People who are too kind will not come to a good end!

People who are too kind will not come to a good end!
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there is a saying in the Book of changes: "there is a limit to everything, but it is not enough to go too far."

kindness is originally a virtue, but it is so kind that it hurts you in the end.

Life is too short to let goodness become a sword to you.


too kind is a disaster

there is a saying in the Big Bang Theory: "if you are too kind, the world will eat you to death."

A good horse is ridden, and a good man is deceived.

my friend Xiuxiu is kind-hearted, always patient in life, listens to other people's opinions, and won't argue with others even if there are conflicts.

for example, Xiuxiu's husband instructs her to do all kinds of housework and take care of the children. Although she is very tired, she will not be angry.

her colleagues and friends also like to ask her for help, such as buying a cup of coffee, printing materials, writing articles, and bringing breakfast.

she never expresses her dissatisfaction, and her unhappy mood will be kept in her heart, until some time ago, her state is getting worse and worse: she always suffers from insomnia at night, loses appetite, doesn't pick up energy to do anything, works inefficiently, and doesn't like to socialize.

so she went to the hospital for examination and found that she was suffering from moderate depression.

the psychiatrist said: "ignoring your own needs for a long time and meeting the needs of others will also make you sick."

too kind, it's a disaster.

if you are weak, the other person will dare to be unscrupulous.

some people, if you help them, they will not be cherished, but even worse.

pay blindly, without the cost of rejection, pay more and more cheaply, in the eyes of others, you are a "come and go" tool, and finally hurt yourself.

the kinder a person is, the higher the bottom line should be. Only in this way can we avoid indulging others and protect ourselves.


Don't overestimate your place in anyone's heart

A kind person is always easy to empathize with others and take other people's affairs as their own.

but the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

just because you are nice to others doesn't mean they will treat you the same way.

in the TV series "Golden Fan Family", young master Yanxi is usually very kind to his friends.

many people know his identity, know that he is generous and generous, and like to make friends with him. When drinking in a bar, his friends will charge it to him.

on one occasion, Yanxi almost put her family in crisis in order to save her friend Baoshan, who had been arrested for corruption.

but he also thinks that saving friends is the most important.

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later, after his father died, Yanxi had to go to work and work for a living.

but his good brothers in the past disappeared when they knew about his situation.

Yanxi again found his very close friend Baoshan and wanted him to help, but Baoshan had all kinds of excuses and had no intention to help him at all.

Don't overestimate your place in anyone's heart, and don't overestimate the goodness of others.

as Sanmao wrote: "if kindness is just blindly giving, then I would rather not have it."

help others in principle and refuse appropriately, instead of being a heartless, bad person.


your kindness should bring some edge

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "you have the upbringing of not hurting others, but you lack an aura that will not be hurt by others. If no one protects you, please take some edge in your kindness in the future and protect yourself."

be a wise person and don't let goodness become foolish.

seeing a blogger who shared her story, she said that although she looked very aloof, she was actually very afraid to refuse others for fear that others would be unhappy.

she used to order the dishes recommended by the waiter, even if she didn't eat them herself, because she was embarrassed to refuse others.

usually her roommate asks her to pick up a courier, but she will bravely say yes even if she is not on her way.

she said that later she didn't want to go on like this, so she slowly learned the method and changed herself.

for example, if her roommate asks her to take the express delivery, she will say, "I'm sorry, I may not be able to get it for you, because I'm not on my way later, and I'm going to be late for class later." can you ask that person to pick it up for you when he or she comes back later? Or maybe take it for yourself when you go out. "

this not only does not offend people, but also expresses his refusal.

in the long run, her roommates no longer always ask her to help with things.

finally, she said: "I know that many people who dare not refuse others are actually very kind people from the bottom of their hearts, but always think of others. Although it is a good thing, you should think more about yourself. Life is very short. It is most important to be happy every day."

as Bonnie Berbonne said in "wonderful work": "kindness is very precious. Kindness has no teeth, and that is weakness."

when you are a man for the first time, no one should be born to compromise, let alone a person with a good nature.

good people never take the initiative to hurt others, but that doesn't mean they should be hurt. They should show their fangs when necessary.

A beautiful and kind rose will not be ravaged at will only if it grows full of thorns.