Sure enough, something happened to Hongxing Erke.

Sure enough, something happened to Hongxing Erke.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


A torrential rain blew up the overbearing president Hongxingerke.

due to the low-key donation of 50 million yuan in materials to Henan, people's affection for this ancient brand has soared all of a sudden.

after all, in our impression, Hongxing Erke was once in an awkward zone on the edge of the tide card.

in fact, Hongxing Erke on the road to transformation is very difficult.

Last year, its sales were less than Anta's 1/10, or even lost money for a time.

it is said that Chairman Wu Rongzhao also experienced floods when he started his business. Because of hardship, I also want to hold an umbrella for others this time. How can Hongxingerke, who is so affectionate and righteous, not support it?

in just a few days, more than 20 million people swarmed into the studio, and sales exceeded 170 million, an increase of 52 times.

however, as the old saying goes, things go to extremes.

Hongxingerke, who became a favourite of the group, was caught in the pigtail within a few days of the accident.


after watching netizens' doubts about Hongxing Erke, Uncle Fan's heart is heavy.

A brief summary, nothing more than the following points:

first, fraudulent donation.

this is undoubtedly deceitful to netizens!

on July 24, a blogger first questioned the whereabouts of Hongxing Erke's donation.

the title of the article reads:

how Hongxing Erke, which donated 200000 bottles of mineral water, donated 50 million yuan.

then, all kinds of questions about "fraudulent donations" spread on the Internet, causing many netizens who did not know the truth to sweep like machine guns.

of course, there is no shortage of serious people. They pulled out the details of the "flood control and disaster relief" donations announced by the Zhengzhou Charity Federation on the 23rd, but 50 million was indeed not among them.

this further confirms Hongxing Erke's charge of "fraudulent donation"!

second, hype.

with the incessant calls for fraudulent donations, some people suspect that this is a premeditated marketing manipulation.

after all, patriots are always designed to gain nothing to lose, so some people criticize:

"the problem is that the goods and materials are not yet in place, and the words have already been spoken first."

others picked up an abacus and calculated an account for netizens:

50 million materials were converted into money estimated to be 10 million at most, and 200000 was finally implemented.

third, black material.

what's more, some good people go to archaeology of Hongxing Erke's early design and ridicule it for plagiarizing foreign brands.

others suspect that Hongxing Erke asked the water army to go to other broadcast rooms to throw dirty water on his peers.

what is even more powerful is that some people have found that Hongxing Erke is not a domestic brand at all, but a "foreign businessman" dressed in the cloak of domestic products. Numerous "stains" have made many people's enthusiasm drop to a freezing point in an instant.

as a result, the initial blood made a sudden U-turn into a mass defection.

at this time, in the eyes of Internet justice chivalry, even Hongxing Erke's micro-use of iPhone is politically incorrect, and a patriotic enterprise does not use domestic mobile phones?

I have to sigh that in the Internet age, it is too easy to create and kill gods.

few people care about the truth behind anger.


in the face of a steady stream of questions, Chairman Wu Rongzhao unexpectedly became a gun.

he had to respond in person:

"an agreement has been signed with charities that will fulfill the promises of disaster relief donations according to the needs of both parties."

facing the camera, he once again pleaded with netizens:

"I hope we will not deify us and consume rationally, let alone attack other brands."

Don't listen to rumors even if you calm down. This is an act of kindness named and praised by People's Daily. Who would lift a stone and shoot himself in the foot and joke about his reputation?

fortunately, the recipient responded one after another and officially recognized the authenticity of Hongxing Erke's donation:

on the morning of the 25th, a fund issued a "statement on Hongxing Erke's donation of 20 million yuan of materials."

Start showing off your stunning figure in our modest bridesmaid dresses. We have a huge selection of cuts and styles to choose from.

then, the Zhengzhou Charity Society also issued a description of Hongxing Erke's donation:

1 million of the donation has been received, and 29 million of the materials are donated in batches!

I don't know when it becomes so difficult to do good. Every time something similar happens, someone always takes a magnifying glass to see the leopard, Han Hong in front, Louis Koo in the back, and now Hongxing Erke is lying down with a gun as usual.

Uncle Fan is gratified that if it hadn't been for Hongxing Erke's "rollover", I wouldn't have known that Hongxing Erke had done so many good things over the years. Looking back in time, its good fortune has never been broken:

in 2008, it donated 6 million yuan to the Wenchuan earthquake;

in 2013, it joined hands with the Fujian disabled Persons' Federation Foundation to donate more than 25 million yuan of loving materials;

2018, donated 60 million yuan of loving materials to the Fujian disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation;

2019, donated 6 million yuan to the China disabled Persons' Federation;

in 2020, donated 10 million worth of materials to Wuhan

in 2021, it was the first to stand up for Xinjiang cotton.

such a responsible enterprise has been forced to the cliff of public opinion, but everything is understandable.


in the face of sudden love, Hongxing Erke has always been awake.

not only does it not start the price on the ground, but the anchorman makes netizens consume rationally. But everyone bought it, let go of self-opening wild consumption model, good or bad do not let the brand back.

the flood of love flattered Wu Rongzhao and scared him half of it.Ride a shared bike at night and rush to the studio to exhort.

who knows that instead of improving, everything is getting worse.

people not only buy products through action, but also worry about it inside and outside.

for example, it does good deeds without leaving a name!

so everyone has only you for one month, and I have been a member of the official Weibo for three months until 2140!

people not only bought out the official flagship stores, but also spread their enthusiasm from online to offline stores.

some stores fail to sample at 12:00 at night, and customers are still pouring in;

even the clothes on the models are stripped naked;

A customer bought clothes worth 500 yuan, but paid 1000 yuan, and then ran away;

someone did a hard-core tattoo to support Hongxingerke.

Uncle Fan can also understand that everyone is crazy about love. But the next magic operation is really getting more and more deformed.

you won't believe that some people eat too much and make trouble in other brands under the banner of "support Hongxingerke", or force donations, tease others to close down, or even attack innocent anchors.

the studio where people make a living is reduced to a place where demons dance.

they scolded Li Ning's little sister in the live broadcast room for wearing a three-piece suit of filial piety; threatened that "the anchorman did not cry, it was everyone's responsibility to scold others" and encouraged everyone to scold others together;

although everyone had a strong desire to survive, they all showed donation certificates, friendly forces and other subtitles in order to let go. But the crazy keyboard knight-errant still turned a blind eye and scolded.

how do they know that stupid love makes evil people seize the gimmick, but forces Hongxing Erke into the wind of public opinion?

many Internet celebrities are among them, showing off the traffic of Hongxing Erke.

two Adidas anchors posted a note in the studio saying "Hongxingerke YYDS".

as a result, he was hit in the face by Adidas officials, who had nothing to do with Adidas officials.

netizens question, keyboard knight-errant fire, Internet celebrity hype.

after the carnival, Hong Xingke was left to walk on thin ice. In Uncle Fan's view, Hongxing Erke should be praised so that more people can rest assured not to give up doing good deeds, even if it is not important.

because good should be rewarded.

light up and watch, like Hongxing Erke, don't make it too hard to be a good person!