People are happy when they are simple.

People are happy when they are simple.
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some people say that people are unhappy because they pursue too much.

when we come to this world, we have been burdened with too much. If we rack our brains and run all day for fame and wealth, wealth and splendor, and admire those who are out of reach, then you will be overwhelmed and exhausted.

only by keeping an indifferent heart to make life simple, less care and contentment, there will be less worries and more happiness in life.

in fact, the greatest happiness in life lies not in what you possess, but in what process you pursue.

if you can look at the shallow world and look down on the cold and warm feelings of human feelings, it is the highest state of life to keep the complexity simple and be content.


people live all their lives, and everyone lives emotionally in a rational framework.

if you can make the ordinary life interesting and warm, and think everything through, you will not always be depressed; if you think about things simply, you will not always be disappointed.

you know that the secret to happiness is not to go all out in pursuit of happiness, but to find happiness in doing your best.

because worry and happiness are the two seeds of life, which one will sprout and grow up which one is sown in the heart.

only learn to be simple, optimistic, relaxed, life is naturally full of joy.

just because we grew up in this world, everyone is busy with clothing, food, shelter and transportation. If we can have sunshine and live a simple and ordinary life, why not worry that life is not full of peace.

as someone said: people should be content and happy, they can't think about anything complicated, and when the mind is overloaded, they will complain.


if you are simple, the world can live happily for you with a simple and simple life.

We should delete the memory regularly and discard the unpleasant people and things from the memory.

therefore, happiness is hidden in every ordinary day. If you always pursue perfection excessively, it will only make the process of life empty and boring, and the result will be mental haggard and aging faster and faster.

therefore, living a simple life is the state we should have.

however, there are so many people in the world, in the vast crowd, it is not easy to be simple, it is a wise choice, if you can do a simple, calm, happy life, then you must be not a simple person.

because simplicity is the sublimation of great enlightenment, not expecting too much for some empty and unreal things. Only by simply living every plain day, can every moment of life bloom with happiness and elegance.

to know that the greatest happiness in life is to live every day in peace of mind and without impatience after a thousand sails;

and know that the world is sophisticated but not sophisticated. In the numerous and complicated affairs of the world, be a magnanimous and simple person, and live every present day without fear or disgrace. Only in this way is the greatest fulfillment of life!

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May only all of us eat soundly and sleep soundly in real life, and let ourselves live younger and younger, happy and healthy all our lives!

in this way, you will not take a trip to the world in vain, and you will be the biggest winner in your life!