The best way to deal with things (benefit a lot)

The best way to deal with things (benefit a lot)
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have seen such a sentence:

indeed, countless problems will be encountered in life, and evasion can never be solved. Only by using the right method and facing it bravely is a person's greatest wisdom.

High-level people can solve all problems easily.

how can I become a high-level person?

do the following three things, and you will benefit for the rest of your life.


learn to be calm

once upon a time there was a businessman who swapped all his money for silver tickets in order to avoid war, and then hid it in the handle of a special umbrella made by himself.

businessmen dress themselves up as ordinary people and prepare to return to their hometown in the countryside with umbrellas.

midway, because he was too tired, he took a nap in a gazebo. Unexpectedly, after waking up, his umbrella was gone.

after all, the businessman has been in business for more than decades, and he soon calmed down in the face of sudden changes.

after checking the luggage, I found that the package was intact and concluded that the person who took the umbrella must not be a professional thief, nine times out of ten, passers-by were shoplifting, and this person's home should be nearby.

so he decided to stay here and get his umbrella back.

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he bought tools to repair umbrellas and began to make a living. But more than half a year later, he did not wait for his own umbrella.

after careful consideration, the businessman found that repairing umbrellas is a waste of time and energy, and many people will choose to buy new umbrellas after their umbrellas are broken.

the businessman has another brilliant idea.

under the sign of "exchange old umbrellas for new umbrellas", he continued to do business, and he did not charge extra money for changing umbrellas.

for a while, there was an endless stream of people coming to his booth to change umbrellas.

soon, a middle-aged man came to him with a dilapidated umbrella to take part in the umbrella exchange activity. The businessman took a look at it and found that it was the umbrella he had lost, and the handle was intact.

the businessman immediately gave the man a new umbrella. After he left, the merchant turned to enter the door, packed up his belongings overnight, and disappeared without a trace.

people who don't panic tend to be wiser and more stable than others.

as the ancients said, nine times out of ten things go wrong in life.

in the face of all kinds of difficulties encountered on the road of life, do not panic, do not disorderly, optimistically face everything, can be bright.

learning to be calm in case of trouble is the highest state of life.


when Chaplin was young, he was walking along the road with a large sum of cash when he was suddenly stopped by a masked robber. The robber said viciously, "give me your money, or don't blame me for being impolite."

Chaplin was startled, but instead of doing what the robber said, he pretended to be scared and discussed with the robber:

"Brother, shoot me twice in my hat. I went back intact to explain to my master that I had been robbed in case he wouldn't believe me."

the robber did what Chaplin said in order to get the money smoothly.

Chaplin said to the robber, "Brother, shoot me twice in the skirt, too."

the robber did it again.

"finally, please shoot two shots in my trouser leg, please, big brother."

when the robber heard this, he picked up the gun impatiently and fired two more shots in Chaplin's trouser leg.

it turned out that Chaplin knew that the pistol the robber had could only hold six bullets at most. Now that the robber had run out of bullets, he could move.

so he tripped him while the robber wasn't looking and ran away as if he were flying.

flexibility is not to make people give up, but to find a faster and better solution to the problem.

there is a saying in

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when you find that the road in front of you can't get there as soon as possible, you can choose to try another path.

as the old saying goes, "all roads lead to Rome."

there are many ways to succeed, not to stick to one principle.

on the way of life, when you encounter a turning point, you must learn to be flexible and avoid obstacles in order to reach your goal in life.

know how to be flexible when things happen, so that you can find another way to success in confusion.


feel relieved

"Shi Shuo Xinyu" says: "so relieved, there is no doubt."

in real life, we will encounter too much helplessness, many things can not be transferred according to our will, each of us should know how to advance and retreat properly.

if you care about it everywhere, then life is full of troubles and things that upset you.

if the heart is wide, the world is wide.

instead of worrying about troubles everywhere, it is better to put it down in magnanimity.

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

No one can be perfect in his life.

instead of constantly entangling in exhaustion, it is better to look down on everything.

Gu Cheng has a famous saying:

I think so.

learn to let go before you can live your posture.

Life is a mirror, and you have what kind of mentality you have.

although none of us can change the past, we can change the present.

if you always think about things too complicated, it's easy to get stuck in a quagmire.

Mo Yan once said in a program:

people are like this, disappointed by comparison, and regretted by comparison.

as Cai Kangyong advised:

in fact, no matter whether we live well or not, there are always people secretly envious of themselves.

everything only becomes bearish, with fate, all the troubles of life are entangled with pain and suffering, and the ice will slowly disintegrate.

in real life, it never gives people room for bargaining.

learned to let go, the road of life, will eventually go wider and wider.

on the road of life, we will encounter many problems and there are many ways to solve them.

the most advanced way to deal with an accident is nothing more than ability and mentality.