The greatest sobriety in life: no words in times of sorrow, no promises in times of joy, no strife in times of anger.

The greatest sobriety in life: no words in times of sorrow, no promises in times of joy, no strife in times of anger.
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there is such a hot topic on the Internet:

what is the sign of a person's true maturity?

the following answer is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people:

the ancients said: do not promise when you are happy, do not speak when you are sad, and do not argue when you are angry.

No matter where you are, don't forget to keep the bright moon in your heart and illuminate the world of life.


it is wisdom

Lu Yu said in chance encounter:

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"No matter who we are, we have all experienced or are experiencing the darkest moments of our lives.

it is a long, dark, cold, desperate tunnel."

this tunnel is not only a difficult trough, but also a trial ground for life.

there is no one behind us, and we can only rely on ourselves.

only by strengthening your heart can you survive the long winter night of life invincibly.

I have heard such a story that before a pencil is sent to a stationery store, the manufacturer gives it this advice:

before you are about to travel around the world, there are five things I want to tell you:

first, you have the ability to write the most wonderful words and draw the most beautiful pictures in the world, but you must allow others to hold you in your hands all the time.

the second thing, sometimes you have to endure the pain of being sharpened, because this is the need to keep you alive.

third, the most important part of your body is always your inner core, not your beautiful appearance.

fourth, you must correct any mistakes you may make at any time.

the fifth item, you must take it one step at a time until you reach the last millimeter of your life. "

this is a piece of advice for a pencil, and it can also be seen as a lifelong exhortation to each of us.

the world is not a paradise, each has its own sufferings.

the weak always count their grief and stop, while the strong hide their tears and keep running.

patience is not only an ability, but also a kind of experience. Only when you can't stand what you can't stand, can you be what you can't do.

the famous Japanese writer Tokugawa Jiakang said: the more difficult the time is, the more you have to learn to put up with it.

when you are sad, it is lucky for someone to confide in, but don't spill your pain everywhere.

maturity is learning to be silent when you are sad.

Don't say bitterness, don't complain, only through ups and downs can you see the gorgeous rainbow on the road of life.


she didn't want to take her son, so she said:

her son was very happy to hear that, so she stopped making noise.

this remark was meant to coax my son, but then Zeng Shen's wife forgot.

unexpectedly, Zeng Shen really killed a pig in the family.

after his wife came back from the market, she said angrily:

"I was entangled by my son, so I deliberately coaxed him. How can you take it seriously?"

Zeng Shen replied solemnly:

"Children can't cheat!" He is not sensible and learns everything from his parents.

if you lie to him today, you are teaching him to tell lies in the future. "

A man cannot stand without faith. if a person has no credit, it is like a car without wheels and it is difficult to move on.

in delight, there are no characters; in anger, there is no answer.

when you like it very much, don't promise anything to others;

because most of what you say in time of joy is difficult to fulfill, it is easy to break your promise;

when you are extremely angry, don't reply to other people's letters.

because of what you say when you are angry, you are in a bad mood and tend to be inappropriate.

Don't make promises easily if you can't keep them.

otherwise, lost hearts will be like spilled water, which will be difficult to recover.


Don't argue when you are angry, it is revised to

Zhuangzi says:

We can't satisfy everyone, nor can we please everyone.

the three values are different, so there is no need for strong integration; there is no need for excuses for different levels.

between people, keep your distance and keep it light.

in the Song Dynasty, there was a prime minister named Fu Bi, who was famous for being good at debating.

one day, a poor scholar stopped Fu Bi in the street and said in a bad tone:

"hearing that you are eloquent, dare you answer me a question?"

if someone scolds you, what will you do?

Fu Bi replied:

the scholar looked at him contemptuously and scolded:

Fu Bi was not shy and annoyed and ignored him.

the scholar felt so boring that he brushed his sleeves and left.

Fu Bi's servant is very angry:

Fu Bi replied:

"this man obviously came with anger. If I argue with him, even if I win him, I will not be convinced.

since it is futile, why should I argue with him?"

not all fish live in the same sea, and not all people look up and see the same starry sky.

River fish cannot understand "the sea breeze blows the waterfall", and the sea fish cannot understand "the river bank falls slightly".

since this is the case, there is no need to argue.


Life is a hundred flavors, condensed to the end, is a light word.

along the way, what we experience is a kind of scenery; what we meet is another ourselves.

from today on, face luck calmlyFace the trouble with a smile, as long as you are in a good mood, everything will be all right.