Peace of mind is a person's highest self-cultivation

Peace of mind is a person's highest self-cultivation
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the realm of life, in the final analysis, is the realm of the soul. Peace of mind, everything is beautiful, if you are distracted, no matter where you go, how far you go, it is difficult to capture the truth of life, and it is difficult to appreciate the scenery with unique charm. Only peace of mind can cast the elegance of human nature.

Zhuge Liang said: "you should not rejoice in things without joy, and anger should not be angry with things without anger." it means: if you are happy, you should not be happy about things that are not worthy of happiness; if you are angry, you should not be angry with things that will not be angry. Tell us: people should be calm, control their temper, not because of external things and great joy and grief, laughter and anger, do not lose yourself.

the writer Yi Shu said: "be a man and be quiet." Come quietly, go quietly, work hard quietly, harvest quietly, don't make any noise. "

only when one's mind is calm can one hear his own voice; only when his mind is clear can he reflect the reality of all things. In your daily life, especially when you are depressed or in distress, you should stop and laugh, sit down and enjoy the flowers, and settle down to enjoy yourself.

put down a heart worried about gain and loss, get peace, learn to be indifferent; put down inexplicable troubles, ask for sorrow, get happiness, embrace happiness; if you are not indifferent, you cannot be clear-minded; if you are not indifferent, you cannot go far.

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put down what should be put down, the heart is relieved, only then is comfortable. Put down, the heart will be relaxed, things will be peaceful, people will be relaxed. Painful emotions and unpleasant memories, if filled in the heart, will make people depressed. Therefore, sweeping the floor and removing dust can brighten the gloomy heart.

the world doesn't belong to you in the first place, so you don't have to get angry or abandon it. What you want to be angry is to be angry, and what you want to abandon is all senseless stubbornness.

Life, should pursue is a simple, worldly things, there are always gains and losses, if the formation of stress, a lifetime of melancholy. The best mentality is: lose, do not care, pursue, but not deliberately; cherish, but not obsessed; struggle, do your best.

when you are calm, you can hear your heart. Only those who are not happy with things and not sad with themselves can sit down, enjoy the flowers and watch them fall. Watching the flowers bloom quietly is a kind of tranquil joy; watching the flowers fall is a kind of freedom with fate.

the heart is as quiet as the belly is; the heart is as quiet as the heart is, and the blessing is as deep as it is. Peace of mind has nothing to do with the environment. The deepest serenity comes from the broadest and most tolerant mind. Happiness is deep and shallow, not in how much can be gained, but in being able to look down on gains and losses. A broad-minded person can pick it up, let it go, and has no intention of gain or loss.

when you are calm, you will have leisure to savor the happiness you already have. The heart is a piece of pure land, an idea is like a seed, our heart is like a garden, we should decide what kind of flowers we want to plant in the garden. Flowers will be planted only when the mind is calm, and recommended when the mind is disturbed. If you plant grass, you will be overgrown with weeds; only with flowers will the garden be full of flowers.

Laozi's "meditation and determination" said: "Ice is cold for all ages, all things are especially quiet, the heart should be calm, hope that I am alone, the mind is one, and the spirit should be accompanied by each other. If I am not surprised, there is no ignorance, no anger, no desire, no abandonment, no self." Also said: "usually should also ask for its quiet, static solid should be quiet, in trouble should also ask for its quiet, quiet can give birth to stability, will be able to give birth to wisdom."

impetuous people, it is difficult to achieve great things. Peace of mind is a person's highest self-cultivation.