Sorry, I can't wait.

Sorry, I can't wait.
"there is no me in your world."

for a long time, anything can be a reason, so they will be separated for a long time rather than married for a long time.

the news of Fang Lishen's breakup with Deng Lixin was swept all over the moments. One person said, "in fact, it dragged on for ten years, and I expected it. On the contrary, dating for too long is not a proof of love, but a potentially dangerous thing. Don't procrastinate, don't wait, it won't be too late."

in the movie the Theory of everything, Hawking's first wife chose to marry Hawking after he was diagnosed with Lugard's disease and was asserted by a doctor that he could "only live for two years." but unexpectedly, Hawking lived through another two years, and repeated daily care and daily companionship disintegrated the firm strength of their love despite the opposition of their relatives and friends.

finally she said to Hawking, "I love you, but I thought you only had two years to live."

before Selina divorced, I always unconsciously remembered that Zhang Chengzhong always protected her everywhere and even insisted on getting married after she recovered, but the two eventually divorced, and their public tone was full of calm and blessing to each other, with no sign of the earth-shaking enthusiasm of that year.

but this is not the wrong ending. The vows of love and love can be simple as long as you believe in the enthusiasm of that moment, but the ordinary wind and rain of firewood, rice, oil and salt is the most difficult, because day-to-day responsibility and mutual support will wear away all the freshness and impulses.

in class yesterday, while talking about Jin Yong's novels, the teacher suddenly asked, "Yang Guo can wait for his aunt for 16 years. How long can you wait for someone in love?"

at that time, I was reading my extracurricular book and didn't pay attention to the lecture. The orange next to me pushed me and asked me, "how long can you wait?"

after I swallowed the raisin cake that I was still chewing, I said, "two years, three years at the most. No more. I can't afford to wait."

"do you know why Yang Guo can wait for his aunt for 16 years?"

"he loves her."

"that's because he hasn't met anyone else in these sixteen years."

so I asked the orange who got back together with my ex-boyfriend two months ago, "if you met a better guy during the window before you got back together, would you still be with your ex-boyfriend?"

she answered without hesitation: "it must be the better boy."

the teacher continued to ask, "if your love needs the test of life, will you still be willing to pay?"

after he asked, the class was quiet, and only I spit out a short "no" quickly and clearly.

it's a little awkward, but I'm telling the truth, because I don't think there's a difference between right and wrong.

Our collection of formal conservative dress is sure to catch everyone’s attention. This is the part for the unique, as you.

the teacher said, "No, it's normal, it's in line with basic human nature, and many people don't say it, but the altruistic spirit in your heart will make you feel unwilling to give is the wrong answer. If love is easily defended with life and death, it's all a movie. In reality, love is to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. You need love because it can bring you pleasure to help each other. Not for torture. "

if a relationship needs you to wait and torture you, it means that you may be going the wrong way.

Orange said she thought she would be reluctant to give up the old things. "I thought I would keep the music that hit the heart until I heard a better song, and then the new one kept getting old, and the next new one came again and again."

you see, before the "better" comes, the relatively average is the best choice.

I asked Brother Yue, what exactly is nostalgia? should all nostalgia be interpreted as "just keeping the old one because I haven't met anything better yet"?

Brother Yue said, "I can't wait not because I don't want to wait, but because you can't give me hope, but even if I have the courage to love someone again in the future, I will still have a determination that if you come back, I will still be with you. This is nostalgia."

Oh, nostalgia means that once you couldn't get it, but now you still want it.

then I think the people who pretend to be smart and "I don't want what I couldn't get" must have experienced a moment of disappointment. They only think they have nothing to get when they never get what they want.

what is it like to wait for those who have been unrequited in love with nothing?

tell me a story. In the fairy tale, the soldier kept an agreement to wait for the princess downstairs for a hundred days every day, and the soldier finally left on the 99th day. In the movie "Paradise Cinema", the man chased his sweetheart with the same paragraph. Day after day, he thought he would be like a soldier, but he went back with his head down, but the sweetheart took the initiative to find him, and the two hugged and kissed. I suddenly figured out why the soldier left on the 99th day and why he didn't wait for the princess by only one day.

it turns out that the person who really loves you will not measure your sincerity and patience by waiting. He is reluctant to keep you waiting. The soldier knows that if the princess really likes him, she will take the initiative to end the wait.

every afternoon when I was in primary school, my mother would ride me home on her bike. Every afternoon for six years, I never had to wait because she was always so punctual. I thought I couldn't keep others waiting for me at the same time every day, but I knew she was punctual because she wouldn't let me wait, because she couldn't rest assured that she didn't want me to wait.

waiting is a magical thing, and you don't know when it will end, so the saddest thing is not waiting for nothing, but you never know when it will be. It's like sending a resume until it's hard to tell whether it's true or false, "go back and wait for notice." the doctor focused his relatives before entering the operating room.If you are worried, you say, "Please wait outside the door"; it is the same as waiting for a reply after plucking up the courage to express your love.

what really makes you bottomless is not waiting, but uncertain anxiety and dilemmas.

as long as you have the strength to afford to lose, you will not be afraid to wait. If you are not brave enough to lose, it means that the person who wants you to wait cannot give you sense of security.

if you always live in endless instability, I wish you a good dream than no dream tonight, no dream every night.

knowing that there is only thick fog in the future, it is still irrevocable. I try to sever my relationship with the past and never say hello again.

then let's go, let's go.

then let's go.