The epidemic is not over, another "disaster" is approaching! (depth)

The epidemic is not over, another "disaster" is approaching! (depth)
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the epidemic strikes again, and many people are in dire straits.

the epidemic is raging, and the rapidly rising confirmed data are holding people's hearts all the time, because no one can be left alone in the face of the epidemic.

if we hadn't witnessed the parting of life and death in this disaster, we might still be living in the illusions of quiet years.

although the epidemic is not over and people are still in panic, compared with this epidemic, a bigger "disaster" is quietly approaching, which is a longer and more difficult "battle".

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what is more terrible than the epidemic is to indulge in garbage and happiness

stay up late to play mobile phones, chase dramas and play games, and you will really die suddenly. I really don't scare you.

there was such a news before:

A young mother of two didn't get up on time for breakfast one morning, so her mother-in-law went to wake her up.

what is surprising is that the daughter-in-law is so cold that she is not breathing, but her eyes are still staring at the mobile phone in her hand.

the doctor diagnosed sudden death, which was mainly caused by excessive fatigue.

my mother-in-law said that when her daughter-in-law is babysitting, she will play with her mobile phone whenever she has time, especially in the middle of the night, when the child is fast asleep and often plays until dawn.

originally, taking care of children makes people feel very tired, coupled with staying up late to play with mobile phones for a long time and lack of sleep, the body can't bear it after all.

I'm already tired during the day, so why stay up late at night to play with my cell phone and not have a good rest?

in fact, this is all a disaster brought about by junk happiness.

We can't remember how many times we tried to uninstall a game software or video software from our phone.

as a result, it is conceivable that after uninstalling it a few times, we will have more fun!

do you have the same painful experience?

I wanted to go to bed after one episode of the show, but I watched it all night.

rest on the couch on weekends, playing games and browsing videos, as long as the phone is not turned off, it will never stop, or even eat three meals together.

later, after work, I even have to watch a short play when I go to the bathroom.

from the beginning of looking for fun, thinking that life is natural and happy, to later numbness, and even unable to fill the inner emptiness, I find that I have achieved nothing.

turn this junk pleasure into dependence, from dependence to addiction, and nothing more than walking corpses.

in the end, life is at sixes and sevens, the quality of work is declining day by day, and even hope for life is lost.

if your inner desires are not satisfied, you will make more efforts to find happiness from your mobile phone.

if I lose the game, I want to do it again and win back what I lost; if I swipe a short video, the next one will definitely look better than this, and the short happiness will be satisfied again and again.

We are controlled not only by our inner desires, but also by the algorithms of these entertainment software, and recommend the corresponding content according to our personal preferences.

let you get stuck in it and can't help it.

thus it can be seen that addictive junk happiness can really "kill". When you are really controlled by it, you are not far from extinction.


how to open the gap between people

with the development of science and technology, junk is addicted to happiness, people are more and more unwilling to face pain, it can be said that they are not willing to eat at all.

when you are hungry, you can order takeout and deliver it directly to your door; you can buy directly online what you need, and you can have everything you want without leaving home; you can have taxi-hailing software when you go out, pick it up and pick it up where you want to go; there are videos and games for your own entertainment.

when people's desires and pleasures are constantly satisfied, and gradually they are only willing to do the things that make them happy, how can they try the hardships of life?

therefore, enduring hardship has become a very extravagant thing.

do not realize that those who are really strong are practicing with suffering.

this is why the gap between people continues to widen.

in the past, the poor had to endure hardships in order to support their families and feed their stomachs, but now the poor live comfortably and even lust for pleasure.

because of their current life, they will no longer worry about filling their stomachs. They now want to watch entertainment programs, play games and browse videos after work. Anyway, it doesn't matter if they live a life and muddle along.

this is also based on human reasons, effortless happiness and hard work, will naturally choose to spend every day comfortably.

on the contrary, the rich began to bear hardships on their own initiative, running for their wealth, value, and life.

in order for one's own enterprise to become one of the top brands, constantly try new things and take the initiative to create opportunities for the enterprise, only in this way can we make more efforts than others to stabilize our position.

how can we waste time on browsing videos, watching skits and playing games? although we give up the enjoyment that entertainment brings to us, we can get abilities that others can't reach.

in fact, in today's society, suffering has changed from physical suffering to spiritual suffering, which can make a person and give full play to a person's value.

there is nothing wrong with pursuing happiness, but pursuing junk happiness.

there are many kinds of entertainment, such as fitness, study, reading, and effective social interaction.

instead of letting this rubbish happily wear away your will, consume your life, and make you mediocre all your life.


indulgence is instinct, reining in desire is spiritual practice

garbage is happy to death, the root of evil is greed, endless greed, let disaster follow.

As the moral Classic says

greed is only in an instant, from a few drinks to alcoholism, from brushing videos to staying up late to sudden death, the enjoyment of this life is the process of your addiction.

the greatest evil in the world is that you do not know how to be contented, that enough is enough, and that desire engulfs you like a scourge.

know: whatever makes you enjoy and makes you feel good will eventually make you miserable.

Wang Yangming said: "A man must have a heart for himself before he can restrain himself; only if he can restrain himself can he become himself."

greed is bitter, self-restraint is happy, people need a heart to restrain their greed, to be able to restrain themselves, to make themselves successful.

how high a person can reach depends entirely on the degree of self-requirement.

people who have high demands on themselves naturally do not indulge in the Internet to get their own satisfaction, but to restrain themselves from doing more meaningful things.

Why does everyone know that self-restraint is important, but still can't do it?

because in the process of self-restraint, you need to give up enjoyment, rein in greed, and force yourself to do things you don't want to do.

Human nature is like this, unwilling to do things that require hardship.

but the more painful you are, the faster you will grow.

through the ages, many successful people realize their life value through self-restraint, constantly forcing themselves to endure hardship, and even endure pain.

people can give full play to their potential only when they push themselves.

when you successfully beat yourself, you will have the life you want.

Taoist said: "the beginning of all things, the road to simple, evolved to complex."

Life is actually a process of getting complicated and simple. if you reject all kinds of temptations and throw away the shackles of greed, you will find that life will be more meaningful.