Precepts (this article is priceless)

Precepts (this article is priceless)
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Hemingway said:

in this life, people really need few things, but they often pursue a lot, and their body and mind must be disturbed by them.

the hardest thing to do in life is to say goodbye to complexity, return to simplicity, and find what you really want.

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the higher the level of people, the simpler they are, the more they know how to give up superfluous desires and pursue a simple quality of life and spiritual world.

in life, only precepts can be achieved.


the so-called break-up, find your own comfort

break, cut off material desires, and don't blindly buy things you don't need.

give up, discard the waste, and get rid of the excess and useless things.

leave, get rid of obsession, get rid of infatuation with things, and know what your real needs are.

my mother likes to store plastic bags. There are all kinds of plastic bags in every corner of my house, including shopping bags, food bags, or paper bags for clothes.

she will find it a pity to throw away these bags directly, because they are all useful, and they can then be used as garbage bags or to hold things, and so on.

then I found that the number of bags in my house continued to increase, that is to say, there were much more bags hoarded than used.

actually subtract from life, don't be burdened by objects, and create a more comfortable life for yourself.

throwing things is not the point. By cleaning up things and taking care of the home environment, it is most important to have a better understanding of what is really suitable for you right now.

this is a process of getting closer to the heart.

High-level separation starts with cleaning up inner needs, whether it's goods or relationships, it focuses on the present, not the past and the future.


to give up fame and wealth, you can take your time

there is a saying in the Book of morality:

who is the name and the body? Which is more, body or goods? Which disease does it have to do with death? "

people pursue fame and wealth, even at the expense of their bodies; they pursue possessions at the expense of health; they are almost crazy for what they want.

Laozi thinks that this is a kind of morbid.

when I was young, I was exhausted in the pursuit of money, fame and wealth.

half of my life had passed before I realized that although fame and wealth were good, there was a certain degree of choice.

Chen Shimei's poor family was in harmony with her wife Qin Xianglian. After ten years of hard study, Chen Shimei went to Beijing to take the exam.

Qin Xianglian hasn't heard from Chen Shimei for a long time, so she takes her son to Beijing to find her husband, but Chen Shimei refuses to recognize her and sends Han Qi to chase her in the middle of the night.

Han Qi could not bear to kill herself to seek justice. Qin Xianglian was mistaken for the murderer and sent to prison. At the behest of Chen Shimei, Qin Xianglian was sent to the frontier, and the official messengers were ordered to kill her on the way, which was fortunately saved by Zhan Zhao.

Bao Zheng wants to treat Chen Shimei's crime, but there is no empirical evidence. Chen Shimei pretended to take Qin Xianglian back to the mansion, and used her second son to force Qin Xianglian to seal the letter of suspension.

Zhan Zhao went to Chen Shimei's hometown to find a witness, Qijia and his wife. Aunt Qi died under a killer knife on the way. Bao Zheng found physical evidence and wanted to convict her. The princess and the empress dowager rushed to block it, but Bao Zheng finally refused to budge and sent Chen Shimei to the leader.

how to "not be greedy for fame and wealth"?

abstain from greed and seeking fame and fortune;

abstain from delusions and focus;

abstain from slackness and strive for diligence;

abstain from arrogance and modesty;

abstain from troubles and follow fate;


Napoleon said: "he who can control his emotions is greater than a general who can take down a city."

when you are emotionally unstable, try to enlarge your pattern. In fact, everything becomes light.

there is such a story in Zhuangzi Mountain. A man crossed the river by boat, and a boat was about to collide in front of him. The man scolded the other party for being blind.

wait for the ship to collide, only to find that there is no one on the opposite boat, it is an empty ship, just full of anger, instantly disappeared without a trace. What is angry is not the collision itself, but whether there is anyone opposite.

Zhuangzi said:

Don't argue about right and wrong. In life, there will inevitably be people and things you don't like. Just relax and smile.

learn to control your emotions, enrich yourself in other places, and laugh at everything in life.

in life, precepts is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of realm.

those who abstain from greed understand that they are comfortable and comfortable in the long run; those who abstain from emotions are calm and happy; those who abstain from emotions work hand in hand to lead to happiness.

only when there is a "precept" and a "hold" can we achieve success.