Seven words of old traditional Chinese medicine, drinking water is knowledgeable.

Seven words of old traditional Chinese medicine, drinking water is knowledgeable.
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Water is the healthiest and cheapest health drink.

We must drink water timely and scientifically.

only in this way can we relieve the pain and promote health and longevity.

as long as you drink it right, there is a unique way to prevent and cure diseases!


people can skip meals for several days, but not drink water for several days

Zhang Zhongjing, a famous medical scientist in the Eastern Han Dynasty, said: "Water is the lifeblood."

people can not eat for a few days, or they can not sleep for a few days, but they cannot go without water for a few days.

Nutrition believes that people need seven major nutrients:

water, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Water is the first of the seven nutrients, which is not only necessary for maintenance, but also the carrier of other nutrients.

every life process in the human body, such as food digestion, absorption, blood circulation and waste excretion, is inseparable from water.


Don't wait for thirst before drinking water, be careful to thirst the kidney

Li Shizhen, the king of medicine, said: "Water is the source of change, and if it goes away, the camp will be exhausted."

thirst is a "distress signal" sent by your body to tell you that many organs have been damaged by dehydration.

when the body is short of water, the blood content decreases, there is not enough pressure to support kidney drainage, and kidney failure will occur.

to develop the habit of taking the initiative to drink regularly, thirst will lead to kidney failure.

the correct and effective way to drink water is to drink a whole glass of water (200 million 250 milliliters) in one breath instead of taking two sips at random.


when applying for a glass of water, detoxification and prevention of constipation

bladder is the "sewage pipe" of the human body.

as the ancients said, "running water is never rotten, and the hub of a household is not beetle."

drinking too much water, after meeting the needs of the body, it can also help the metabolic waste of the body to discharge.

the application time (15:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon) is when the bladder Sutra is on duty.

seize this period of time and drink plenty of water appropriately, which is equivalent to detoxification for the body.

constipation is due to the fact that the stool stays in the large intestine for too long, and its water is absorbed, making the stool dry and difficult to discharge.

to defecate smoothly, there must be enough water in the intestinal cavity to soften the stool.

people with constipation had better drink water in large gulps and swallow quickly.

make the water reach the colon as soon as possible, stimulate intestinal peristalsis and improve the symptoms of constipation.


two liters of water a day, healthy and young

when people are born, water accounts for 90% of their body weight;

when they grow up, the proportion of water in the body gradually decreases to 70%;

with age, this proportion will continue to decline to 50%.

the decrease of water content in the body is a symbol of human aging.

if one wants to be healthy and beautiful, one must drink more water.


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do not drink too much water, beware of water poisoning

drink water too fast, too much water, the sodium in the blood will be rapidly diluted.

too much water cannot be excreted through urine, and there is too much water in the interstitial space of human tissues.

the burden on the kidney increases, and the body will have symptoms of water poisoning.

mild can cause renal failure, and severe cases can be life-threatening.


drink two glasses of water

there are also sayings of Korean salt water and twilight honey.

according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, salt water belongs to the kidney meridian. If you drink a cup of light salt water in the morning, you can maintain your spirit for a day.

in the evening, drink a cup of honey with warm boiled water (no more than 40 ℃), which can nourish the spleen and stomach and promote health.


do not drink three kinds of water

1, do not drink unboiled water: unboiled water contains all kinds of bacteria, viruses and zoonotic parasites harmful to human body;

2, do not drink steamed pot water, that is, water used for steamed bread and hot rice, which is boiled and boiled, and the concentration of heavy metals and nitrite exceeds the standard.

3. Do not drink pure water: pure water removes not only bacteria, viruses and pollutants in the water, but also trace elements and minerals beneficial to human health.

if you drink pure water for a long time, it will affect the acid-base balance of electrolytes in the human body, and affect the activities of nerves, muscles and a variety of enzymes.

especially for children and the elderly, drinking pure water for a long time will lead to nutritional imbalance and lead to diseases such as calcium deficiency and osteoporosis.