The chicken soup we drink is bitterness chewed by others.

The chicken soup we drink is bitterness chewed by others.
All the distractions are run over from the heart.

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for example, the article I wrote before


, Zhang Jingzhi

@ Tongc  chicken soup always reminds me of my third year of high school.

No matter the wall in front of the desk at home or the post-it note posted on the desk in the classroom, all kinds of inspirational sentences are written without exception. I think this is the spiritual motivation that supported all my ko review tasks at that time. In the summer after the college entrance examination, a classmate looked at the notes and words in front of my desk, and she said, "I feel so ashamed to see you like this." Later, after she left, I reread the words, "you said you were burned to get a Phoenix."what I'm most afraid of is that you could have done it but you didn't do it." At that time, I already felt very confused, because I had no idea why these words could inspire me for so long, and at that time it was only more than a month after I finished the college entrance examination. The inspirational chicken soup has been left behind by me. It turns out that it is timely.

I actually feel a little cold when I think about it.

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I also know that many of those words are honed by real people, just like traditional Chinese medicine, boiled into a bowl of three bowls, all for the essence, I see only a few words, in fact, we do often automatically block its source, where it comes from, because its original owner has little to do with us, we just take this ladle of water, and then go to interpret our own story.

@ Zhang Thorn

A friend said backstage

"I really want to be like you, have so much experience, and then tell them in words."

she is kind of cute when she says this sentence, probably because she has not experienced what we have experienced before. No, those things should not be linked by "experience". It is more appropriate to use "suffered" instead.

because the feelings that look like the wind is light and the clouds are light, pass through but poke into your heart may be that someone else knelt down on their knees. It is precisely because that experience is too bitter, so it is deep enough, so you will feel distracted.

did not run over from the heart, otherwise how to call "mind-wandering"?

Chen Kun recently became popular again because of "searching for the Dragon's Formula." many well-known official accounts took out the previous interviews with him and sent them again, telling everyone that when he was at his worst, his family had to rely on vegetables picked up from the market for dinner and cheap tofu skins.

this is not enough. Chen Kun's misery lasted until he was thirty. After filming the Golden Powder Family, he became a popular student. Money came quickly and easily, but he was also lost in money and desire because it was too easy. Excessive self-expansion will eventually break one day, and on that day he knew he was depressed and wanted to jump down when he saw the window.

then he slowly began to get rid of the haze in his life, and in 2007 he learned the method of inner peace-meditation, when he was 29 years old.

personally, I think Chen Kun's performance of "breaking flowers" in "the Legend of the Dragon" is extremely brilliant, from being confused, to finding something wrong, and finally the pain is transformed into firm belief. Facial expressions alone can interpret these emotions in place. Compared with the poker face in the first grade of Mango platform, it is really thrown away from more than a hundred thousand streets.

this acting skill was learned by him from the Beijing Film Academy and honed in life.

therefore, behind Chen Kun's motivation is the unimaginable hardship of his early years.

if it could be you, would you really want to?

for some reason, this late-night canteen is all I can think about when I write this article. Maybe it's because I remember the indifferent appearance of the boss, maybe it's because I remember the scar on the boss's face and the way he cuts.

it's also true that people without stories don't have the patience to listen to other people's stories.

tonight's tweet was written in a hurry. I'm sorry. But I would also like to say to you by the way:

good night, disorganized people.

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