Play (must be read in this life)

Play (must be read in this life)
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

when people reach middle age, they are both embarrassed and helpless.

No longer young and frivolous, he has become more calm under pressure.

We have become the backbone of society and family, in the days of old and young, pain and happiness.

when people reach middle age, they have experienced the vicissitudes of life, experienced the warmth of human feelings, and seen the coolness of the world.

after decades of wind and rain washing, I look back and find that the highest state of life is only one word: "release".


letting go is a kind of mind

as the saying goes: "No one is perfect without gold."

people are not born perfect, everyone will make mistakes, some mistakes, only need to bear, and some mistakes, will implicate others.

when we are alive, we can't help paying for other people's mistakes.

sometimes, we pay such a high price, but we can only get an understated "I'm sorry", or even no.

not only that, some people apologize for their mistakes, not really "sorry", but want a "it doesn't matter".

use this to seek psychological comfort so that you don't feel guilty.

so, we can not forgive many things, but we can choose to let go.

there was a question on Zhihu that impressed me: what's the difference between "forgive" and "forget it"?

someone replied:

instead of dying in the darkness of the past, it is better to light a lamp for yourself in the present.

Lin Zexu said: "if the sea accepts all rivers, there is tolerance; the wall stands a thousand feet, and no desire is strong."

when people reach middle age, letting go is a kind of mind, free and easy, and even more kind to themselves.


putting it down is a kind of wisdom

how much obsession comes from a narrow heart?

how many troubles are all troubles?

as the saying goes, "if you are willing to give up, you have to give up." It is a kind of ability to get from giving up, and it is a kind of wisdom to put it down.

A very interesting story is recorded in the Book of the later Han Dynasty:

once, Meng Min picked up the earthen pot and went to the market to sell it. As a result, he accidentally dropped all the pots, but he left without looking back.

the famous scholar Guo Linzong saw this and asked, "Why don't you look back?"

Meng Min replied, "the earthen pot is broken, and it's useless even if I read it."

when we encounter such a bad thing as Meng Min, it is often difficult for us to let it go. We only regret the broken residue all over the floor, and it is difficult to let it go.

do not realize that only when we move forward without squinting eyes like him, can we get something of more value than a basket of earthen pots.

at that time, if Meng Min had stopped in front of the earthen pot, Guo Linzong would not have appreciated him and advised him to travel and study.

there is no story about Meng Min's rise to fame ten years later, and the three princes of the imperial court recruited him to become an official.

the philosopher Plato said:

when people reach middle age, they must not only have the ability to pick it up, but also have the wisdom to put it down, and treat gains and losses lightly before they can spend every day soundly.


rest assured that

Zhang ailing said:

loneliness is normal for middle-aged people, and so is stress.

when people reach middle age, their bodies are not as good as they used to be. Most of the time, we feel powerless about the naked reality.

there are old people at the top, filial piety at the bottom, and children at the bottom, and we have to worry about it, so we have to fight like young people.

our identity is father or mother, son or daughter, but no longer ourselves.

after working hard for half of my life and giving half of my life, it's time to live for myself.

as "Zengguang Xianwen" said: "Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, do not be horses and cattle for their children and grandchildren."

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as parents, no matter how much we love our children, it is difficult for us to accompany them through life.

No matter how much we worry about our children, it is sometimes difficult to change the choices of their generation.

We can only give them some experience from people who have experienced it, so that they can avoid detours in their lives.

I very much agree with a passage in Mr. Zhao Puchu's "Ballad of Relief":

the so-called pressure is all self-inflicted, and if you don't look for it, you will live day by day.

when people reach middle age, rest assured that it is a kind of relief, letting go of their worries and being carefree.

in this way, the mood will be better, the body will be healthy, and the burden will not be brought to the children in the future.

when people reach middle age, they read all the human feelings and taste the world before they understand the value of the word "release".

there is a kind of mind called letting go, there is a kind of wisdom called letting go, there is a kind of release called rest assured.

Life is only a hundred years. May you and I both relax our hearts, let go of our hands, feel warm and cold, and embrace a life of fulfillment.