people, you seem to have everything in mind and can take care of things. As a matter of fact, he is good at talking, but he doesn't take it seriously when he turns around.

you can't really get your heart when you interact with people in this way.


not readily agreeing

is an euphemistic refusal

to see the situation clearly.

when people want to live, there are always some difficult things, and there is always a time to ask for help.

it doesn't matter, but when asking for help, you should be able to judge the hour and size up the situation.

between adults, not readily agreeing to help you is an euphemistic refusal.

although people are vague and not absolute enough, you have to be able to hear that meaning and don't embarrass others or yourself.


shoes should fit, people should be in tune

making friends is also

walking in shoes, fitting is the most important. When dealing with people, being in tune is the most important.

as the old saying goes, "if you have different ways, you will not conspire with each other."

people who are not in tune with each other are most likely to go wrong.

different views of life and different values, one says east and the other says west, it is never possible to get together.

such exchanges are all superficial and meaningless.

find a person with the same values to get along with, in the rest of life, each other is the beneficiary.


people who want to take advantage

are often unable to take advantage

socialize with people, and can't always think about taking advantage.

although I don't quite agree that losing is a blessing, losing is a part of life.

occasional concessions suffer losses, in fact, there are advantages.

if you always have the mentality of taking advantage, if you take advantage of it for a while, you may suffer great losses in the future.

Yu Dan once said:

"1% of the people in the world take advantage of small losses, while 99% of people take advantage of small gains, and most successful people come from that 1%."

people who always want to take advantage of everything see only personal gains and losses. Such people often lose big because of small things, pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelons.


Don't make any decisions for others

of course there will be such a situation, when people who are friends with us will have to make a choice.

at such times, out of communicative emotion, we can give opinions, analyze the pros and cons, and sincerely think of each other.

but don't make any decisions for each other.

everyone's life has to be chosen by themselves.

make the right choice, and everyone is happy. If you make the wrong choice, you have to bear the consequences.

We have no right to interfere too much in other people's lives.

the more intervention, the original friendship may also become the last evil.


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you don't have to let everyone like you

people come and go all their lives.

not everyone will like you.

in fact, you don't have to make everyone like you.

writer Yi Shu said: "there are always some people in the world who can't talk to each other, so why bother too much."

this is very reasonable. Some people are just passers-by in your life. The more you care about what these people think, you will get past the bad days for yourself.

on the way of life, it is inevitable to meet some people who are not good to us.

if you have to worry, they will not only consume you, but also hurt you.

in the long run, you will lose the most.

instead of being someone who is not worth it, to worry about and worry about it, it is better to concentrate and live a better life.