The collapse of adults will be known in a serious illness.

The collapse of adults will be known in a serious illness.
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Zweig once said: "when one is young, one always thinks that disease and death will only patronize others."

but everyone is equal in front of disease. It treats you the way you treat your body. If you ignore it for a while, it may ignore you for the rest of your life.

there is no fluke in front of health, only cherish.


people who fight with their lives eventually have to admit that

Schopenhauer said: "the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade their health for other things."

once there was an executive who was a workaholic. People around him called him "a knife in the cow". It was normal for him to have meetings, work overtime and study.

his performance is far ahead of his peers in the jurisdiction. he has a thorough analysis of the market economy, a detailed understanding of customer needs, repeated adjustments to marketing plans, and financial publications he must read every day.

his wife says he takes work as his home, while his assistant says he has almost no rest days. He is either busy at work or at the wine table.

on one occasion, several peer units competed with each other in order to get large deposits from a large company.

"Niu Yi Dao" personally invited the boss to dinner. In order to be sincere, he used a bowl to compete with each other for white wine, the business was won, and people also went to the hospital emergency room to drink.

having been "arrogant" for more than a decade, he worked overtime, stayed up late and drank alcohol, but from alcoholism after that binge drinking, his health went from bad to worse, so he had to take the initiative to retire to the second line and give priority to fitness after work.

writer Wu Hao once said:

Life is actually a fixed amount of wealth deposited by God in everyone's account. No one knows how much it is, but consumes it every day. Once you are overdrawn, you have no chance of repaying it.

when you are young, you feel that you are not living in vain; when you are healthy, you feel that the disease is far away from you.

but once your health is squandered, you will be forced to exit halfway.

Li Bingbing is a famous "desperate San Niang" in the entertainment industry. She shot a martial arts film with protruding lumbar disc, severe pneumonia in winter water, pneumothorax caused by overwork, and sustained a high fever for 16 days until she collapsed when filming in Australia.

later, in a talk show, she had to admit that she is not so able to endure, afraid of fatigue, and physically unable to withstand abuse.

if you gamble on your health, you will eventually pay a heavy price.

using youth as a bargaining chip will sooner or later lay a hidden danger in life.

Kaifu Lee, who has experienced the great test of life and death, also has deep feelings:

when I was at the peak of my life, I was shining with the halo polished by Apple, Microsoft and Google, and had tens of millions of followers, but when I was lying in a hospital bed, no matter how wonderful the outside world was, it had nothing to do with me.

I think so.

No matter how high your status is, if you leave the stage of display, the halo will naturally fade;

No matter how much money you earn and have a serious illness, you will be hollowed out.

in this era of risks and opportunities, no one can cover the light emitted by your hard work. If you fight with your life, your loss will outweigh your gain, and even the best people have no privilege in the face of disease.


suffering from lack of money, you can learn from a serious illness.

the man said in the video that the couple earned late in the morning and had little left except for their daily expenses in a year.

he could not borrow much from all his relatives and friends, which was only a drop in the bucket compared with the huge medical expenses. He wailed, saying that he had no choice but to give up his son's treatment.

if not very helpless, if not enough grievances, how can a big man collapse in front of everyone?

money, although not omnipotent, is the strength of everyone to gain a foothold in society and a fig leaf for adults to maintain decency.

in the TV series Ode to Joy, Fan Shengmei's father is seriously ill and is in urgent need of an operation fee of 100,000 yuan. Fan Shengmei looks up bosses, managers, and friends who usually communicate with each other, makes phone calls one by one, and humbly asks for money.

most of the other parties on the phone don't like to talk to each other. Some excuse that they are out of town, some hang up the phone directly, and some ask her to make an offer as a "miss". Even her boyfriend only promised her 1,000 yuan to send her off.

Fan Shengmei crouched in the corridor of the hospital crying bitterly because she could not raise money for the time being.

the collapse of adults begins with a lack of money. On the surface, everyone looks beautiful, with a car and a house, and friends get together to push a cup for a change.

in reality, however, they are overwhelmed by car loans, housing loans, children's education expenses, parental alimony and other living expenses, shouldering the important task of the family, can not tolerate their own hypocrisy, no matter how hard they are tired.

if one person in the family is seriously ill and his life is suddenly stretched, the whole family will fall into chaos.

Maugham said: "what people pursue is not wealth, of course, but they must have a life sufficient to maintain dignity, an unhindered job, and be generous, cheerful and independent."

when you are rich, you may not be happy, but life without money is difficult, you will grovel because you are short of money, and you will struggle to make a living.

when the rich get sick, they can take money to continue their lives, while the poor get sick, but it makes things worse.

having a serious illness, you can understand that the suffering of having no money is more terrible than death, you are unable to resist the risks of life, and hundreds of thousands of medical expenses are enough to overwhelm your whole life.


in the end of life, it is about health

as the saying goes, "Man Han, you must have good teeth; if you have a lot of money, you must have a life."

money, not the faster the betterIt is not that the more you earn, the more secure you are, but that you should have a healthy body to enjoy.

to earn money is to live a better life, not to buy things at the cost of life, but to live on for the rest of your life.

I once saw a Didi driver who has diabetes, but he is the backbone of his family. In order to earn more money, he runs 13 to 14 hours a day.

after running for half a year, his condition turned to uremia and he went to the hospital for dialysis every week, spending money like running water.

everyone should be in awe of life. Those who despise health will accelerate the pace of your death. You think that the days to come will not be worth the impermanence of the world.

Zhou Xi, a famous orator, once said:

everyone who fills up his itinerary should leave a gap for your health.

on the other hand, an old colleague of my unit went to the sales department to do finance after retirement.

during the peak sales season, she goes to work from nine to five in the morning; during the off-season, she asks for leave to travel everywhere.

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she works earnestly and responsibly, is enthusiastic and patient with customers, sells business with the concept of win-win, and is reused by her boss and trusted by customers.

after work, she keeps fit, grows flowers and takes care of her grandchildren. During holidays, husband and wife go for a walk.

during the epidemic, the efficiency of her son's unit was not good, and she helped her son pay off the mortgage.

she said:

finding a job after retirement does not necessarily require much money, but it is not empty and richer in leisure life, that is, it pleases the body and mind and broadens the horizons.

those who work hard to make money lose their health thoroughly in the end; those who pay attention to health not only live a happy life, but also share their worries for the next generation.

Health is the foundation of life. Family, career and wealth are meaningful only when they are stable and healthy, otherwise everything is a cloud.

A good life is to cherish your body while working hard;

while waiting and seizing the opportunity, time will eventually bring you everything you want.