The best way to see a man: talk about money

The best way to see a man: talk about money
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in the novel the Portrait of Dorian Gray, the author Oscar Wilde wrote:

it is true that in life, whether it is the trivial affairs of daily life, the daily expenses of family and children, or human exchanges in return, all these need money to sustain.

money is not everything, but it is impossible without money.


if you don't talk about money, it won't last long

many people think that love is pure, and if you talk about money, you will feel hurt.

in fact, no matter how pure emotion is, it will eventually be realized in the real life of eating, drinking and wearing.

then you will find that the feeling without money is like a house built on sand. As long as you live a little bit of wind and rain, it will collapse immediately.

my friend complained to me about her unhappy marriage in summer.

it has been almost ten years since she and her husband met until their two children were born.

and the husband's income can obviously ensure a well-off life for the family, but he eats, drinks, plays cards and gambles, and takes up every hobby that costs money, but rarely spends it on his wife and children.

it's really hard for a person to worry about the size of his family's expenses and deal with all kinds of entertainment around him in summer.

just like what happened in summer, luck and misfortune in life are actually related to money. after facing a lot of practical problems, you will find that you must talk about money if you want to have a long-term relationship.

after all, life cannot be satisfied by affectionate drinking water, but needs to be supported by money and needs to be built on a material basis.

as Sanmao said:

money is the foundation of emotion and material. Without talking about the feelings of money, it is so fragile that it cannot stand any test.


money is the touchstone of feelings.

there is a line in the TV series "dual Nuclear Age":

I think so.

Love goes from romance to romance, not only the romance before the flowers, but also the numbers in the bank account.

therefore, if a man says he loves you more than anything, but pinches every penny on money, he doesn't love you that much.

I have seen a marriage variety show, and I am quite impressed by one of the programs:

A couple who have been in love for four years are talking about getting married because the woman has proposed a 150000 bride price. The two sides are very unhappy about this.

the hostess said: for four years, I haven't asked you for anything. Now I'm going to get married. It's just a marriage custom for my family to ask for this bride price. Why can't you accept it?

the man was obviously very excited. He said, "Why do you want so much bride price? we have to bear so many debts when we get married. How can we live the rest of our life?" Besides, can I get the gift money back? If you really love me, tell your parents to ask for less.

after reading it, it is really not worth it for the woman, thinking that the man may not love her that much.

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in real life, many women have the same experience. Men who fall out on the pretext of good feelings and talk about money are miserable in an empty relationship.

in fact, only a man who doesn't love you enough is afraid that you will spend a penny more on him. The man who really loves you still feels that it is not enough to give everything he has, because he knows you are more important than money.

just like Tu Lei's view:

it's true that women don't care about money. Instead, the intention carried in the money is sincere, although it is about money.

Jack Ma once said, "talking about money hurts feelings, but not talking about money has no feelings."

when two people are together, talking about money is not something that hurts feelings. What really hurts feelings is not talking about money and only talking about money.

if a man refuses to talk to you about money and is not willing to give you money, he will not be able to give you sense of security, let alone a secure future.


good relationships, be sure to talk about money

Toronto TD Bank conducted a follow-up study on partners and money among 1902 adults in relationships between 2015 and 2016.

the study found that

only 50% of couples who talked about money only once in a few months were happy.

I think the reason why the feelings of talking about money are happier is that two people trust each other, not only in material support and stalemate, but also spiritually resonate and work together.

after all, it is very realistic for two people to live together, and life is like a cash shredder, where money is needed everywhere.

if there is no certain economic basis or material conditions, then life will become difficult.

"but we poor couples feel sadder about everything."

money is a demon mirror in a relationship, showing the true and false as they really are.

so, in a relationship, you must learn to talk about money, bravely talk about money.

like a suggestion put forward by Logus:

the essence of marriage is the exchange of value.

exchange love, exchange sex, exchange materials, exchange help, exchange sense of security.

the real pragmatism is when two people talk about money.

A good relationship must be based on the fact that we don't avoid talking about money. Only in this way can we be healthy and lasting.

remember that in a relationship, a man dares to talk about money and works hard to make money, so it will not be so bad to live with him.

on the contrary, the man who doesn't want to talk to you about money or work hard to improve his life should see it as soon as possible.

money is the best way to test people's hearts, especially in relationships, whether a man is false or sincere to you and talk to him about moneyYou can know the answer.