Parents pay attention: 4 kinds of breakfast that hurt children's stomach most, the first kind your family eats every day!

Parents pay attention: 4 kinds of breakfast that hurt children's stomach most, the first kind your family eats every day!
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Breakfast China has filmed its third season:

from Hebei to Shaanxi steamed buns;

from Jiangxi clay cans to Fujian batter;


this program not only shows you the regional characteristics of breakfast in our country, but also makes you feel the unique charm of breakfast.

and the way the children eat breakfast in "the final Egg" is very much like the epitome of every happy family.

watching the children eat happily, parents are even more energetic, practicing their cooking skills, hoping to prepare a nutritious and delicious breakfast for their children.

but what kind of breakfast is better for children, and what is the misunderstanding of eating breakfast?

Let's take a look at it (with a breakfast recipe at the end of the article) to help parents make a loving breakfast. Be sure to see the end!


4 big breakfast misunderstandings

from getting up in the morning to eating, it is an uphill battle for parents. Parents chase and their children run everywhere.

some parents have no time to prepare breakfast for their children, so they have to buy something to eat on the road.

in fact, breakfast is quite fastidious, from the time of breakfast, the way of eating and the amount of food, as well as what to eat, all need to pay attention.

1. Wrong breakfast time:

the breakfast time of children usually follows adults. Some parents are used to getting up at 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning to cook and ask their children to eat together. While some parents don't bother to cook breakfast, they let their children go to school to eat.

eating breakfast too late too early is bad for children:

generally speaking, the interval between lunch and breakfast should be 4-5 hours.

Children who eat prematurely may soon be hungry and unable to concentrate on their studies.

if a child eats too late, he or she may not want to eat lunch or may not be able to eat lunch.

over time, the child's digestive system has a burden, resulting in loss of appetite and lack of nutrition.


Medical research has proved that it is more appropriate to have breakfast from 7: 00 to 9: 00, when people have the most exuberant appetite.

more importantly, children had better eat breakfast at a fixed time and develop healthy and regular eating habits.

2, wrong eating habits:

Children's poor eating habits will lead to gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea and gastroenteritis at a young age.

1 eat while walking

many children have no time to eat at home, so they will solve the problem on the road and eat while walking, which does great harm:

is not only not conducive to the digestion and absorption of food, sometimes it will cause symptoms such as indigestion.

not only that, while walking and eating, the brain commands both the digestive system and the motor system, so it is distracted, so it is often unable to chew slowly, and accidents such as choking and choking will occur.

moreover, heavy metals, dust and some pollutants in the air may cause diarrhea.


you can wake up your child a few minutes earlier. Parents who have time should try to prepare breakfast at home, eat with their children, and don't let them hurry.

2 gobble up

many children have to fight for the first place when they eat, and the body will be unable to bear it in the long run.

Food can not be fully chewed, so that large pieces of food and saliva can not be fully mixed, resulting in slow digestion of food into the stomach, and it may also cause food to enter the intestinal tract without full digestion, resulting in nutritional malabsorption.

if the child does not chew fully all the time, it will affect the development and even cause gastrointestinal diseases.


parents can chew each mouthful 20-30 times with their children, so that their children can slow down their meals, chew more and promote digestion.

3 drinking milk on an empty stomach

although milk is good, drinking on an empty stomach may cause diarrhea.

this is because, when drinking milk on an empty stomach, the milk will neutralize the stomach acid, affecting the acid concentration, which is not conducive to subsequent absorption and digestion. If you often drink milk on an empty stomach, it may also lead to abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other symptoms, leading to gastrointestinal diseases.


parents should tell their children not to drink milk on an empty stomach, and usually prepare a rich breakfast for their children to eat with.

4 Cold stimulation

sometimes, the breakfast is cold, the child still eats cold food, and even has a cold drink in the morning.

everyone knows that the stomach is already in a state of contraction in the morning. Nerves, muscles and blood vessels will contract more because of raw cold food, and the blood flow will not be smooth, which may lead to stomach attacks.

Breakfast often eat raw, cold and stimulating food, which will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause stomach discomfort.


get into the habit of eating breakfast in time, eating hot food as much as possible, and refuse to eat spicy and cold food early in the morning.

3, wrong breakfast choice:

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1 fried food

fried food is always very attractive, from Youtiao to sugar cakes, is everyone's favorite breakfast "practical information".

but in fact, fried food is classified as "Class 2A carcinogens" (the so-called "Class 2A carcinogens", which means it is likely to be associated with cancer). In other words, if you eat fried food regularly, you will be "entangled" with cancer.

when food is fried at high temperature, not only nutrients such as vitamins are destroyed, but also protein and fat are easily denatured at high temperature. starchy foods produce a large amount of acrylamide when they are fried, which is neurotoxic and can lead to cognitive function and memory loss.

if some vendors use the oil repeatedly, it is easy to produce trans fat.Toxic and harmful substances such as acids and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons can cause damage to liver, kidney, blood vessels and so on.


Breakfast should be light and eat less high-oil, high-salt, high-sugar food.

2 pickled pickles

Rice Congee's pairing with pickles is a standard breakfast for many people, but in fact, it is neither nutritious nor harmful.

pickles and pickled products contain more nitrite. Although nitrite itself does not cause cancer, it will combine with proteolytic products in the stomach to form carcinogen nitrosamine.

in the long run, children not only fail to absorb the nutrients they should have, but also have the risk of causing cancer.


whether it's breakfast or other times, try not to let children eat pickles. Fresh vegetables are a good source of nutrition.

3 cream cake

cream cake has very high calories and many additives, which will increase the burden on the child's intestines and stomach, lead to indigestion, and lead to obesity if you eat too much. or get some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

in addition, often eating sweets in the morning will make children more likely to be myopic.

Children's strabismus amblyopia experts once said: sugar will soften the sclera of the eyeball. The sclera is an important tissue that wraps the eyeball and maintains the shape of the eyeball. If the sclera becomes soft, the eyeball is easily deformed.


Breakfast should be nutritionally balanced, and children should not be given food with too much sugar.

4 Milk and eggs

the combination of milk and eggs, although it provides the body with enough high-quality protein and calcium, the intake of carbohydrates is far from enough. Carbohydrates are important substances for the human body to provide heat energy, and insufficient breakfast intake will affect children's learning status.

therefore, breakfast requires a certain amount of carbohydrates in addition to the two perfect CP of milk and eggs.