The healthiest longevity medicine in the world, this is the only word

The healthiest longevity medicine in the world, this is the only word
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living in this earthly world, we are busy every day, but calm down and think carefully, what on earth is it for?

nothing more than asking for peace and health and longevity.

in order to live a long and healthy life, people often think of many ways to replenish the body and entertain the body and mind.

everyone knows that the healthiest way to live longer is not to take tonics or exercise, but to use the word "poor".



Confucius said:

appetite is often regarded by the world as the first of all desires, and life is miserable. If you can't even eat what you want, then what's the point of living in the world?

adhering to this idea, when eating has long been no problem and a variety of delicacies are available for people to eat, eating before eating has become the daily life of many people.

Hot pot with drinks, barbecue with beer, and dessert even if you are full.

in short, if you don't have enough to eat, you won't stop, and if you don't eat well, you will feel sorry for your stomach.

but soon, they were not without heartache to find that they were feeling good for a moment and regretting their bowels.

according to the White Paper on Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Health of Young and Middle-aged people in China,

in the impression of most people, this is a disease that only middle-aged and elderly people can get.

however, not only cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also hypertension, hyperglycemia, fatty liver and other diseases have gradually expanded to young people.

but in fact, as early as in ancient times, many medical books called overeating, big fish and big meat as "rotten intestines".

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says:

eating too much will increase the burden on the intestines and stomach and cause the blood circulation to slow down.

coupled with more intake and less consumption, fat accumulation will be caused, and various diseases will follow.

some experts have proved through animal experiments that if the normal diet is reduced by 30 to 40%, the life expectancy can be extended by 30% to 60%.

in fact, the physiological activity energy of the human body comes from blood sugar.

when the nutrition of the food we eat is exhausted, the concentration of blood sugar in the blood decreases, and people will feel hungry.

but if you don't eat at this time, the body will automatically break down a substance called liver glycogen and begin to digest its own excess fat, which is good for your health.

Su Shi once said:



the highest state of traditional Chinese medicine is to keep in good health, and the highest state of health is to nourish the heart. If you want to be healthy and long-lived, you must nourish the heart.

living in this earthly world, our hearts are always involuntarily bound by worldly affairs and perplexed by the balance of pecuniary interests.

as a result, resentment arises spontaneously, grievances are entangled, and hearts filled with too many worries and desires become exhausted.

Zhuangzi thinks:

the reason is: if the heart is uneven, the qi is not in harmony, then all kinds of diseases are born, and longevity and health is empty talk.

Mencius said:

"it is better to nourish the mind than to have few desires."

if you want to nourish your mind, you can only give up your illusory desires and completely empty your heart.

there is a saying in Zhuangzi:

there is a saying in Zhuangzi:    there is a saying in Zhuangzi:

if there is a person on it, he will call Zhang she; if he does not hear it, then he will not hear it, so if he calls out evil three times, he will follow with evil voices.

even though he is not angry, he is still angry now, and he is also empty and true now.

if a man can empty himself to travel around the world, which one can harm him? "

refers to a person traveling by boat, but bumping into an unmanned empty ship inexplicably on the other side, then no matter how narrow-minded a person is, he will not be angry.

because fools argue with an empty ship.

but what if it's not an empty boat, but a manned boat?

then he is bound to shout at him, and if the other person does not hear him once, he will yell and yell at him again and again, and even speak ill of him.

I am not angry when I hit an empty ship in front, but now I am very angry. It has nothing to do with the collision itself, but it all depends on the state of mind of doing things.

Zhuangzi uses the story of "empty ship" to tell us a truth: only by emptying oneself and often living in an empty state of mind can one avoid harm to the body and often have no worries in mind.

A person who wants to be physically healthy must know how to be "poor" to support his own mind. No matter what the world is like, he must have the free and easy mind of "falling flowers and flowing normally" and the open-mindedness of "neither wind, rain nor sunshine".


living in poverty

in modern society, the great abundance of material gives people more opportunities to satisfy their various desires.

Life is inducing you to spend everywhere.

many people are used to overconsumption and can't help but go farther and farther and deviate on the road of overconsumption.

clothes are more expensive, houses are bigger, cars are newer, restaurants are richer.

even if you can't make ends meet, you should keep your consumption level within a "reasonable" range.

as a result, material desires are inflated to buy and buy, often emptying their wallets and carrying debts. Only when they are in urgent need of money do they find that they are empty-handed.

eat with lust and appetite, often get fat and get sick, but it's too late to repent when you get into the hospital.

Kazuo Inamori once said, "desire itselfIt is not a sin, it is a sin to do whatever you want without restraint. "

the greatest stupidity of a person is to indulge his desires again and again until you are hijacked by them and pay for them.

as the saying goes:

most of the time, we have been adding to our world. As a result, we have more and more things and desires, but forget what life should be like.

Thoreau, a famous American scholar, personally did an experiment. He only brought an axe and built a cabin on the edge of Walden Lake. He lived there leisurely for two years, two months and two days.

through this, he realized a true meaning of life: a person does not need much, as long as he can meet the basic needs of life, he can live every day of his life calmly and fully.

reduce your diet, you will be far away from disease, reduce your desire, you will be closer to freedom, simplify your things, and you will be closer to comfort.

look down at your phone less, look up at the blue sky more, make less meat and wine friends, chat more with bosom friends, buy less useless things, use more existing tools, read more books, surf the Internet less, be good at refusing, and be alone.

all these are the secrets of enjoying life, health and longevity.


Charlie Munger, a famous American investor who created the investment myth, is 97 years old this year.

in an interview, he shared his secret of longevity:

"No jealousy, no resentment, no overconsumption.

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protect happiness from inner troubles.

be with someone you trust and do what needs to be done.

these simple things can make life better.

for life, poverty means wealth, simplicity means complexity, emptiness means fullness, and giving up is gain.