Stay away from people who are too idle.

Stay away from people who are too idle.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


too idle environment,

will take away your fighting spirit and talent

once, I also regarded "sneaking around" as a philosophy of life.

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of course, I can't be blamed 100% for this. The head teacher in high school was very strict. Once I was in a daze in the hallway when suddenly the head teacher's roar exploded in my ear: "have you finished your homework?" What are you doing outside without going in? "

at that time, what supported me to get up in the morning and get into the dark and go to college was really the classic phrase, "after you are admitted to college, you will be relaxed."

finally, after escaping from hell in the third year of high school, I have the freedom to provide unlimited supply in anticipation-

rush into the classroom with breakfast in class, sit down and start playing with my mobile phone;

sleep until 12:00 without class, breakfast and lunch are done;

the regular item every day is to open League of Legends and raise a belly.

when I play too crazy, I also think: isn't it too easy to live like this in college?

but the next second, I put the question behind me again: whatever, many of the students around me spent it this way.

one night after self-study, I rushed back to my dormitory, left all my classmates behind, and turned on the computer to log in to League of Legends. I haven't played a game for three hours. I miss it so much.

as a result, the server is maintaining. Before the dormitory was cut off, it was impossible to play.

I suddenly wilted and stared at the computer screen with empty eyes.

A life without a sense of purpose is like hanging in the air. In the past six months, there is only a large blank in the memory, and there is not a memorable moment.

I moved my eyes to the table, which I ignored for a long time. I bought the potted plants on the second day of school.

the leaves were so yellow that the soil was covered with a thick layer of soot that my roommate shook in.

suddenly, I thought of what was said in "divorce":

"things that have been kept in the living environment for months or even years, just because they are not fresh food, they do not rot." But functionally, they are already rotten. "

I began to understand why I was unhappy, because this freedom, this indulgence, was not what I wanted, but at the expense of my own depravity.

I began to miss the time when Gao stole his spare time to play on the playground at 03:00, the days when he corrected mistakes with his deskmate, and even the thorough cleaning before the end of winter and summer vacation.

the freedom gained from busyness is much more precious than the unlimited supply.


if people want to change, they have to say goodbye to your environment.

it touches me a lot, and there's another thing.

at that time, I went to another dorm room to give last week's experiment report to the person in charge of this course.

at eight o'clock on Saturday evening, at our fixed time of League of Legends, there was no one in their dormitory talking. They were all reading and drawing in the dormitory.

to my surprise, I felt hot on my face, full of shame about the depraved life of the past.

No comparison, no harm-push open the door of your dorm room, face the familiar smell of sweat in the air, a few naked people lined up to play games, a mess of socks and slippers on the floor tiles.

when everyone is in bed, I suggest to you: it's almost exam week. Let's go to the library to study on Sunday.

dormitory chief: "No." Several others did not respond.

"then I'll go alone." I didn't say it, but I thought to myself:

"if the price of gregariousness is to narrow my world, then I am willing to trade loneliness for a bigger world."

the next day, I got up early.

"I'm leaving."

pack up my schoolbag, I gently close the door and see the morning sun, which stretches my shadow very long.

"even the shadow is short for those who sleep until noon." I want to.

changes are easy to say, and most of them happen in an instant;

it's hard to do, because you have to say goodbye to the environment and state of the past.

this process is often painful.

when you want to get out of an environment, the most likely thing is that they will become a moving wall in the environment, where someone will satirize you, drag you, block you, and isolate you with others.

but don't be afraid and don't complain.

it's not your fault, and don't hold a grudge against them. it's just that you're different and start doing what they want to do but they're afraid to do.

what we can do is to stay away from the environment and idle people that affect you and, as Meituan Wang Xing said, "let go of the past and indulge in moving forward."

I firmly believe that


meaningful busyness will bring higher returns in life

when I started a business, I had a business partner who liked drinking so much that he asked me out every now and then.

but I have a lot of things to do every day, but I can't stand him to call one after another, so I have to stick to my appointment and drink, barbecue and chat with a group of them.

two days later, he asked me out again, good boy, and changed a group of people.

after doing it a few times, I couldn't handle it any longer. I was scared when my cell phone rang. I could only say to him, "if you need help, I won't go to the party recently."

after only talking about business, it makes it a lot easier to get along with each other.

think of the summer vacation when I walked three miles against the sun and went to my classmate's house to play games.It's really easy and convenient.

the price of relaxation is that behind every temptation, there can be a trap of cannibalism.

the comforts and pleasures that come with no effort and move your fingers will steal your desire for better and make your life boring and bad.

as a saying goes:

"people can't be too idle. If they are idle for a long time, they will think they are working hard." "

when you are idle, you may be happy for a while, but life will not spare you for the rest of your life.

so, stay away from keyboard warriors who are busy online, those who gossip about other people's things all day, and those who don't do serious things to make others stumble.

in the face of heavy dreams, many people and things that we think can't be avoided are actually not worth mentioning.

just like Shayega in the movie "bottom Spice Girl"-

at first, even strong and story could not be distinguished. Finally, in order to be admitted to Keio University, she devoted herself to her study. The little sisters who were addicted to nightclubs found her, and she decisively rejected them all.

finally, like many motivational screenplays, Shayega realized his college dream and started a new life.

Don't let the environment and others erase our ambition, because this is your own life. As Cai Kangyong said: "when you are not self-motivated, you are trying to kill yourself."

getting rid of the unnecessary parts of life, meaningful busyness and regular efforts will bring us a higher return in life.


A life of leisure is like a train that never ends, so that there will be no difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

those around me who have made achievements will live every day brightly, like a walking Snickers, while those who live every day the same as yesterday will only be farther and farther away from the threshold of excellence.

Real freedom is expensive.

the leisure that can be picked up effortlessly and without stooping is a kind of "pseudo-freedom"; they are so expensive that we take on debts when we are young and repay them for the rest of our lives.

stay away from people who are too idle around us, and don't let boredom fill our lives where we only live once.

May we all be brave enough to draw swords and kill boring people.