People's Daily: 9 little things that benefit you in your life

People's Daily: 9 little things that benefit you in your life
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

sometimes, the little things we do come quietly into our lives inadvertently.

it brings us not only temporary happiness, but also life-long benefits.

the nine little things recommended by People's Daily that will benefit people for a lifetime, come and see how many you have done.


going to bed early is a habit

"going to bed early and getting up early is good for your health". Everyone knows the truth, but too few people can do it.

tragedies of "death from overwork" often occur, but early to bed and early to rise still seems out of our reach.

if you have the most rewarding and challenging habits in life, early to bed and early to rise is definitely in the top three.


smiling is a kind of thinking

if you pay attention, you will find that those around you who love to laugh will not have too bad luck.

smiling is actually a kind of thinking and a kind of courage to face the predicament of life.

this kind of thinking can keep a person away from the red line of collapse and wait for the willow to blossom.


neatness is an attitude

clean white shirt, neat short hair, elegant light makeup, decent professional suit.

refreshing people, whether in work or life, are serious and responsible for themselves. For people like this, the quality of life must be higher.


exercise is a kind of spirit

look at the people around you, those who keep exercising for a long time.

even the elderly should have a lighter gait, a straight back, and a lot of strength.

exercise should be seen as a part of life, not an extra burden.


Travel is a kind of enjoyment

Life is not a field, life is scenery everywhere.

to travel, the transformation of space and the things that bring to the mood and state of mind are difficult to express in words.

go out and have a look from time to time, and you will find that the thing called "nature" is better than you think.


Reading is a return to

pastime, among which reading is the most effortless and rewarding one.

the Tibetan language in the chest is full of ink, and the belly is full of poetry and books.

the more you read, the richer your heart will be and the wider your horizons will be.


it's a skill to keep your mouth shut

here "keeping your mouth shut" doesn't mean talking, but three meals a day.

many people in poor health are often defeated by the mouth.

when you have a good life, you should cherish your blessings, eat more coarse grains, eat seven percent of each meal, and don't overeat.

for the sake of your family, but also for yourself.


Cooking is a kind of spiritual practice

now takeout is so convenient that many people have lost the motivation to cook.

but wash vegetables carefully, wash rice, and stir-fry meticulously.

this process is full of fun.

Cooking can help you learn to be calm and not spend your holidays without a biological clock, which in itself is a kind of self-cultivation.


networking is a kind of insisting on

"networking" sounds very utilitarian, but in the world and human relations, kung fu is always outside the poem, inadvertently inserting willow into shade.

A friend is busy, so make a phone call, send a text message or Wechat once in a while.

after many years, you will find that your persistence will become your brand, and your persistence will become the greatest goodwill.

William James once said:

to be the best you can be, start by developing these habits of self-improvement.

then you will find that when you become good, the world is full of goodwill.

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