The face should be poor, the feet rich; the heart poor, and the lungs rich.

The face should be poor, the feet rich; the heart poor, and the lungs rich.
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our body organs can also be divided into poor and rich. Have you raised them all right?


face should be poor, feet should be rich

face should be poor: there is no need to over-clean

take the skin of the face and neck as an example, the skin of the unmaintained neck is not worse than that of the face. If the face is washed frequently, it will slowly destroy the natural sebaceous membrane.

maintenance points: clear water is the best cosmetics, in addition, retirees can choose vitamin E to moisturize their skin. The most important thing is to protect yourself from the sun.

feet should be nourished: keep warm at all times

according to traditional Chinese medicine, feet are farthest from the heart, which is the most difficult place for the whole body to reach, and extra maintenance is needed every day.

maintenance points: in addition to soaking your feet all the year round, you can also massage the soles of your feet frequently.

after rubbing hot with both hands, rub the soles of the feet alternately with the palms of both hands until they become red and hot.

put your feet up 3 times a day, flat or higher than the heart, which helps to promote the exuberant blood circulation of the feet and legs.


kidney should be poor, liver should be rich

kidney should be poor: eat less salt meat  big fish and big meat may lead to excessive intake of nutrients such as protein, which will bring burden to the kidney. Some salty foods are also very harmful to the kidneys.

so the kidney should be poor, do not eat food high in sugar, salt and protein, and take medicine according to the doctor's advice.

maintenance points: drinking water regularly can protect the kidney and promote kidney detoxification.

take a good nap, afternoon sleep can nourish kidney yang, and sleep can nourish kidney yin.

liver nourishment: active vaccination

liver cancer is a malignant tumor with high mortality, one of the conditions is to be infected with hepatitis B virus, and then worsen the disease.

but do not pay attention to the prevention of hepatitis B, do not take hepatitis B vaccine, do not understand the knowledge of hepatitis B virus transmission, and do not pay attention to hygiene, will increase the incidence of hepatitis.

maintenance points: firmly do not eat contaminated, moldy food. If you have unexplained nausea, vomiting and abnormal defecation, you must go to the hospital.

to prevent hepatitis B, normal people who have not been infected with hepatitis B virus should be injected with full-course hepatitis B vaccine.


the heart should be poor, the lungs should be rich

the heart should be poor: eat less processed foods

one of the major killers of the heart is trans fatty acids, especially man-made fried foods and all kinds of "crisps". Eat less.

maintenance points: eat less artificial food and more natural food. Ingredients list appears: hydrogenation, refining, artificial and other words to be vigilant, may be trans fat.

keeping waistline, the incidence of cardiovascular disease will also decrease.

Lung enrichment: ensuring a clean living environment

A healthy lung is inseparable from a clean and hygienic living environment. In addition to staying away from tobacco, the lampblack in the kitchen should also be avoided as far as possible, otherwise it will inhale a large number of carcinogens.

maintenance points: change the way of cooking, steaming, stewing, boiling, less frying, stir-frying and deep-frying, you can also use "water stir-frying" method, frying halfway to add some water in the pan.

chefs might as well develop the habit of wearing masks to reduce the inhalation of lampblack.


the body should be poor, the spirit should be rich

the body should be poor: exercise more, sweat often

the body should be bitter, and don't let the air conditioner deprive the body of the opportunity to sweat. Try to get half an hour of aerobic exercise 3-5 times a week.

God wants to nourish: relax the mood and enrich the heart

the bad mood is the direct cause or inducement of many diseases. Anger injures the liver and destroys the liver's function of storing blood and regulating blood volume.

while restraining exasperation and tranquilizing emotion, the disease decreases and the life expectancy increases.

maintenance points: laughter is the best spiritual tonic.

laughter can dilate the lungs, excite the chest, raise the diaphragm, deepen respiratory movement, and clear the respiratory tract. Every time a person smiles, the diaphragm wriggles about 18 times.

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