Selling stories vol.1 | We are all people who have been changed by official accounts

Selling stories vol.1 | We are all people who have been changed by official accounts
The first issue of the selling story comes out.

Wen /Zhang Jingzhi

this is the picture I took for the dog egg in the red brick factory that afternoon.

on the night of January 29th, the first thing Dog Egg said to me on Wechat was: "have you slept?"

I replied to him, "Ah, where are you from?"

talking about 01:30 that evening, he sent me a red envelope of 160 yuan. I told him that I would only give you half of it if I went back on it. He said a lot, which means "it doesn't matter".

We were scheduled to meet on February 3rd, but something changed. I asked him on the evening of the 30th if he could make it earlier.

he said, how about tomorrow? Just go.

so at 01:30 the next day, he was waiting for me at exit D of the subway station in front of the park, holding a blue umbrella and wearing the hat he bought last week. On the way there, I always thought what kind of person I would meet. Will he be very bored, or a very nice tuhao, or a literary youth who is more literary and artistic than I am?

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the only thing I know for sure is that he must have considered these issues on his way here.

the moment I saw him, I waved, and he looked up, and then I went over and put my hand on his shoulder. I asked him like an acquaintance how long he had waited, and like a friend he had not seen for a long time, he asked me, "have you eaten yet?"

then everyone answered the question without a second of embarrassment, and we walked in the direction marked "exit".

he is a native of Zhuhai, while I am a native of Dongguan. We made an appointment at the exit of Guangzhou subway station, which we are not familiar with. At the end of the day, I found that it was a very wise plan to make an appointment in a strange place, because you didn't know where to go next, so you could watch how he would make an unimportant decision.

but he is more casual than I am. He said, "it's all right. Let's hang around and see what we have to eat."

We started walking at exit D BC. Along the way, I asked him a lot of strange questions, such as why you were willing to spend 160 yuan to come to Guangzhou to spend a day with me, how many girlfriends you talked about, and what your family was like. I even asked why we broke up and where your official account was going to go next.

did you know that the greatest advantage of selling stories is that

people will not feel abrupt or offended when you ask any questions, and they will tell you what they really think in the most direct words, without any falsehood (of course I can't tell the truth from the false).

is he a literary youth? No, because when I asked him what movies or books he liked, he told me that he didn't like those things.

is he unfaithful? I don't think so. Although he dated more often than I did, he once spent seven hours cycling from Zhuhai to Jiangmen for a girl. And an unfaithful person is not willing to do this kind of thing, unfaithful love means that there are many choices, so unfaithful people will not put a lot of energy into a certain relationship, because they pursue return and value for money.

and what he is most proud of is that on his way to Jiangmen, he did not use his cell phone to navigate, only relying on the blue sign to ride from Zhuhai to the girl's downstairs.

I forgot to ask him a question: "what on earth is love to you?"

because maybe he will answer me: "Love is that you can know where she is without high-tech."

but the worst part is that he got up at 5 o'clock that morning and arrived at the girl's house downstairs at noon. He made a phone call to the other party, and I won't elaborate on that call here, but if I don't elaborate, you'll know it wasn't a conversation worth showing off. Anyway, as a result, he began to ride back to Zhuhai as soon as he answered the phone.

he said to go and it took seven hours to get here. Finally, in a fit of anger, he rode back to Zhuhai for seven hours by relying on the road sign.

he said that he thought a lot about life along the way. It was winter vacation, and they hadn't seen each other for a month. When he rode over, he was full of hope, thinking, "I'm going to see her soon." the corners of his mouth couldn't help pulling up. But on the way back, he was so sad that he didn't want to move his legs every time he was so sad.

when we were standing at the door of the red brick factory, it was raining. He looked at the sky and said, "it's fucking raining like it is now when I go back."

he said that his friend laughed at him for a long time about it. I pretended to understand and refrained from laughing because I knew I was paid. But I still can't forget it. I think I have to write it down to live up to his 14 hours.

what is love?

is when you think you can know where she is without navigation, but you can't know where her heart is.

at 3 o'clock that afternoon, we took the subway to the Red Brick Factory as soon as we finished eating Shengji rice noodle roll on Changshou Road and Chen Tianji Fish skin on Baohua Road.

I told him that I had come to Guangzhou no less than 10 times in the past two years, and every time I wanted to go to the Red Brick Factory, but each time I gave up for some strange reason.

he said that he had never thought that he would walk with me on the road to Guangzhou today. It was good to do as soon as he thought about it. He thought I would be a very literary and artistic person, but he found that I was a very unreasonable person, and we talked as if we had known each other for a long time.

160 yuan is actually his part-time salary for two days, but he thinks it's worth it, because messy is a mentor of his official account. He opened an official account in their school and reached ten thousand fans in a short time. At first, he felt that content and typesetting were not so important, just reading words, but after reading the disorder, he slowly began to understand the importance of content, and began to do original content and typesetting well.

I am verySurprised, before I went, I wondered if he had any grudges and bitterness that I needed to express, only to find that the original disorder really affected others in reality. He once reprinted clutter on his account, and from then on, messy became a little famous in their school.

he said that the article on ideal and reality in disarray a few days ago had been scanned on his moments.

We talked a lot about the official account while walking that afternoon. He said that although it didn't have many fans, it changed his university. Relying on that account, he became the first person in his school to hold a party in the name of the media, which was full, so he came into contact with a lot of things outside the school.

he asked me, "do you know the nuclear voice?"

I said, "I don't know."

he said, "my next goal is to hold a rock festival in our school."

recently I saw a lot of people say that official accounts are actually nothing, because as long as individuals can open official accounts, they are no longer valuable. Yes, they are right, because they are talking about official accounts that only forward other people's content and write articles that they do not understand.

but for those official accounts that are willing to insist on providing high-quality content, their cash ability may not be satisfactory, but for operators who hide behind them and work silently, official accounts may be the best tool for them to observe the world, especially us students.

A year ago, we did not expect that we would meet in Guangzhou because of the official account a year later.

he said that today was so much fun.

I said, I didn't expect it either. It was fun.

Dog egg took a picture of me.

well, it was written for a long time accidentally, and that's the end of the first phase of the selling story. If you want to participate, you can reply "selling stories" backstage, and then introduce yourself in one sentence after you understand the rules. If I find it interesting, I will reply to you.