The best way to save your life is not to keep in good health and wake up countless people!

The best way to save your life is not to keep in good health and wake up countless people!
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there is a medical psychological expert who thinks:

Why? Let's take a look at his feelings.

I heard that there was another friend with cancer around me. I was not surprised that she was ill.

her family relationship has always been very bad. People, the suffering, depression and pain suffered in the family will all precipitate in the body.

your brain forgets for a while, but your body will always remember.


We have always underestimated the wisdom of the body, which has a sophisticated immune system.

the immune system I am talking about here not only refers to the narrow sense of immunity in western medicine, but also includes self-diagnosis, human resource management, self-repair and regeneration.

when we have all kinds of emotions, the first thing we attack is the body's immune system.

more than 70% of people digest their emotions by attacking their body organs, which is one of the biggest causes of illness.

different emotions attack different organs. The ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine in China once put forward: fear in the kidney, anger in the liver, sadness in the lungs.

someone has done an experiment.

the monkey was hung up and given electrical stimulation from time to time, which kept the monkey in a state of anxiety, and soon the monkey got a stomach ulcer.

the pathological mechanism of gastropathy was studied by fiberoptic gastroscope, x-ray, electroencephalogram and biochemistry. It was found that the occurrence of gastropathy was closely related to excessive excitement or inhibition of cerebral cortex and autonomic nerve dysfunction.

Research shows that the top seven emotions that cause problems in the immune system are anger, sadness, fear, depression, hostility, suspicion, and seasonally out of control (such as frequent disputes and frictions in summer. There are more people with depression in winter than usual).

in many cases, frequent negative emotions are behind the disease.


all grievances, entanglements, and anger  will eventually turn into an immune storm

in the category of western medicine experience, there are still many sudden diseases, and no one knows the specific cause.

Modern people are more and more likely to suffer from all kinds of diseases, is it because they don't pay attention to their health?


too many people spend a lot of money on health care, but the idea is to simply regard the body as a machine, forgetting the unity of body, mind, and even body, mind and spirit.

John A., a well-known counseling expert. Schindler once encountered a patient whose symptoms were exactly the same as cholecystitis.

so John gave her three injections of painkillers and performed a cholecystectomy on her when her condition was getting worse.

but this never cured her pain, only to find out that her pain was abdominal pain caused by her son's emotional tension when he went to the army.

when her son came home, her illness was cured without medicine.

does that sound amazing and incredible?

but unknown doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

emotions are dominating your health in a quiet way.

for example, when angry and angry, the muscles at the gastric outlet will be squeezed to cause gastrointestinal spasm, and severe coronary artery compression in the heart will cause angina pectoris, even fatal coronary artery spasm.


physical discomfort and illness

is an inner cry and cry for help

Last night a friend chatted with me about mood and illness, she was very interested.

she asked me: what is the emotion caused by my brother's juvenile white head?

I said, "I've done my best."

she asked: how to alleviate it?

I answer: be yourself and give back other people's wishes.

she nodded and asked, "is it because my father turned white the night my mother died?"

I said: yes, too sad, desperate.

she asked: what is the reason why I have lost my hair for no reason recently?

I answer: anxiety.

she asked: I don't want to be anxious, but "my concubine can't do it."

I said: why live in the future? Live in the present.

Don't ignore the huge sores hidden at the bottom of your emotions.

We often say, "I am so angry", "so stressed" and "unwilling". This is precisely what emotion is doing.

anger makes people feel out of control, and the body automatically releases a large number of factors harmful to the respiratory system;

anxiety puts the body into a state of dry burning of an empty iron pot, killing people's mental strength little by little;

stress is frustrating, like an invisible hand covering a person's nose, five fingers through the gray sky, but can't be touched.

the body does not lie, it faithfully stores all our emotions, while illness reminds us that we should truly face our real needs, deal with them properly, and believe in our body's abilities.


when you get sick, you have to find the disease.

A few years ago, the Oxner Medical Center in New Orleans published an article that pointed out that 74% of every 500 patients undergoing continuous treatment for intestinal diseases were found to have emotional diseases.

the medical diagnosis and treatment of Yale University also said in a study in 1951 that 76% of patients were diagnosed with emotional illness.

in other words, many patients are not really sick, but emotionally sick.

when we have gastrointestinal discomfort, onlyIs to swallow stomach medicine, but escape the source of stress and tension;

when all kinds of rashes on our skin are like the eruption of small volcanoes, but do not send out: I am very angry, please look at my angry voice.

many diseases are caused by our own emotions, and even if we get a little better, when our emotions come up again, our health will be gone again.

the ancients said that "heart disease still needs cardiac medicine", which now seems to be reasonable.

to be a human being, "preserving one's health" is far less than "nourishing one's heart".

bestselling author he Quanfeng once told a story in his book.

the head of the cardiology department of a well-known university had a heart attack and was in a very serious condition.

after experiencing the desperate situation of dying, he began to think seriously about his life. During the three months in hospital, he sorted out his life experience, and then summed up two rules of life.

these two rules of life are not a recipe for health care and health care, but two very simple ways to deal with people:

rule 1, don't waste your energy on sesame trifles;

rule 2, everything is a trivial matter.

in life, many physical problems are emotional problems, and emotional problems can be summed up in four words: "trouble yourself".

A lot of troubles are caused by being obsessed with the little things at hand, magnifying the unpleasant things subconsciously.

if you get furious over a trifle, grieve for a misunderstanding, and doubt yourself for a criticism, it won't help you.

if you are disturbed by emotions all day long, your happy life will never happen again.


A better way to save one's life is not to keep in good health

but to manage emotions

A middle-aged female patient whose body is injured and bleeding will be difficult to stop, after she is hospitalized, although various indicators show that her condition is not optimistic.

but she remained optimistic and courageous, always telling herself, "I feel good, I'll get better soon." later, she really recovered.

Why can a good mood have such a big impact?

good mood can relieve the pressure caused by bad mood and stimulate the pituitary gland in an appropriate way, so as to achieve the best balance of endocrine function.

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once the endocrine is in balance, we will feel that our hearts are full of infinite vitality.

knowing how to love yourself is not just about living in the best house, eating the finest food, being true to your heart and transcending yourself, but that you care more about your emotions and are more sensitive to your body's signals than anyone else.

when fatigue reaches a tipping point, you need to rest

when you will not be ill. You need to manage your immune system

when you need to cry, when to yell

when to let go, when to forgive

when it's worth being bold and confident

you know better than anyone where your mood and body are at, and then digest it.

it is not a disgrace to cry when you are in pain and to vent your emotions.

laugh when you are happy, and you will find that being alive is the best thing.

from today on, don't blindly pursue formal health care, and don't anxiously look for ways to keep in good health.