People, the more they care, the worse their lives will be.

People, the more they care, the worse their lives will be.
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when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter unpleasant things. If you care too much about everything, it will only make people physically and mentally exhausted.

the more you care about it, the more painful and troubled you will be, the deeper your poisoning will be, and no matter how many blessings around you will run away.

as the old saying goes: nothing in the world is difficult.

when you encounter troubles, it is often because you are at odds with yourself and waste your time on meaningless things.

Open your mind and leave it alone, your life will get better and better.


the more you haggle, the worse your life will be.

people who are not as smart as kind, too calculating, and try their best to take advantage of others tend to lose more things.

Laozi said: great wisdom if foolish, big cleverness if clumsy.

people who are really smart tend to know how to be kind, regardless of temporary gains and losses, because they know that the more they give, the more they have, the more convenient they are, and they will have more and more blessings.

once Di Renjie was ordered by Emperor Wu Zetian to do an errand.

early in the morning, as they were in a hurry, Di Renjie and his entourage casually found a stall for breakfast.

Business was brisk in the morning, and they waited for a long time before a table was available.

the clerk was so busy that he didn't bother to clear the table for both of them, so the entourage couldn't wait, so he picked it up himself.

shortly after tidying up, a beggar dressed in rags came, patted the table and said angrily, "you cleaned up my meal before I finished eating. What do you think we should do?"

the entourage said, "I'll buy you another one and make amends for you."

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"No, my good mood of the day has been spoiled by you. Give me a silver or two as compensation." The man raised his voice and said.

one or two silver was enough to buy several tables of rice, and the entourage argued with him.

Di Renjie saw this, smiled and said, "Dichun, give him a silver or two. It's really our fault."

Di Renjie's words surprised the beggar, froze for a moment, followed the follower took the money and went away.

the entourage was very angry and complained to Di Renjie that the beggar was too cheap.

Di Renjie waved to him and motioned to him to buy food quickly.

in the middle of the meal, the entourage was still a little angry. Di Renjie interrupted, saying:

"what is more important than what we have to do? Eat quickly. I have to go soon. "

what happened just now seems to have never happened to Di Renjie, and the entourage was particularly impressed when he saw it.

the beggar quarreled with Di Renjie and seemed to get one or two silver coins, but his haggling psychology would make him lose more.

as the saying goes, poor people must be hated, which is why beggars are beggars.

the more you care about it, the narrower the road of life will be.

those who love to return, and those who come and go are blessed.

No one wants to be friends with people who care, treat others with tolerance, and others will treat you in the same way.

A man has a thousand calculations, but heaven counts.

the more you care, the less blessed you will be, and the less blessed you will be, the worse your life will be.

in life, you should know that it is a blessing to suffer losses. Be kind-hearted and be kind to others, and blessings will come uninvited.


the width of the mind determines the pattern of fate

as the saying goes: often compete with the same people, not with fools.

people who really have a pattern will not argue with people who are not at the same level as themselves, because they have more important things to do and there is no need to waste their time on these useless things.

Lv Duan was the prime minister in the early Northern Song Dynasty. When he was in office, he had unique political views and offended many people in the dynasty.

once he was framed by treacherous courtiers, and Lv Duan was demoted to his hometown and returned to the people.

after receiving the will, Lv Duan felt relaxed, took the schoolboy on his back and left Beijing chic.

when Lv Duan got home, some local officials and gentry gathered to visit him and gave him a lot of money and gifts, which made Lv Duan laugh and cry.

seeing this, Lu Duan told the truth in public, saying that he had been relegated to his hometown, and now he is only a member of the grassroots.

at the end of his voice, all the famous gentry at the scene changed their faces, looked at each other, and took away all the gifts they had just brought.

some even made sarcastic remarks, saying that Lv Duan had offended the emperor in the capital, and then he would be a poor scholar all his life.

Lu Duan smiled and went back to his room to study.

A few days later, the emperor sent Imperial Shih to find Lu Duan.

the Imperial Horse came with great momentum and alarmed the neighbors.

Lu Duan led the family to kneel down and listen to the will.

"Lv Duan was reinstated as prime minister and returned to Korea immediately from now on." Yushi preached the message.

everyone called long live, but the gentry were all flushed and frightened.

after Imperial Shi left, those people gathered at Lv Duan's home again and flattered Lv Duan in every way.

the schoolboy was so angry that he wanted to drive them out of the house.

but LV Duan said, "I was really not the prime minister before, so everyone's behavior is understandable." Now that I am back in place, I should benefit the township. we are all villagers in the countryside, and it is right to help each other. "

after listening to this, everyone praised Prime Minister Lu Duan for being able to ride a boat.

never mind, building a tolerant heart is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of wisdom.

the ancients said: if you can tolerate a villain, you can become a gentleman.

the great wise must be modest, the great good must be tolerant, only the little wise will be aggressive, and the little good will haggle.

people who really have a pattern must have the mind to tolerate all things and treat sentient beings leniently.

and the breadth of mind determines the pattern of your destiny. You can have as much as you can.


it is a person's greatest blessing

"the world is not dusty, and the sea is not bitter."

when you are alive, don't be too tired, don't worry about the bad aspects, there will be more and more blessings.

once there was an old Zen master who was highly respected, and many local celebrities asked him for advice.

there was a young man who felt that the old Zen master relied on the old and sold out the old and had no real talent and knowledge.

when the old Zen master opened the forum, the young man felt that what the old Zen master said was meaningless, so he debated with the Zen master immediately and swearing during the debate.

everyone thought the young man was a little too much, but the Zen master remained motionless and talked to him kindly.

after arguing for a long time, the young man found it meaningless, when the old Zen master calmly asked

"if you give something to others and others do not receive it, then who should it belong to?"