Please pour out the trash in your heart (classic)

Please pour out the trash in your heart (classic)
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the human heart is like a container, there will always be rubbish over time.

only by cleaning up regularly, putting aside unwanted thoughts, and getting rid of chaotic and bad emotions, can people live more freely and freely.


get rid of the bad mood

Wang Yangming's life was rough, and he was subjected to Ting Zhan, Xiazhao prison, disparagement of the dragon field, high meritorious service, and framed rebellion, and he was tortured by fate.

but he has never been depressed, but he is always in an optimistic mood.

in his view, only by cleaning up bad emotions at any time can you stay awake and focus on the present.

because of his excellent military ability, Wang Yangming was repeatedly recruited to solicit thieves in court and performed meritorious service.

tens of thousands of people died in the fire under the fire in Poyang Lake alone.

Laozi once said:

"soldiers, murder weapons, saints have no choice but to use it."

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the Confucian heart of benevolence has long been immersed in the bone marrow, and Wang Yangming has no taste when he sees that there are deaths and injuries all over the battlefield.

but he knows that remorse is meaningless and that only by quickly quelling the rebellion can more people be protected from harm.

Wang Yangming's disciples once asked him how to remove weeds from his mind.

Wang Yangming replied:

"the grass is in the way, so it is advisable to go. I don't go right away, and I'm not tired."

if there is any meaning, that is, the mind and body will be tired and there will be a lot of energy. "

Weeds are harmful and should be cleaned up, of course, but don't worry about it if you don't do it once in a while.

the more you care, the more confused you will be. If you stare at that uncut weed, your mind will be full of thoughts.

nine times out of ten, life is not satisfactory.

negative emotions are shared by everyone, so you must know how to put them down in time.

has been entangled in negative emotions, the whole person can only be controlled by emotions.

the past cannot be remonstrated, but those who come can still be pursued.

Don't indulge in remorse, let go of the past and embrace the future.


get rid of prejudice

Wang Yangming's Biography contains such a story. When he said it was Yangming's visit to the south town, his students pointed to the flowers and trees in the rock and asked him:

"what is the relevance of such flowers and trees blooming and falling in the mountains?"

Wang Yangming replied:

"when you do not see the flower, the flower dies with your heart, and when you come to see it, the color of the flower becomes clear for a moment.

you will know that this flower is not out of your mind. "

things that are unintentional in the world.

everything is a projection of the human heart. What you have in your heart is what you see.

Su Shi participated in meditation with Foyin when he was young.

Su Shi felt that he had made great progress and said to Foyin, "Master, what do you think I look like sitting here?"

Buddha Yin said, "it looks like a Buddha."

Su Shi smiled and said, "but you look like a bunch of poop to me!"

Buddha Yin smiled and said nothing.

after returning home, Su Shi told Su Xiaomei about it.

Su Xiaomei said:

"if you are a Buddha, you will look like a Buddha when you look at others."

if you poop, others will look like poop.

your level is much worse than that of Zen Master Foyin.

others are your own mirror. You are what you look like.

be biased against others and pick on others everywhere, because your own realm is not enough.

later, Su Shi experienced relegation and wandered half his life. He said:

"I can accompany the Jade Emperor above and beggars in the field below."

"there is no bad person in the world."

Wang Yangming once said, "there are saints all over the street."

A person's inner peace, abandoning his inner prejudices and believing in the beauty of the world, then everything he sees is naturally beautiful.


get rid of greed

there are only two things in the world that cannot be looked directly at: one is the sun, the other is the human heart.

people are born good, but as they grow up, they become greedy and cunning as they grow up and become tainted by the secular world and obscured by material desires.

so spiritual practice is to subtract the inner greed and let the original conscience appear.

Wang Yangming said:

"We work hard and only strive for daily decrease, not daily increase."

if you lose a bit of human desire, you will regain a sense of reason. how light, free and easy it is! "