See a person clearly, do not test, do not guess, as long as.

See a person clearly, do not test, do not guess, as long as.
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Keigo Higano said:

"there are two things in the world that cannot be looked directly at, one is the sun, and the other is the human heart."

the coldest is human nature, and the coldest is human heart.

some people smile at you and stab you in the back.

some people do not fight or rob on the surface, but secretly stumble in the dark.

if you want to live clearly, you can't walk with your eyes closed or look at people blindfolded.

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if you want to see a person clearly, you don't have to try or guess, just look at these three attitudes.


attitude towards money

Zhihu has such a question:

"how can I quickly see a person?"

A highly praised answer is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people:

"you only need to talk to him about money once. People who borrow money and pay it back on time can be trusted; people who can lend you money without hesitation deserve to know each other deeply!"

as the saying goes, money is character, and when it comes to talking about money,

does not hide or avoid it, and the character of those who can face it generously will not be too bad.

A person's attitude and bottom line can be seen by how he treats money.

Peasant singer Zhu Zhiwen often gives generously.

No matter how generous it is, it cannot fill the bottomless pit of those who borrow money from him.

he funded the construction of schools, roads, etc., and lent money to the villagers to buy cars and do business.

but the villagers borrowed money for a variety of reasons, and there were few people who paid it back, and they all felt that Zhu Zhiwen could not spend all his money.

some villagers even said, "he only spent a few dollars, a drop in the bucket. If he wants to ask me to say that he is good, buy a car for one person in the village and give him 10,000 yuan for each person, everyone will say he is good."

it is easier to put on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow. Fire can test gold, but money can try people.

the most direct and best way to test relationships is to talk about money.

as Mr. Yang Jiang said, "only if you are humble, you have the best chance to see the truth of human feelings in the world."

when you have a full moon, you are your brother and brother.

but when you are in turmoil, you can see clearly who is worried about and who is turning around.

money, the mirror of human nature, shows the coolness of the world and the warmth of the hearts of the people.


attitude when angry

some people say that a person's true character is often hidden in his small words and deeds.

what a person does to you is not how good he is to you when he is in a good mood, but how bad he is to you when he is in a bad mood.

the attitude when angry determines the lower limit of a person's character.

and this lower limit is the key to whether we can get along for a long time.

du Yuesheng, a great hero of the generation, was eager to rely on famous dignitaries to help him expand his social circle when he first gained a foothold in Shanghai.

for this reason, he invited Wu Kaixian to dinner many times.

but Wu Kaixian, who was hot at that time, disdained to make friends with du Yuesheng and repeatedly refused.

then one day, Wu Kaixian finally agreed to du Yuesheng's invitation.

when he came to the du family, he was struggling with how to explain the previous refusals so that the scene would not be too awkward.

du Yuesheng did not think about it, but du Yuesheng said, "I wanted to ask Mr. Wu to come over for a long time. Because there is no space for people to come and go here all day, so I put it off until today, still looking at Haihan."

one sentence makes Wu Kaixian feel guilty.

since then, the two have established a profound friendship.

Olison Madden said bluntly in the Capital of Life: "one should not be a slave to one's own emotions at any time, and should not subject all actions to one's own emotions, but should control them in turn. "

A wise man can show his ability and keep his temper.

they are the masters of their emotions, so their lives are under control.

A person's kindness can be camouflaged, happiness can be disguised,

but a person's anger when angry can expose all disguises, and

can show you his true character and how much he cares about you.


attitude towards strangers

to see clearly a person's character and upbringing, go to see how they treat strangers.

some people are usually polite, but they are rude when talking to strangers.

it is because they feel that they will only communicate with strangers once and will never see them again, so they do not have to pretend.

therefore, the attitude towards strangers can reflect a person's real quality and upbringing.

I have heard such a story:

A South African entrepreneur named Peter was invited to the home of President Mandela.

President Mandela, 78, was standing outside the house to greet him and enthusiastically brought Pitt and his driver Dumi into the house.

according to company regulations, drivers are not allowed to stay at the host's house all the time, so Dumi took only a sip of water and quietly backed back to the car to wait for Pete.

when it was time for lunch, the cook reminded him twice, but Mandela was slow to announce dinner, which Peter was puzzled.

it was not until more than one o'clock in the afternoon that Mandela asked, "Pete, when will that Mr. Dumi be back?"

after learning that Dumi was just Pete's driver and waiting in the car for news of Pete,

Mandela immediately went to the parking lot, tapped on the window, bowed down and said to Dumi, "excuse me. May I invite you to have dinner with us?"

it dawned on Peter that President Mandela was waiting for dinner because he had been slow to announce dinner.Dumi, come back.

this late lunch made Pete and Dumi, the driver, grateful and unforgettable for the rest of their lives.

your character can only be reflected when you are kind to every stranger you pass by.

to treat strangers, there is basic respect and trust, as well as the amiable face of self-promotion and others, is the education that goes deep into the bone marrow.

May you and I both know how to know people and tell the truth from the false for the rest of my life.

May the people you accompany are all good people.