"son, I'd rather you hate me now!" The school year is about to begin, and the mother's words are popular among parents.

"son, I'd rather you hate me now!" The school year is about to begin, and the mother's words are popular among parents.
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this weekend, because there is a movie with a good reputation, the students are talking about it, and my daughter also wants to see it.

I asked her if she had finished her summer homework. She said no.

I said, you can't go to the movies until you've finished.

she looks aggrieved: but I can't finish it. I have too much homework.

I told her, first of all, homework is your main business.

secondly, I've been playing all summer. Who's to blame for not finishing my homework?

just as her father came over and said to one side, forget it if you can't finish it.

Why are you under so much pressure? happiness is more important than anything else. Come on, Dad will take you to the movies.

I stopped them then.

it's not that I have too many things to do or don't love my daughter. Now, of course, I can watch movies, I don't have to do homework, and I can be happy. What about later?

I have an aunt. For a time, she asked everyone in the family to help her son, that is, my cousin, to find a job.

cousin is very handsome, 1.8 meters tall, sunny temperament, very humorous and easy to get along with, and very smart.

but resumes are given to any company or organization, and it is useless to find someone directly.

because he only has a high school degree and does not have any skills, he feels bitter as long as he is asked to learn something from an early age.

when I was a child, I felt nothing. Adults were used to it. When they grew up, their peers began to be independent, and he couldn't sit still.

he even falls in love when it comes to marriage, because he doesn't have a job.

Yes, a person can play without studying or reading.

but if you do not have independent skills, do not have the ability to support yourself, your dignity, face, heart of all expectations, how to achieve?

A carefree life comes at a price.

born human beings, they all have more or less what Maslow calls "self-realization", which no one can escape.

this is why many adults are more likely to be unhappy when they grow up if they learn less when they are young.

at the annual meeting, when you see those colleagues who are dancing and singing on the stage, you will regret:

"I wish I had learned some musical instrument when I was a child, so I can go up and show it now";

when I change jobs, when you see many corporate job posters saying "fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing", you will be annoyed:

"Why my English is so poor!" Otherwise, if you have this skill alone, your salary may be thousands higher.

when you can only do the most basic and unvaluable work and earn only two or three thousand a month, you will be helpless:

"if I have a skill certificate with a higher gold content, it will be the same hardship, but it will get more money."

such regrets and regrets will fill your life, how can one be happy?

the so-called "let the child have a good future, rich, in addition to buy for the child, give enough love in spirit, the most important thing is to give the child the most correct, and even some strict supervision."

only adults know that real happiness in life is not given to you by others, but earned by yourself.

if you don't tell your children this, how will they know?


Happy education is now especially advocated. For many children, happiness means playing games, playing games with classmates and watching TV endlessly.

I have read a saying that parents always like to say that even if you are a cleaner, you have to be a happy cleaner.

but if you are forced to be a cleaner because you are not studying, how can you be happy?

long Yingtai has a saying:

"son, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your grades with others."

There is no other place you are guaranteed of versatility, only by hippie homecoming dresses. Whatever your taste, we have just what you need.

but because I hope you will have the right to choose a meaningful and time job in the future, rather than being forced to make a living.

when your work means something to you, you have a sense of achievement.

when your job gives you time and does not deprive you of your life, you will have dignity; a sense of achievement and dignity will give you happiness. "

Yes, reading gives you more freedom and choice, allows you to see a bigger world and has a wider space.

most of the children are born in ordinary families, not the second generation of celebrities, no tuhao-like life, and parents who call the wind and rain.

most children have to study hard, go through countless days and nights like cantilevers, squeeze onto the single-log bridge of the college entrance examination, and finally have a decent life.

and this process, no matter how good the children's material conditions, is inevitable.

playing games and watching TV is just for entertainment.

but only through one's own efforts, self-discipline, hard work and a sense of achievement can one call happiness and happiness.


I have a neighbor sister who graduated from Peking University and worked as an exchange student at Harvard. After graduation, she went to study in the United States and now works in the United Nations.

on one occasion, her daughter asked her how she could work at the United Nations.

the neighbor's sister said, "just study hard."

my daughter skimmed her lips, but she studied too hard.

the neighbor sister told a story about her.

when she was a child, the conditions of her family were actually very bad, and her parents were both laid off, so they went to set up a breakfast stand and sell soy milk Youtiao.

although her parents are too busy to take care of her, they still provide her withGood learning environment, and often told her to study hard.

Children always disapprove of such teachings.

even for a while, she really didn't want to study and cried out because it was too hard to go to school.

I have to get up in the morning, do exercises and do papers endlessly, and my heart beats when I take exams and other scores.

her father is also a god-man.

if you don't want to go to school, you won't go to school. I just asked for a week off from school and discussed it with her. If you don't want to go to school, you have something to do, so come and sell breakfast with us.

she agreed.

A week later, I was crying to go to school.

because selling breakfast is much harder than going to school.

No matter how cold it is outside, you have to climb out of bed at four o'clock;

although it is just a stall, the waist is sore when you move the food pots and pans up and down;

it's easy to open up, and you have to wash the dishes for the guests. the water is so cold that it hurts to wash a pair of chopsticks.

the most fucked up thing comes, even if you pay so much and struggle for so long, the money you finally receive is just a few crumpled dollars.

she said: I may never forget that when I made two yuan in my hand for the first time, I was not elated at all, but depressed, deeply depressed.

I worked so hard and suffered so much that all I got was only two yuan, which was not enough to buy a better automatic pen by myself.

her father told her that you don't have to study or study, but that's what you want to live in the future.

she understands that everything is hard and tired.

however, there are some hardships and tiredness that can make you see the hope and the end, and even give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

but some bitterness and tiredness bring you nothing but endless doubts about yourself and resentment towards life.

doing exercises and memorizing words can make you feel proud of yourself when you suddenly realize.

but selling breakfast is more about your heartache and helplessness.

Reading can take you to the bigger world; if you don't read, you may only be able to take you from one street to another.


Russell said that life should be like a river, narrow at the beginning, sandwiched between the two banks, the river rushing and roaring, flowing over the boulders and flying down the cliff.

later, the river gradually widens, the two sides are farther and farther away, and the river flows more gently, and finally flows into the sea and integrates with the sea water.

writer Su Xin also said such a paragraph:

son, I also know that you study hard and do not require you to be number one, but you should spare no effort at the age when you should work hard.

if you choose mediocrity and inaction at the age when you should work hard, but with the excuse of mediocrity and value, I'm sure you'll regret it in the future.

walk through the narrowest place, the hardships you have suffered, the nights you have survived, the problems you have done, and the words you have memorized will pave a wide road that will take you to where you want to go.