People who love to read books will not have too bad luck.

People who love to read books will not have too bad luck.
Good morning, accompany you to read.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said to young people, "your problem is that you read too little and think too much."

knowledge in books can solve all worries. When a person sinks down to read, he is always energetic and focused, so his luck will not be too bad.

Reading is a kind of spiritual practice, talking to the ancients, listening to the wisdom of the saints, and growing up imperceptibly.


the world is secretly rewarding people who love reading

there is a sentence in Fan Deng's reading: "May reading be the best way for you to fight the passage of time in your long life."

Fan Yusu, who was born in a small village in Hubei Province, came to Beijing at the age of 20 to work as a waitress in a restaurant and as a babysitter.

she rented a single room of 8 square meters for 300 yuan a month.

after work every day, she likes reading novels very much. She not only reads educated youth literature, but also reads world classics such as Robinson Crusoe, Mystery Island, Lone Star Blood and tears, and Oliver Twist.

"if you live, you have to do something that has nothing to do with eating. I am so poor, but I still have to satisfy my spiritual desires." Fan Yusu said.

because she has read a lot of books, she began to write novels.

in 2017, she wrote a 100000-word novel, "I am Fan Yusu," in a rented house, a book that went viral on the Internet, and the two publishers competed to find her to publish it.

Fan Yusucheng not only earned the contribution fee, but also became an Internet celebrity. She wrote about the hard life of ordinary workers, as well as the domestic violence and torture she had experienced in those years.

words record the sufferings of the years, and then feed back those who love to read.

Why are we reading?

first, it can make people live neither humbly nor arrogantly, and second, it can make people's hearts clean.

A person who reads a book every day may quickly forget the content, but subconsciously remember what is wrong and what is right.

the world is secretly rewarding those who love reading.


Reading is a refuge that can be carried around

Liang Xiaosheng wrote in the World:

"the purpose of reading is not to achieve much, but to give you an inner strength to face it calmly and calmly when you are beaten back into life and are frustrated."

at the beginning of the epidemic, a young man was photographed lying in bed and reading in Fangdang Hospital in Wuhan.

this young man is called "Brother Shu Qingliu" by netizens.

even if he is ill and forced to move, he still calmly lies in bed reading, unhurried, calmly immersed in the world of books.

Maugham once said, "Reading is a sanctuary that you can take with you."

in the face of setbacks and difficulties, people are easily hit by psychological pressure, and reading is to exercise a person's mind so that he can maintain a calm heart in the face of disaster.

when you are in pain, you might as well read a book. The stories in the book can heal your heart.

when you are depressed, you might as well choose a book where the character will tell you his experience and resonate with you.


Reading can change one's temperament

the ancients once said, "if you don't read for three days, you will feel abominable."

A person's appearance is inherited from his parents, but his temperament is formed by himself and can be changed imperceptibly.

the belly is full of poetry and book style. Reading can change one's temperament.

60-year-old actress Chen Chong, known as "temperament beauty" by netizens, is the best actress at the Golden Horse Award and a judge at the Academy Awards.

in private, Chen Chong is a person who loves to read books, and her beauty is also based on knowledge.

"you don't have to be beautiful, but you have to be a spiritual aristocrat." This is her parents' education.

entered the set at the age of 17. After filming, Chen Chong read an English book there when he was free.

later, she went to study in the United States. while working in the restaurant to wash dishes, she squeezed out time to read books, including psychology, history, philosophy, and all kinds of books.

later, Chen Chong was chosen to play the queen in the Last Emperor because of her deep line skills and cultural background.

in addition to acting, Chen Chong also writes screenplays, films, and screenwriters, and she controls these things easily.

under the influence of Chen Chong, her daughter is also excellent. She graduated from Harvard University and won the highest honor of the school.

the so-called "aristocracy" is not those rich nouveau riche, but the spiritual heritage in knowledge and culture, which can be passed on continuously by the whole family.


Reading is the best way to enrich people.

even the poorest Jewish families would rather suffer by themselves and try their best to send their children to a good education.

because they know very well that things are difficult, and only reading can make a person strong.

"Reading can experience a thousand kinds of life, and those who do not read can only live once."

as ordinary people, we don't have so much money to travel around the world, but we can read books, experience other people's lives and increase our knowledge in stories.

in the movie "Golden Fellowship", the heroine is a young teacher at New York University, and her boyfriend is the son of Singapore's super-rich.

when her boyfriend takes her to see her parents, everyone dislikes it.Abandoning the heroine's family greetings, the boyfriend's mother even said to the heroine, "you are of such a poor background, you are not qualified to enter our family."

although the heroine was born poor, she was admitted to the university and became a university teacher by virtue of her efforts. Instead of pestering the man, she chose to leave.

she said to her boyfriend's mother, "We are equal. My parents gave me the best education and made me an independent person." My family gives me as much love as you do. "

later, the ending of the movie was happy, and the male mother was moved by the heroine and finally accepted the daughter-in-law.

whether you read or not, the gap will be reflected in one's speech and behavior.

Reading is the best nourishment. It broadens people's horizons and faces the pressure of others without fear.

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ordinary birth, but not mediocre soul

May every book be a candlelight, even as small as beans, can give you as much light as you can in the dark night.

years are long and life is difficult. I hope everyone can get the strength to move forward in the book.

after work, we should also set aside some time to read books to bring solitude to our souls and opportunities for ascension.

even though our origins are ordinary, our hearts are not mediocre.