The highest circle of friends this year!

The highest circle of friends this year!
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some people say: "living is victory, making money is just a game, health is the goal, and happiness is the true meaning."

living in the world, living is an experience, there is no need to take it too seriously.

it's only a hundred years. When you look back, you can have no regrets.

I just want to be happy when you are alive.



people come and go naked, bring nothing, take nothing away.

each of us just has a ticket called Life.

after more than 30,000 days of experience, if you don't want to give up, you have to leave.

there are also unfortunate, lucky and desperate people who bid farewell to this world halfway.

the past cannot be changed, tomorrow is unpredictable, and all we can do is to live up to the present.

this is the fulfillment of the past and the foreshadowing of the future.

refract the light in the mirror, illuminating all the gloom of life.

feel the world with your heart and heal life with a positive attitude.

do not worry about the sky, do not worry about others, enjoy every second of life, in order to live up to this life.


gain and loss

fame and fortune in the world, watching people compete, I can't help laughing.

the joker calculates, but it is no more than the sky; the joker competes with each other, but the loss outweighs the gain.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "A thousand fertile fields can only eat three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha can only sleep three feet."

what do you get and what do you lose?

the heart of gain and loss can only make people fall into pain and trouble.

the world is unpredictable, with a normal mind, learn to take things calmly, in trouble in the world, safe and sound.


desire  moderate desire is the driving force for moving forward, excess desire, is the yoke of reality.

it will trap a person's body and mind and manipulate his words and behavior.

A person who satisfies his desires all his life is like a drug addict.

such a person, when his desires are satisfied, will look for greater desires.

in order to fill the black hole of desire, even to touch the red line of the law, let oneself be destroyed by indulgence.

the ancients respected "self-restraint", controlled their desires, and realized self-discipline and progress.

Let yourself control yourself, instead of letting desire control the soul.



people, you can have nothing, but you can't do without conscience.

it's only time for the reward of good and evil.

those who are truly blessed:

do things and look up to the sky; behave and behave without shame; if you behave, you don't feel ashamed.



people come and go, pay attention to the depth of fate.

when people are on and off, it doubles their happiness when they are happy;

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the difference between feelings and feelings, when frustrated, makes people feel the most.

regardless of fate, no matter how to get along with each other, no matter the relationship, it is a privilege to meet.

everyone who appears in our lives has a mission that he must accomplish.

for us, it may be to hurt growth, or to be happy and grateful.

cherish fate: be polite to strangers, be kind to bosom friends, and give preferential treatment to those who are next to you.



A good relationship is often troublesome.

owe each other, but also related to each other, so that the deeper the feelings.

A relationship that does not bother each other may have deteriorated or may no longer exist:

children no longer bother you, or may have a new life of their own and no longer need you;

parents no longer bother you, or people are gone;

your partner does not bother you any more, or you may be completely disappointed in this relationship.

your friends no longer bother you, or they may have bad feelings against you.

accompanying and troubling each other is the true meaning of emotional warming.



"monthly profit leads to loss, and water overflows". Everything is too perfect, which is a crisis.

extreme joy leads to sorrow. When people reach their peak, they are apt to go downhill. After a flash in the pan, they wither.

when you are impetuous, you are most likely to lose your balance, and endless containment will eventually be counterproductive.

all things in the world have two sides, and behind consummation, there are defects.

when you live a lifetime, you don't have to pursue perfection too much. In many cases, failure is also the mother of success.

being at a low ebb, it is time to rise.

keep a peaceful and quiet bosom, disturbing one after another, and it has nothing to do with you from now on.

the true meaning of life-optimism;

the true meaning of gain and loss-willing;

the true meaning of desire-restraint;

the true meaning of misfortune-conscience;

the true meaning of fate-cherish;

the true meaning of trouble-care;

the true meaning of perfection-leave blank.