Spend the rest of your life with a man who responds to everything you do.

Spend the rest of your life with a man who responds to everything you do.
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saw such a sentence on Weibo:

he understands your strangeness and is willing to accompany you but cute.

he is willing to give you a timely response and is always attentive to you.

it's so sweet to be with a man who responds to everything!


when you send him a message, he will respond to you

often hear such stories:

the man you like, talking about taking a bath, and then it's like dying in the bathroom;

talking about eating, and then it's like dying at the dinner table;

saying that you want to sleep, it's like sleeping forever.

people who don't love you, like people who pretend to sleep, won't wake up.

he doesn't want to respond too much to you, so he has to use these things as an excuse.

my friend Si Si said that she broke up with her boyfriend.

she said that the reason was that her boyfriend was too busy to reply to her messages and did not take the initiative to find her.

at first she was more considerate of her boyfriend's busyness, because she thought men had to work hard for their careers.

until later, Sixian found that her boyfriend had ambiguous information with other girls on his mobile phone.

and there are 520 transfers, but the boyfriend says he's just a friend. Who doesn't believe this?

Si Si said, "well, watching him talk so hard with other people, he just doesn't take the initiative to me. To put it bluntly, he just doesn't like it."

the person who doesn't love you, you take the initiative, he is passive.

those who do not love you are reincarnated in seconds and reincarnated.

Love without a response is like an one-man show.

you fantasize about the beauty and sweetness of love, but you can't find evidence of loving each other.

if someone is interested in you, he will reply to your message in time and communicate with you seriously.

remember that there is a question on Zhihu: is it important to have a response to everything?

A girl replied:

Yes, for you, the person who loves you, will always reply in time, give you sense of security, he is also reluctant to let you lose and wait.

the love between Zhang Jin and Cai Shaofen is the same.

once Cai Shaofen revealed that wherever Zhang Jin went, he would tell her in advance that his mobile phone would be turned on no matter how late it was.

because Zhang Jin responded to everything, Cai Shaofen said: "he gave me a lot of sense of security."

once at the 33rd Academy Awards ceremony, Zhang Jin affectionately confessed:

the details replied in time can reflect a person's intentions, which also made her full of sense of security.


he takes every word you say to heart

people who love you will always keep every word you say in mind.

Xiaojing's boyfriend is very kind to her and is the type that everyone envies.

she shared the details with her boyfriend.

because she once said that she is a person who pays attention to ritual and likes romance.

so during the festival, her boyfriend always prepares gifts for her carefully, although they are not valuable, such as some commemorative photo albums, greeting cards, wooden rings, DIY couple ceramic dolls, roses and so on.

but Xiaojing said that every time she received it, she was full of surprises.

before her period, her boyfriend will remember to remind her in advance not to drink ice, and when her period is uncomfortable, her boyfriend will also make brown sugar and ginger tea.

she said she wanted to go to the movies, so her boyfriend bought tickets for the weekend a few days in advance.

when she was wronged, her boyfriend immediately ran to her house to comfort her and bought her favorite snacks.

most of the time, a girl doesn't need an expensive gift, but she needs to see your heart for the relationship.

remember what she likes, what she says and think, and really put it into action.

in the variety show "Happiness Trio", Chen Yihan said something that moved me very much:

she said, "my husband is the kind of person who gets up at three o'clock in the morning to pour water for me without complaining."

True love is something like this. It treats you unconditionally and puts you on the tip of your heart.

No amount of sweet talk can compare with actual companionship and love.


when you need him, he will put you first

A person who really loves you. When you need him, he will always put you first.

recently I saw a story in which a wife wanted to have an antenatal examination when she was pregnant. She wanted her husband to accompany her, but her husband refused on the grounds that he was busy.

she is very sad. After a prenatal examination, her husband is still unwilling to pick her up.

later, her husband reluctantly picked her up and not only did not care about her condition, but also accused her of being hypocritical.

I feel so distressed that I have to bear the blame for having a baby so hard that I can't get the love of my husband.

when you need him, he doesn't want to put you first, so he uses busy as an excuse.

A friend is an IT man in the Internet industry. He usually has to work overtime, but even if he is busy, he will call his wife to reassure his wife.

there is a response to everything, that is, what you say, he will keep in mind; if you need it, he will do it for you.

the biggest sense of security is the one who responds to everything.

Deng Chao and Sun Li is also a model couple in the entertainment industry.

Sun Li said that the two of them were completely different at first.

Deng Chao likes spicy food, her diet is light;

Deng Chao goes to bed late and stays up late, she likes to go to bed early and get up early;

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Deng Chao likes to live in Beijing, she likes to live in Shanghai;

Deng Chao likes to drink coffee, she likes to drink hot.Tea.

but Deng Chao changed himself because of love. He lived in Shanghai, ate light food, went to bed early and got up early, and drank hot tea together.

Sun Li said: "he is changing all the time, for his family is changing."

you see, those who really love you will always put you first.

there are no people who don't understand, only those who don't want to put their heart into it.

those who do not intend to teach cannot, and those who wish to do so do not need to teach.

Please find someone who responds to everything for the rest of your life.

people who respond to everything, take the initiative and respond in time to give you a down-to-earth sense of security.

those who respond to everything, take your words at ease and put them into action.

the person who responds to everything is always a priority when you need him.