That's the last thing you know.

That's the last thing you know.
For those who are usually silent, they have more than their backs.

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yesterday I went to play a wish activity. I could write one of my wishes on a post-it note and leave my dormitory number and contact information, and then post it on the cardboard. If someone is willing to help you realize it, he will tear it off and take action. On a whim, I also wrote a piece of "it's very cold today. I want to drink hot vitamin milk. I want a glass bottle."

half an hour later, I returned to the dormitory with Orange. I had forgotten this little thing, but when I pulled out the key at the door to open the door, I found that my left foot kicked something and made a sound like an empty beer bottle. It turned out to be a bottle of Vitasoy. In this way, without knowing it, a wish was realized.

the kind of "little lucky" life that is realized is good, and it often comes quietly. I have a friend who separated from different places when he and his girlfriend were still in love. The girl went to the United States to study abroad, and the boy checked all the details of that school before she left, ranging from geographical location to perennial climate. Small as to the name of every road in the school and even the day of the school celebration, but when he told me this, he told me, "Don't tell my girlfriend." She doesn't know what I'm doing. "

I was surprised because I thought you did so much to get closer to her life, didn't you miss her performance? why can't you let her know that he didn't even intend to tell her, "how can she know a lot of things if you don't tell her? doesn't she know how much you put in?" The friend said, "OK, maybe other girls will think that I do a lot of things but do not make public this behavior is' coquettish', but my girlfriend will not think so, ah, really care about a person does not want to post moments to disclose what they have done for this relationship, is that you will consider what will happen to the other person in the future, and then you go to prepare for those things in advance. Because although I won't tell her what I did, I called her on the school day to talk about the history of her school, and she knew when I told her the story of the name of that road on her way back to the dorm. "

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since my mind will show up in her future daily life, why don't I turn concern into her future surprise.

in the past, I envied and envied those who showed affection, such as "how many more days together", "what souvenirs did he bring me when he traveled in XX", "our first matching shirt" and so on. Slowly, I didn't know whether it was aesthetic fatigue or no feeling. I always had a reflex resistance to these things, because they all come and go. I have hardly seen them post a circle of friends other than their boyfriend /girlfriend. Maybe their daily life is no longer their own life and that of their family and friends, but their daily life has become "his /her daily life".

I am always afraid that people will lose their original center once they fall in love. Perhaps the ideal state should be a slow flow of water rather than a high-profile declaration of sovereignty and fear that others will not know that they are spoiled.

since the low ebb some time ago, I didn't want to go on Wechat and didn't want to open my moments. After that, even when I returned to normal, I didn't like posting moments so much. I probably used to send one or two messages every day, and now I only send them once a week. I don't know why. In the past, even if there was nothing to send, I would rather find a song to try to brush out the sense of existence. But now when I hear a good song, I just want to share it with someone who is important to me or who I think he will understand. In the past, he would post on moments to let so-and-so see himself, but now I just want to hide and accompany people like "there can be only one soulmate in a lifetime".

I told Ah Hua that I used to want to post a moments when eating ramen, but now I may be the only one who accidentally became a ramen chef. When I set a goal for myself this week I'm going to run 20km and I'm going to run 50km this month, I won't tell anyone that I won't clock in every day, I just run, when I really reach that goal, I will post a moments, for no reason, I just want to tell others that I did it, not to post it for the sake of being, but to really realize my requirements.

if you want to do something, just do it. You don't have to tell the world how many difficulties you have experienced from the beginning to the end, because brutally speaking, the world, including those who support you, will always be. It only depends on the results.

if there is no result, then don't tell the world in advance.

just like the risk of showing love in a high profile is that you have to bear the question of "Why don't you show love recently?" And after you find a new partner, you have to withstand the suspicious eyes of others, "have you found a new guy so soon?" Even though time may not actually be so fast, your previous love show is too unforgettable.

I have seen many people's travel status equate to the updated status of WeChat moments. In other words, they have been posting their WeChat moments from the minute they hold the ticket. Hua took a trip to Korea during the winter vacation. for a whole week, she sent it to her moments only after she packed her bags the night she returned home. Then I asked her, "Why don't you send ten moments at a time like other people?" Ah Hua said, "there is no reason. I want to travel simply. I do not travel in order to let others know that I am traveling."

there is an old saying called "do things in a high profile and behave in a low profile". In the first two years, I didn't understand it at all, but then I gradually understood it. To do things in a high profile is probably to let others see your strength when it's time to show your ability, so that you will be the first to be remembered in the selection of opportunities later. And low-key life is in my first year of high school when my sister wrote in my comments column of the eight words "self-maintenance, humble life."

so, like oneAn individual, just say it out loud, care about a person, do it with your heart, and do what you want to do. There is no need to emphasize that you do not need to broadcast to the outside world. You want to enjoy the process and pursue the results. You do not have to magnify and force down the chicken soup at all. Think about who cares how hard you work and how much you suffer.

there is no one in this world who doesn't work hard

but there is a word in this world called "blockbuster"