Really smart people never pester.

Really smart people never pester.
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not dwelling on your own bad situation is a kind of sensible wisdom.

when Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou, he lived a hard life and had nothing to do.

one night, Su Shi was happy to see the moonlight shining through the door, so he went to Chengtian Temple to look for his old friend Zhang Huaimin to enjoy the moon.

for this reason, he wrote "A Night Journey to Chengtian Temple".

he said, which night is there no moonlight? Where are there no bamboo and cypress trees?

it's just a lack of free people like the two of us.

in the difficult situation of life, he can still enjoy the moon leisurely.

the open-mindedness of not keeping everything in mind makes him treat right and wrong freely and easily.

Don't pester yourself and make your life more wonderful!

if you have been entangled for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired and hurt.

in fact, in the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself.


Don't dwell on some things all the time, or it will cause trouble.

the death of Zhang Fei was actually very suffocating: instead of dying generously on the battlefield, he was killed by his own entanglement.

when he heard that his good brother Guan Yu was killed, Zhang Fei did not restrain his grief and was stained with blood and tears.

then he whipped the soldiers with drunkenness, asking them to build weapons day and night, and wanted to avenge their brothers immediately.

in the end, his subordinates Fan Jian and Zhang Da couldn't stand it, so they had to assassinate Zhang Fei in the barracks when he was drunk again.

No one denies that Zhang Fei is very capable.

but people with such great ability can not get an ideal outcome in the end.

people who are obsessed with things that should be let go are of no avail no matter how powerful they are.


all things can be accomplished only by those who are not entangled.

in ancient Tibet, there was a man named Aidiba. Every time he got angry and had an argument, he quickly ran home and ran three times around his house and land.

after running, it was like nothing. He continued to work hard, and his house was getting bigger and bigger and his land was getting more and more.

people are confused about his move every time they run three laps in a dispute, but Aidiba remains silent.

in his twilight years, he finally told the truth:

"when I was young, when I quarreled with people and got angry, I went for a run, thinking that my house was so small and there was so little land. How could I have time to get angry with people?"

at the thought of this, I lost my temper and spent all my time working hard. "

it's not that they don't have mood swings, but they don't get stuck in it.

instead of spending precious time entangling, it's better to focus on more important things.

they understand that the process of entanglement will only aggravate the loss.


in life, we often encounter a lot of inexplicable slander, obviously did not provoke each other, but the other side in the back to you all kinds of slander.

but if you think about it, you will find that most of these people do not live smoothly.

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they just use this way to hide their sense of powerlessness and find some psychological balance for themselves.

if you tear up with him, you will not only look embarrassed, but also waste a lot of energy and time.

if you struggle with him at this time, you will lose.

disregard is the best form of contempt.

the goddess Faye Wong always looks like who she loves. She never says one more word of meaningless nonsense, no matter what you say.

she runs herself calmly, and even if the whole world says her gossip, she doesn't explain it.

just walk sideways through all kinds of fetters and get to where you want to go.

flirtatious is no longer talking about Feng Sheng, but being speechless is the longest.

so, for those malicious slander, silence is the best weapon, it is more powerful than the outbreak.

Life needs to look forward and get rid of bad emotions as soon as possible.

if you spend your energy and time on useless things, how much attention is there to improve yourself?

the wisest thing to do is for smart people to never pester and make their lives more exciting.