Special Plan | one minute Lab will be held again on January 2.

Special Plan | one minute Lab will be held again on January 2.
21 to register for the suspension of ticket sales at 5: 00 p.m. on the 26th 120 participants, 20 staff, 12 partners and 4 guests on January 3, 2016.

21 start signing up  

26th stop selling tickets

120 participants, 20 staff members, 12 partners Four honored guests

on January 3rd, 2016

We went "against the current"



and the workshops

"one minute Lab"    

were filled on the first day of registration. Jump Box team


Jan 2 decided to add a

"one minute Lab"


this will be your last chance

if you are bored. Stereotyped weekends

if you're looking forward to doing something crazy

if you want to meet a group of interesting people

and listen to their crazy ideas

if you're willing to inspire your innovative thinking with experience

then Welcome to

but this time, we hope to do something different

and decide to step out of Guangzhou

and bring the one-minute lab to you all over the country



through the experience of subverting the routine,

inspires young people to think creatively.

We hope that through a series of unconventional activities based on psychological design, young people can see the world with new thinking and new perspectives, jump out of the original framework, and find new ways to solve problems.

before the start of the experiment, everyone solemnly swore

and asked foreigners, "what's your favorite fart position?"

make a "super change" with messy materials

▼ watch a video to learn more

Crazy innovative Education | one minute Lab

by the jumping box team, the small box and flask master bring the one minute lab to cities all over the country, and carry out the one minute laboratory with local characteristics according to the local youth situation.

We hope to gossip about the physical and psychological conditions of local youth, find local fun elements, integrate them into the one-minute laboratory, and hold an one-minute laboratory with local youth organizations or teams. and become one of the local youth activities.

the small box is taking the flask to visit fans all over the country!

the one-minute laboratory mud carp program has been officially launched

the first time we accept the invitation of TEDxXichenglou from Dongguan

go to Dongguan for the first activity

one-minute experimenter condition

I hope you have received the poison of Chinese education for 10 years or more.

211985 or students from key universities are preferred.

except for the fresh boys who only eat, sing and watch movies at work;

hope that "the world is a little different because of you";

I feel that my life is mediocre, but I desire to be a little crazy;

I have the courage to accept new things, even if I don't know what's waiting for you.

  experiment details  

time: January 2, 2016, 13:30-17:30

venue: Dongguan (specific location will be notified by email after successful registration)

fee: 20 yuan per person (as this is a non-profit project, venue rent and materials provided on site and delicious food need some soft girl currency support)

upper limit of the number of participants: 20 (admission)    

add the customer service specialist jump box (WeChat account: tiaohezi90)

after passing the verification, report the code "Dongguan"

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to see what the previous experimenter said

Liang Jiaxin

it turns out that Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork's dish can still open a school. It turns out that he can play like this with passers-by, and there is nothing interesting to do. It feels good to know so much fun in such a useless activity! I will continue to participate and fulfill my wish to meet a thousand strangers!

Li Dawang

in the one-minute laboratory activity of snake sperm disease organized by jumping box in deep ice, I experienced an afternoon off-line and met a lot of bi-like (wo) snake sperm disease friends! Some meaningless actions that usually seem dull can also be found intriguing in one-minute laboratory activities. Oh, ▽


JOOB makes me really like it here! Adhere to the concept of Just for fun, do some young people are keen on the fun interesting things! Everyone is very nice, very beautiful, very open! In the last part, I said with emotion that it was really worth it to come so far!

Chen Guanghao

one minute Lab @ jumps the box, turns your world upside down, inspires you to think creatively, just for fun, come as soon as you are crazy!

Chen Sheng

one minute laboratory @ jump box, thinking is greatly inspired in the afternoon. Pretending to be young, he successfully mingled with the young people. It's a fun activity, just for fun!

Co-creation partner