See the pattern at dinner.

See the pattern at dinner.
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A visionary, thinking of others

writer Chi Li told a story:

when she first started writing, she was invited to a pen meeting.

when she saw that a writer she admired was also on the scene, she excitedly asked for her autograph and paid homage to him.

when it was time for dinner, one party went to dinner. She wanted to have more contact with her idol, but she was persuaded to quit by the other party's eating phase.

the writer kept picking up vegetables on his plate, and the meat and vegetables piled up into a hill.

during the meal, he wolfed down from himself, from time to time, he raised his head and uttered a few "high opinions" without paying any attention to the guests around him.

after eating Haisai, more than half of the food was left on his plate.

but in a person's eating phase, there are three values and character.

Chi Li saw his selfishness and greed, and her affection for him disappeared.

there is a good saying in

there is a good saying in

"whether you are doing well or not after a meal":

there is a good saying in

Dinner is like a magnifying glass of human nature. The more lively the atmosphere is, the more relaxed the mood is, and it is easy for everyone to reveal their true face.

Xu Shengxiong, chairman of Jin Renbao Group, once said that if you want to become the general manager of a large group, you must know how to lead the troops and take care of your heart.

he, who has read countless people, can see whether a person has the potential to be a general manager at a small dinner table.

he often eats with his employees, and quietly observes their words and deeds during the dinner.

for example, when eight people go to dinner together, one dish happens to be eight pieces of meat.

at this time, if an employee only wants to put it on his plate, no matter whether others can eat it or not, it shows that he is a selfish person.

there is no concept of sharing, do not know how to think of others, no matter how strong the ability can only be vice president, it is impossible to become the general manager.

the essence of dinner is to socialize. Narrow-minded people eat only food, while visionary people eat opportunities.

at the dinner table, regardless of social status, people who take care of others equally tend to attach importance to affection and righteousness.

No matter whether they are close or close, people who give careful consideration to others tend to be kind and reliable.

people are mutual, for the sake of others, not gluttonous, but also get the trust and love of others.

properly restrain the selfish nature and take more care of the feelings of others, in exchange for a steady stream of good popularity and unexpected opportunities.


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people who are measured know that enough is enough

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "the beginning of husband's etiquette begins with diet."

Chinese people pay attention to courtesy and propriety at the dinner table, but people who have eaten and do not misbehave tend to be more reliable in life.

there is a clip in the TV series celadon.

Gong Dapeng, the contractor, wants to ask Zhang Zhongping, the boss of the auction house, to help with the work.

the two made an appointment to meet for the first time in an upscale restaurant.

Gong Dapeng is a rough man who speaks and does things very casually, and dinner is no exception.

during the dinner, he kept bragging about how expensive the food and wine was. In the middle of the meal, he shouted loudly to his subordinates to pay the bill, lest others might not know that the meal was his treat.

as a guest, Zhang Zhongping ate very unhappily because of his unmeasured words and deeds and quietly bought the bill.

even if he tried his best to retain and be courteous, Zhang Zhongping politely declined one by one and found an excuse to leave the table in a hurry.

in life, whether it's business or business, people prefer to gather at a steaming dinner table.

the fireworks of one meal and one vegetable can dispel the formality between each other and make it easier for everyone to open their hearts and communicate with each other.

but there is an old saying: if you don't eat, you must say what you say.

know that enough is enough, don't say inappropriate things, don't do inappropriate things, so that people can eat happily and chat comfortably.

my friend Lao Zhang switched to sales in order to earn money to support his family.

in the past few months, his sales performance was not excellent, and it was not until last week that he successfully won a large order and gained a foothold in the company.

but it's not because of luck, but because he got rid of his bad habit of drinking and being brave.

once, he had a good chat with his client, and he promised to sign a contract with him as soon as possible.

when it came to dinner, he lost control and blushed one drink after another.

when the other party saw the situation, he repeatedly advised him not to drink, but he drank more and more vigorously. "how can you not drink? boss Zhao, do you look down on my amount of alcohol?"

in the end, he got so drunk that he could not speak neatly, and the scene was very embarrassing when he took the client's shoulder and shouted "Brother".

the next day, the client called and told him coldly, "the contract will not be signed."

Lao Zhang repented and made up his mind to quit drinking, especially when socializing, so as not to delay serious work.