The 27 most difficult questions in history are too knowledgeable.

The 27 most difficult questions in history are too knowledgeable.
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there are many things we take for granted, but we don't know where they come from.

for example, why are men's buttons on the right and women's buttons on the left?

Why go to the bathroom and go to the kitchen?

Why on earth is there no cat in the zodiac?

what's wrong with the sheep to take the fall?

this article explains why, 27 interesting historical reasons.


Why are the men's buttons on the right and the women's buttons on the left?

when buttons were first introduced, only the coats of the rich were fastened.

according to the custom at that time, men dressed themselves and women were worn by servants.

the button on the lady's shirt is nailed to the left, which makes it very convenient for the servants who wait on the hostess (now it is convenient for men to take it off).

the button of men's shirt is on the right. In addition to dressing themselves, it is also easy to pull out the sword hanging on the left waist with the right hand, so it is not easy to be caught by the shirt.


Why go to the toilet and go to the kitchen?

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since ancient times, there have been five elements in China, each corresponding to five directions.

Ancient toilets were built in the east-north, and kitchens in the south-by-east.

when going to the south, it is customary to say that the emperor goes south (the emperor goes to the south of the Yangtze River), and when he goes to the north, he used to say that he goes north (north to resist Japan).

when you want to go to the toilet, you have to go to the north of the yard, so go to the toilet.

when you want to go to the kitchen, you have to go to the south of the yard, so talk about the kitchen.


Why the common saying is no three no four.

the ancients said that heaven is one and earth is two, so the sum of heaven and earth is three, and three becomes the representative of the whole.

for example: trilogy, three provinces, three thoughts, threesome, and so on.

and for the four called "comprehensive", there is also a satisfactory meaning, such as the four King Kong, the four masters, the four bodies, the four arts, the four books and so on.

so people who misbehave besides "good things" are collectively referred to as "no three no four".


Why are all Buddhist disciples surnamed Shi?

Shi surname is one of the Han surnames, which is generally used by the monks of Han Buddhism, and is not included in the hundred surnames.

Chinese monks began with the surname of Daoan Zen master.

in the early period of Buddhism, Shamen in the Wei and Jin dynasties took the teacher as the surname, so the surnames were different.

Dao an thought that the fundamental Taoist master was the Blessed one of Sakyamuni, so he translated "Zengyi Ahan", which is called "Shi Shi" when he became a monk in the four seas.


Why there are no cats in the zodiac.

there are folk myths and legends that use the saying "mice deceive cats" to explain this problem, but the real reason is that there were no cats in ancient China.

cats originated in Egypt, but it is impossible to determine when they were introduced into China, while folklore was brought back from India by Tang Sanzang (actually the Han Dynasty).

so the Chinese zodiac was settled long before the cat was introduced into China.

moreover, there is already a tiger in the zodiac, so kittens don't have to be on duty.


reply why the last name should be free.

in the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, the surname was divided into two, the man called the surname and the woman called the surname.

there is a saying in Tongzhi Clan: "the noble have a clan, and the cheap have a name but no clan."

surname is used to distinguish marriage, different surnames of the same family can intermarry, and different surnames of the same family can not intermarry.

after Qin unification, surnames were merged into one.

because the surname is still expensive, it is often necessary to ask "your surname", while someone asks "your surname" in order to answer "avoid your surname".

of course, if your surname is Zhang and Kong, you don't need to answer free, because this is the surname of God and Sage Kong.


Why there is no math prize in the Nobel Prize.

Nobel mentioned in his will: reward "inventions or discoveries" that have made great contributions to mankind.

he does not think that mathematics is a practical science that human beings can benefit from, so mathematics is excluded from the Nobel Prize.

in fact, Nobel once proposed to a woman, but she married a mathematician named Mitt Leffler and jointly deceived Nobel. Nobel never married, he hated mathematics.


Why do you wear red in the current year?

according to the science of wind water level, the patron saint of the zodiac will go to heaven to pay homage in the lunar year.

according to the current saying, it is a duty report. At this time, the protection of people will be weakened, evil spirits will swoop in, and red can go to disaster and ward off evil spirits.

this is also related to the origin of the Spring Festival couplets posted in "Chinese New year".

so people wear red clothes and tie red waist to ward off evil spirits, and then they are carried forward by people, even their underwear and socks should be red.


Why is the first four surnames "Zhao Qian Sun Li"?

according to the documents of the Ming and Qing dynasties, Baijia surnames were first edited by a Confucian scholar in the Wu-Yue area in the early Song Dynasty.

so he used the surname of the emperor as the first surname;

the surname of the king of Wu Yue during the five dynasties and Ten Kingdoms was Qian;

"Sun" was the surname of the wives and concubines of the royal family of the Song Dynasty, and "Li" was the surname of Li Houzhu, the emperor of the later Tang Dynasty.

this is the origin of the order of the first four surnames "Zhao Qian Sun Li".


the origin of "dog son".

"Dog son" was originally a nickname for Sima Xiangru.

Historical Records record that Sima Xiangru "was good at reading and learning fencing when he was young, so his own name was the son of the dog."

when he grew up, he also felt that his name was bad, plusHe also admired the character of Lin Xiangru, so he changed his name to Xiangru.

with Sima Xiangru's rise to fame, "Dog son" is constantly known.

people rushed to follow suit, modestly called their son, and used the word "dog son".



Su Qin has been trying to persuade the six countries to unite against Qin, which is known as the "seal of the six Kingdoms".

but Su Qin was killed by an assassin in the state of Qi. In order to catch the assassin, the king of Qi specially posted a notice claiming that Su Qin was a great mole and that the person who assassinated Su Qin offered a reward of one thousand taels.

as soon as the notice came out, four people immediately took the bait, claiming that they had done it.

the king of Qi hated the assassin's itchy teeth, angry: 250 taels of gold each, by the way, push these four 250 out and cut it off!


Why should children be given lucky money for the Spring Festival?

during the reign of Shenzong in the Northern Song Dynasty, on the night of the Spring Festival, Nan Huan, the youngest son of Deputy Prime Minister Wang Shao, followed an adult to watch the lights on the street, only to be taken away by a gangster, trying to extort a sum of money from Wang Shao.

while running away, I happened to encounter a court car passing by. Nanfu shouted for help, and the gangster put down Nanju and ran away in a hurry.

later, when Song Shenzong learned about this, he gave Nan Yu some money to surprise him, and from then on, "lucky money" spread among the people.


Why do Chinese call boasting a boast?

once upon a time, after bleeding the sheep, the butcher would make a small cut in the sheep's leg, put his mouth up and blow hard into it, until the sheep's whole body swelled up, and the skin would crack by itself with a gentle pull with a knife.

this is called blowing pigs or sheep.

if anyone wants to say that the cowhide can be blown up, it is a big lie, because the cowhide is so big and tough that it cannot be blown at all.

so "bragging" is synonymous with boasting.


the origin of the prime minister's ability to ride a boat.

during the Song Dynasty, Prime Minister Wang Anshi lost his wife in middle age and continued to marry a concubine named Jiao Niang.

the life of an old husband and a young wife makes Jiao Niang have an affair with a young servant in private.

when Wang Anshi learned this, he was furious, but he put up with it again and again, and simply induced Jiao Niang to tell the truth during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

but Jiao Niang said, "you can ride a boat in the belly of the prime minister." let Wang Anshi know his bitterness, that is, he gave Jiao Niang a thousand taels of silver to marry her servant.


Why is it a scapegoat rather than a scapegoat?

the Old Testament: after Noah there was a Semitic named Abraham who had a son at the age of 99.

one day, Jehovah suddenly came and asked him to kill his son Isaac for sacrifice.

Isaac didn't know he was a sacrifice and followed his father up the mountain.

when Abraham was ready to put his son on the altar to use the knife, the angel came and took his hand, forbade him to kill the son, told him that it was only the test of Jehovah, and used the sheep as a sacrifice.

this is where the scapegoat comes from.


where does flattery come from?

it is said that the Mongolians in the Yuan Dynasty had a habit of showing respect when two people met their horses and patted each other's buttocks.

second, good Mongolian riders pat their buttocks when they encounter a strong horse to make the horse feel comfortable, and then take advantage of the potential to jump on the horse and go away.

third, Mongolians love horses. If horses are fat, the two strands are bound to rise, so when they see horses, they always like to pat their buttocks and praise them.


which pot does not mention the origin of which pot.

in the early years, father and son opened a small teahouse.

Master Bai, the magistrate, is a greedy master who often comes to eat and drink for free. Although father and son can't stand it, there is nothing they can do about it.

for a while, the old shopkeeper was ill, and the little shopkeeper was in the stove.

after the old shopkeeper recovered from his illness, he found that the county master never came again.

asked why, the little shopkeeper smiled and said, "I'll make him tea."


Why to take advantage of women is called "eating tofu".

in the Han Dynasty, there was a

on Chang'an Street.