So you're not here.

So you're not here.
But it is so boring that it loses its vitality.

when I walked to the top of the stairs one day, I don't know which one made a mistake and shouted to Chen, "since when do we only play with mobile phones face to face?" At that time, Da Chen was wearing a pair of headphones. I had just finished dinner with him, and he was browsing Weibo with wifi listening to songs throughout the meal. I finally lost appetite in a plate of spaghetti with a fork. I finally lost appetite and pushed it aside. Looking at every group of people at every table in the restaurant, the man and woman on the left must have just been together, feeding and holding hands with each other throughout the meal. The boys at the opposite table must be roommates who have known each other for a long time. They had almost no communication except for watching the basketball game on TV. After I had watched the crowd around me for nearly half an hour, Dachen finally said the first thing to me-"pay the bill, let's go."

I remember that when I met Da Chen in junior high school, in our next class, when he came to our class to play ball at the back table, he suddenly sat down next to me, pointed to a post-it note with lyrics written in front of my desk and said, "I hear you like Eason Chan very much. I like him, too!" It turned out that every time he came to my back table, as long as I was not there, he would sit in my seat, and then watched me change the lyrics on the table every other day, thinking that the girl was a little interesting, so the first time he saw me in my seat, he asked me that sentence. This is what he recalled and told me a few years later.

people who share common interests and likes, Chen and I soon became good friends. From singers and music we liked together, we talked about everything gradually, and we could talk about anything. The playlist on our mobile phones was never more than three different songs. The people we followed on Weibo were also similar. Anyway, when we had the best relationship, we wanted to talk for three days and three nights.

since the beginning of high school, we have figured out every word of Eason Chan's songs, and we have also been to the concert. I know all about him and people about him very well. I realize that, like Dachen, I won't hear a song in the middle of the night and dig you up like finding an unparalleled treasure. You won't have the excitement of finding a bosom friend for decades just because you happen to like it. For example, once Dachen told me that he was with a certain girl, I would know what kind of person he was, and what kind of person they would break up for in a few months. For example, I excitedly told Dachen what kind of life hobby I had found. He will tell me coldly that it would be better for you to give up in a few days.

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I began to think that he was very annoyed, because of a little trivial quarrel, every time I would get angry and wonder why the other person didn't go to death. Before "anyway," there was a topic about the darkest moments, and the first thing I thought about was that I really thought countless times about why my best friend didn't die. It doesn't matter if you call me vicious. I think he thought about it, too.

the other day I went to visit a friend. In the heavy rain that day, in a hot pot restaurant, she told me that she felt that there was something wrong with her. She was so familiar that friends who were as familiar as relatives treated the people they had just met better than themselves. One minute she was very courteous when she said hello to someone, and the next she walked with herself as indifferent as a fossil.

when I was in junior high school, my sister was very friendly in high school. She had dates from morning till night and ran out every day, which was very different from me. I was very introverted. I attended several gatherings of her friends. When I approached her circle of friends, I felt that she really treated people with 100% heat, the kind that could really melt, and treated me in a different state. I felt that it was not good here and there. I will never have a good chat with me, and I will go to war in three words, which will make me tremble and nervous every day. When I was in the second year of junior high school, my sister went to college in Guangzhou. We were still having a cold war the night she left. I hid in my room and didn't even go to the door to say goodbye. Later, when she came back from the winter vacation, she was like a different person, bought clothes and gave me gifts, took me to eat, and talked to me as a friend. I was so flattered that I could feel that I really had a sister in my lifetime.

transferred from science class to liberal arts class in high school. At that time, my new deskmate was my former classmate. During the transfer period, she helped me move books. I often got sick and asked for leave for a week. Every time she helped me take notes and homework, I asked the teacher for leave. I asked her to eat ice cream, bring breakfast, buy tortoise Ling cream, chat forever in class, and my deskmate was a good student. I don't know since when, after about half a year, a year, or a year and a half, we meet each other in the morning without words, and the peak can not talk for three days. I wonder if you have ever tried the cold violence of "if you don't talk to me, then I won't talk to you" for no reason. I turn to the front and back table and friend to meet every day to go to the bathroom.

We really began to break up when one day after she told me "Don't talk to me" for the 800th time and I was indifferent, a trivial thing happened. She told me the 801st sentence, and then we really didn't talk again. I was always worried that I must have a problem and didn't realize what the problem was, so that she hated me so much that she graduated and listened to a third party, only to know that there was nothing wrong with each other. In fact, I thought I was so familiar that I could take it for granted that there was no bottom line. I didn't think about it. I didn't think about it until I got out of that haze for a long time. In fact, I don't have much regret now. It's just that a pimple will be there forever.

Last week, I chatted with a freshman and talked about the recent topic of tedx about "life against the current". I asked him what he wanted to do or not to do when he went back to high school with memory. He was silent for a long time before squeezing out a word, "save". If life is countercurrent, he doesn't want to be separated from his loved ones because of his "acquaintance boredom". He has insomnia every night in college because of such a regret.

in 2000, my favorite Eason Chan sang a song, "so there is no you here", the song said:

the old days have not tried their best to join hands into the future

Today we finally split up and didn't say whether we should

how dreams are no longer

. Only to find that you can't replace

every day to receive too much information about each other every day. This kind of information starts from mutual attraction and acquaintance, and then the novelty drops seriously and slowly repels it. I call this disease "acquaintance boredom". At first, I saw all the advantages, but after getting to know each other, I saw all the defects. I gradually felt that everything the other person did was wrong, eating too loudly, always robbing people, complaining too much about negative energy, but at first you ate loudly, maybe I thought you were frank, robbing people, I thought you loved to share, and when I complained, maybe I thought you trusted me, but now all these have become annoying questions.

if you are treating the people around you in this way, you might as well think about how you met this person at that time, how the other person attracted you, and what you can resonate with him. No one can go through decades with friends, partners and family for no reason. I just suddenly feel that it is not easy to have such unhappy and inseparable people around me. I have always taken it for granted. I have never thought that no matter how upset they are, you also like them. What would it be like to leave them?

recently, I was doing something to be nice to people around me who were suffering from "acquaintance boredom". I talked to them more and did more little things to help them, and then I thought, it didn't seem that annoying.

December is a very important month for me, and there are many days in this month that I want to share with acquaintances along the way. I don't know if you are watching the snow in the north or drinking in the south; I don't know if you are reviewing textual research or working overtime; I don't know if you are playing on the sidelines with new acquaintances or on the last bus home alone; I don't know if you are listening to Eason Chan or have changed your favorite idol.

I used to know someone who would do things she dared not do on the last day of every year in order not to regret this year, no matter whether the acquaintances who are important to you are alienating, contacting and still around. I hope you can send them a text message, make a phone call, transfer this article to them, or simply leave a message in the comments. I thought they might see it.

because the last sentence of the song is-spend every second together from the beginning.