State of mind (good text in depth)

State of mind (good text in depth)
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is not as good as expected.

when the heart is wide, the world is wide; when the heart is good, life is good; when the heart is big, things are small.  

what does a person live in this life?

live is the state of mind!

A good state of mind, everything is good; the heart is optimistic, people are not tired. There is no trouble in the heart, no matter how life is good!

  01   mentality, determine the fate of  

a person, the most terrible thing is not failure, but the mentality of failure.

in a relationship, the most terrible thing is not noise, but constant suspicion.

one thing, the most terrible thing is not frustration, but the practice of complaining.

what is the mindset?    

mindset is a medicine. A good mindset can heal your heart, make you optimistic and move forward without fear of sadness. No matter what you encounter, you can always be in high spirits!

manage a person's mentality well, then can manage a person's life well.

it is said in that there is nothing to worry about in the world.

Life is not always smooth, and the road is always tortuous.

there are some things that we can't do, but we just have to do our best; in some ways, we can't get through, but we just learn to turn around.

there are no everlasting victorious generals in this world!

those who stand under the flash, who hasn't cried? Who has not been wronged? Who hasn't broken his heart?

as long as the mindset is right, there is nothing that can't be solved.   I have read a sentence and think deeply:  

A person's life is nothing but bruises except life and death.  

correct your mindset and don't complain about what happens. Be strong and trample on the difficulties hard under your feet, but there is nothing you can do about the difficulties.

always move forward optimistically, no one can beat you! Always smile, your life must be better and better!


the highest state of health preservation lies in nourishing the heart

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when people are angry, the viscera are uncomfortable with each other.

when people are depressed, all negative energy follows.

if you want to have a good body and a good life, you must maintain a good state of mind, don't be depressed all the time, and don't sulk with others all the time.   some diseases are caused by anger, and some troubles are all thought of.  

mentality is not good. No matter how good life is, I always feel negative, tired, decadent and unable to do anything. If it goes on like this, it is difficult to feel the happiness of life.

once the state of mind is good, even if you are in the mud, you will take the initiative to look for the sunshine; even if you are at a low ebb, you will take the initiative to enjoy the scenery; even if you are alone, you will try to please yourself.

people live a lifetime, our life is never as good as imagined, our relationship is never as good as the first time we meet, there will be some differences and grievances more or less.  

keep an ordinary heart and face the world!

Don't compare yourself with others, don't always fantasize about it, put less pressure on yourself, work hard in the present, and you will always live a healthy life.

in this life, each of us is different, and each of us's plays write our own stories.

but the same thing is that we all have tears, laughter, bitterness and sweetness.

Smart people are contented.Often happy, know how to expand the positive influence; negative people, will blindly self-pity, complain about others, and then more and more tired, more and more tired.

the movie has an ending, life will come to an end, save a good state of mind, there will be a good life!   I hope we can face everything with a smile, calmly face the gains and losses, calmly face the thorns, manage ourselves well, and live more and more beautiful!