The best way to live: no disease in body, nothing in mind, money in hand.

The best way to live: no disease in body, nothing in mind, money in hand.
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the ideal life is: "A clear conscience, no illness, no hatred in the chest, no debt on the shoulders."

busy in the first half of life and bearish in the second half of life.

A person's greatest luck is not his fame and fortune, but his health and mind.


body without disease, life goes smoothly

as the saying goes, "without disease, one is light."

the body is the capital of everything.

in an interview, host Dou Wentao asked Chen Peisi for an autograph.

Chen Peisi wrote on the paper: "Wen Tao, no disease."

everyone is curious why he wrote these two words.

Chen Peisi said: "in our time, life was very difficult, and the greatest wish of our life was to be free from disease."

I hope that people in the world are not sick, but would rather put on medicine and lead to dust.

only when you go through the pain of illness can you understand the ease of being free from illness.

my mother got chronic joint pain when she was in her 30s.

looks no different from ordinary people, but in the early morning and evening, the joint pain can not sleep.

because of this disease, my mother takes medicine all the year round, cannot do heavy work, and avoids eating food.

she used to say, "I wish I didn't have this disease." I hope you are all safe and smooth. "

the poet Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou, and the concubine gave birth to a boy for him.

Su Shi, who has just experienced hardships, wrote a "son-washing poem" for his son:

everyone's adopted son wants to be smart, and I have been misled by wisdom all my life.

I wish the child would be foolish and ruthless, without illness or disaster to the public.

No disease, no disaster, is the parents' greatest wish for their children.

in the second half of life, taking good care of your health is more important than anything else.

eat on time, exercise frequently, run when you have time, and don't stay up late with your own life.

when you are energetic, practical, and feel energetic in everything you do, this is the greatest happiness.

there is a saying in the Buddhist Sutra out of Yao Sutra: no disease is the first benefit, contentment is the richest.

the world is changeable, just want to be free from illness, live a successful life, and live every day beautifully.


have nothing in mind, spend the rest of your life

slow taste of the world fireworks, idle watch everything for a long time.

if you have nothing in mind and no hatred in your heart, you can stay away from troubles.

I envy gourmet Cai Lan's way of living.

he is one of the top four talents in Hong Kong. He spends his whole life with delicious food. He occasionally writes essays and travels everywhere.

others asked him what to do if he ate so much.

he replied: being fat is also a blessing. You don't have to worry about it. Just live at ease.

many young people are always full of troubles and find life difficult.

Cai Lan said: "except for physical pain, all the other so-called pain is just your imagination."

have an open heart, have nothing in mind, and have a rich life.

when you meet someone you like, be brave to get close. Tired from work, go to a quality restaurant.

planting flowers, going to bookstores and playing musical instruments are all ways to relax.

for the rest of my life, learn as much as possible, experience as much as possible, travel as much as possible, and eat good food as much as possible, life will be better.

Cai Lan wrote in his book: "after several times of wind and rain, the roof was not overwhelmed by snow, but now I enjoy peace and happiness, look at the distant mountain cherry in full bloom, and do not regret the arrogance of this life."

busy, busy, bitter. Big things are not taken to heart, small things are not the premise of people.

make yourself "insensitive", less sensitive and less sentimental.

A person's heart should not only grow wings, but also put on armor, so don't be afraid of floating clouds to cover your eyes, not afraid of wind, frost, rain and snow.

live easily and laugh freely.

read the beauty of the world and enjoy the vicissitudes of life.


money in hand, debt-free on shoulders

I have heard such a saying: "sense of security is rich, self-motivated is rich in the future, mature and stable is always rich."

many people are making money, but some are still paying off their debts.

the family difficulty of my friend Meizi is to finish college with a student loan.

when I was in college, students were taking part in various activities to improve their horizons.

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while Meizi is busy working as a waitress to earn some living expenses.

by the time you graduate from college, everyone will be able to save money on your salary, and Meizi will use her salary to pay off student loans every month.

for about five years, she lived a humble life, dare not get sick, dare not travel, let alone lose her job.

when someone complains that life is boring, many people are walking on thin ice in debt.

the debt of the house, the car, the investment in raising children. After paying off the debt of life, there are still human debts to be repaid.

having money in hand and debt-free on shoulders is the greatest decency of adults.

I have heard such a saying: "I work hard to make money so that when the person I love shows up, whether he is rich or has nothing, I can embrace him with open hands."

making good money is not the only way to live, but to make money is to live better.

I am in a good mood at the sight of you: "if you are going through a particularly difficult life, please allow me to bless you: the best year you have ever met from today."

body without disease, life goes well;

nothing in mind, no hate in heart;

money in hand, no debt on shoulder.

if you relax your heart, the road will be wide; if you work hard, your life will be rich.

for the rest of my life, even if I hit rock bottom, as long as I look upYou can also see the bright stars.