The last day of the age of 20 hasn't exploded yet.

The last day of the age of 20 hasn't exploded yet.
Youth is drunk in the arms of obscurity

"Youth passed out in unknown bosom"

 double Twelve, went to bed at 03:30, woke up naturally at seven, got up at eight, went out at nine, bought a pineapple bag and a box of hot vitamin milk at Benwei at 09:15, sat at the door at 09:20 and stared at a group of young skateboarders while waiting for the tedx meeting for a long time, and remembered at 09:30 that today was the last day of my 20s.

so I want to talk to you about my 20 years old today. Although I don't know if you are under 20, I still can't remember your 20.

when I was a teenager and fantasized about my college days in high school, there were always a lot of people telling me that you had to do something when you were 20. There were always some writers, such elders, people who only lived a few years longer than you, who seemed to keep telling you how to spend your 20 years and how to live your 20 years. When you are young and ignorant, others give an outline as if you start to turn it into a creed in the whole universe. They are more powerful, so what they say must be right.

during the summer vacation of the college entrance examination, they told you that you must join the student organization at the age of 20, otherwise your college will be in vain. So joining the student organization has become a very sacred thing for you, the first important position in the university, you begin to go to the interview like a headless fly, you don't know what you like and what you can do, and you keep getting brushed, and then you start to be depressed, and even think, is it your college when you were 20 years old? Just because they told you that it would be in vain if they didn't go to the organization university. Until one day, you find what you really want to do, and you're glad you didn't miss what you really like because you blindly joined something.

I read an article by Bo Bonnie in Douban when I was in junior high school. I forgot what it was about, but there is one sentence that I am deeply impressed with. She said: if every penny you spend after the age of 20 is still asked for from your parents and relatives, then your name tag can only show off your shamelessness. Always keep in mind, so as soon as you are 20 years old, you are eager to make money. You can only find a part-time job if you don't have the ability to do so. One person works several jobs at the same time, takes a pitifully low salary, grinds his feet a few blisters every day, and refuses other friends' invitations. Because you think that when you are 20 years old, you must be financially independent, no matter in what way, it is worth it. Until one day, my friend asked me, why do you think we had to work so hard to do part-time jobs? did we really change anything because of the extra several hundred yuan? Until that day, when I interviewed Mr. Ye, the winner of the Milan Ecological Design Award, he told me that if life was against the current, what he most wanted to change was not to rush to an internship, but to study hard in college.

"you have to be financially independent at the age of 20!"

"you have to get a scholarship at the age of 20!"

"you have to travel alone at the age of 20!"

"at the age of 20, you have to fall in love quickly!"


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I am still holding the living expenses given by my family every month. I am not extravagant, but I will always overspend and do not know where to spend it. I have not won a scholarship so far, my grades are not good, and I occasionally skip classes because of my personal preferences. I've traveled alone, but I don't think it's that important to me when I'm 20, if you always expect a solo trip to lift your spirits. I'm not in a relationship either. I'm not refusing to fall in love, I'm not advocating celibacy, or I'm hypnotizing myself with the banner of "one person can do a lot of things." it's true that I haven't met a person with whom I have the impulse to be with him. This is a very simple thing. I don't want to go to the street to play with someone and break up again because "I have to fall in love at the age of 20."

I don't want to tell younger brothers and sisters who are younger than me that they have to do something to be worthy of your 20 years old. If everyone has to be over 20 years old, I want to tell you that it can only be--

Don't judge or define a person from an one-sided personal point of view. A person must be more than what you see or what others say. Don't easily disbelieve one thing. I don't think anything is destined to happen; don't live too hard, exaggerate your dreams and love, be too extreme to accept other possibilities, can't afford to lose, or be afraid of losing.

I chatted with a senior yesterday. At the bar of an authentic coffee shop, he said that it is enough for people to live to know the essence and then be kind. I am very puzzled by why a person who has been working in society for so many years and seems to me to be very successful should spend a day chatting two students as friends. Why spend time teaching two ordinary students how to drink coffee, from movies and music to books and writers? why spend so much time telling them so many stories and ideas?

until last night, I read back a letter from readers in Pang Haoxiang's Underground Education of Love, with the subtitle "if you are tired, are you still qualified to talk about dreams?" a fan in Sichuan wrote to him, saying "At 21 this year, I am more and more aware of my shallowness, powerlessness, and confusion. In the past, I always thought that a well-known director like Peng Haoxiang should disdain to communicate with this kind of "confused primary school students" who knew nothing. Just like the rich have to make friends with the rich, and powerful people have to play with powerful people to fit the painting style, but he wrote in his reply very seriously, "when life is over 30, there are other views. Many times in life, there are many things that cannot be accomplished." Why not stand from another angle, though you can't, and look forward to it, "he says." I've seen a lot of people with higher artistic achievements than me, but in the end they haven't become directors, so every time I think about it, I feel scared and humble to thank for my luck in my life. " If you look at this, you can probably understand why 30-year-old people are willing to take the time to give us a hand at the age of 20.

in addition to Chen Sheng's "tears at the age of 20," beyond's "Twenty years of the War of Resistance" must have, today also turned out the "ideal thirties", singing "Youth and drunk in the unknown bosom", I know that many people around 20 are scared, afraid of mediocrity, deterred, afraid of wasting day after day, is there nothing we have to do when we are 20 years old? I also remember that he once said to us, "wasting time is a disrespect for life. You can say that you are in a daze, or take a day off and do nothing, but don't know what you are doing."

or, at the age of 20, you don't always need to emphasize what you love, what your dreams are, and what you're going to do, but simply, you know what you're doing.

it's OK. In the past year

I know what I'm doing