The more ruthless parents are in these four things, the better their children will be in the future.

The more ruthless parents are in these four things, the better their children will be in the future.
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many parents think that if they love their children, they should give everything to their children unreservedly.

some parents even directly do what their children are supposed to do, causing their children to be lazy and indulgent from an early age.

Professor Li Meijin once said:

educate children should be early and cruel, otherwise children will not be successful in the future.

many parents are unwilling to criticize and indulge their children when they make mistakes, resulting in their children being self-centered from an early age.

in fact, the more ruthless you are in educating your child, the better your child will be.


should be "ruthless" in the face of what their children can do

if parents do not want to turn their children into lazy babies with clothes and food, they must be ruthless in this respect.

because many parents are not cruel enough to let their children endure hardships, they usually do everything for their children, resulting in their children becoming lazy and lacking the ability to take care of themselves. such children are even better, and it will be difficult to live alone in the future.

David, 48 years old, has been high achiever since childhood. He went to 985 in university and went to a famous foreign university with a master's degree. In theory, this result is very outstanding, and his work is not bad.

but since he returned home six years ago, he has been stuck at home, sleeping during the day, playing games at night, but refusing to go out to work.

all the income of the family is only his 82-year-old mother's pension of 3500 yuan, of which 2000 yuan will be spent on the treatment of her uremia.

the old mother urged her son to go out to work every day, but her son just wouldn't listen.

later, in desperation, the mother took her son to court.

however, she found that even if she won the case, her son still did not want to go out to work.

the old mother wiped away her tears and said:

A simple sentence is sad.

parents give endlessly and unconditionally, they can only raise giant parasite babies, and there is no sense of gratitude.

among them, there is the responsibility of the children, but the greater responsibility still comes from the parents.

thinking blindly about how many parents take good care of all aspects of their child's life, even if he has reached the age of 18 and is already an adult, he always feels that his child is still young.

English novelist Locke W.J. It has been said:

if you habitually do everything for your child, the child will never grow up.

if everything goes according to the child's heart, the child will never become a real adult.

therefore, parents must be ruthless in what their children can do, otherwise they will only raise a child who knows nothing.


be "ruthless" in the face of children's wasteful spending

some time ago, I saw a precious mother say:

in fact, parents are used to the reason why children are so able to waste money.

the mother also told me that she usually gives her children twice as much pocket money as other children.

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that's why the child feels that as long as he spends the money, his mother will give it to him again, so he doesn't care how much money he spends.

in fact, this is the case with many parents raising their children.

when I was in college, there was a girl in the same class who was well-off.

not only eat, wear and use famous brands, but also have a lot of pocket money.

she is always surrounded by many friends holding her.

in order to save the face of being a "rich lady", she spent almost all her pocket money to invite these friends to eat, drink and have fun.

I heard her call her parents for money several times, saying that she would invite her classmates to dinner.

later, there was something wrong with her father's business, and she couldn't spend any more money.

but she couldn't stand the feeling of having no money at all, so she started an online loan.

until the online loan collector came to us, we didn't know that within a year, she had borrowed nearly 100000 yuan on multiple platforms.

Langanas once said:

only give children rich material conditions, but do not teach them the correct concept of money, in fact, it is drinking to quench thirst.

if children have not earned money, they do not understand that everything is hard to come by, and they will not learn to save and cherish it.

A mother went shopping with her daughter. The daughter saw a feathered hat and said to her mother,

"Mom, I like this hat so much. Can you buy it for me?"

"of course, but this hat costs 50 yuan. Can you help me with the housework for 20 minutes when I get home?"

the girl readily agreed, and the mother and daughter went into the store happily.

the true love for a child is not how much money to give him, but to give him a correct view of money.

Let him know that money needs to be well spent, that money is not easy to come by, and that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

only if you have a correct view of money, will you not fall into the abyss of desire.


teach children to be "ruthless"

many parents only care about their children's academic performance, neglecting their children's moral character and upbringing.

parents can do their best to send their children to the best schools and prepare enough money for their children, but these things will be exhausted one day.

only the power rooted in the heart of the child grows with the passage of time.

therefore, smart parents are good at cultivating their children's good character consciously in the silence of moisturizing things.

before, there was a little girl in Chaozhou, Guangdong, who was accused of crossing the road.Stop the machine and make way.

when crossing the road, the girl went to the front of the vehicle and bent down to bow to the driver.

this warm-hearted move of the girl has received wide attention from the media. in an interview, when asked "Why did she bow", the little girl said:

"my mother has taught me since I was a child. If others let you, you have to thank him."

it turns out that children will see their parents' words and deeds in their eyes, keep them in mind, and put them into action.

gourmet Cai Lan once wrote an article entitled "upbringing", in which there is such a sentence:

"upbringing is supposed to come from a famous family."

in fact, this is a kind of common sense. As long as you pay a little attention, you can learn it, and it has nothing to do with your origin. "

parents do not need any noble sentiment or esoteric truth in their children's "upbringing" education, but set an example to convey to their children examples of proper speech, abiding by rules, respect for others, respect and humility.

such as "Thank you", "I'm sorry", "Please", etc.;

respect for the elderly and help to vulnerable groups;

and the accomplishment of not abusing words in public places. Other people's self-control of not interrupting.

these children will see it in their eyes and keep it in mind.

ability determines how high a person can fly, and upbringing determines how far a person can fly.

parents are "ruthless" in teaching their children to be human, which is the best gift for their children to gain a foothold in society in the future.


there are too many children who do not obey the rules

too many children do not obey the rules. He does not obey all the obvious rules when they go out to buy tickets and jump the queue, eat and yell, and cross the street without looking at the traffic lights.

as the old saying goes, "there are no rules without rules." when parents find that their children have no rules, parents must stop them in time and discipline their children severely.

because the rules are not something to be joked about, even related to the safety of the child.

the so-called rules should be firmly carried out, which is more important than teaching and lighter than control.

in the variety show, think of something! In Dad, Qi Wei and Lee Seung-hyun's 3-year-old daughter, Lucky, suddenly has a lot of fans, thanks to their educational concept of "discipline and love".

although Lucky Baby looks like a "spoiled" princess, this is not the case.

the mother admitted that her daughter's education did not spoil her too much because Lucky was a girl.

and Dad Lee Seung-hyun is absolutely uncompromising in the face of security and principle issues.

in the program, Lee Seung-hyun asked his daughter to stop twice.

for the first time, Lucky climbed the railing many times in the flower auction market.

for the second time, Lucky had to climb into the cart carrying goods.

Dad warned many times that Lucky turned a deaf ear and was asked to stand after communication was fruitless. The child burst into tears in an attempt to soften his father's heart and muddle through.

Lee Seung-hyun did not compromise because of the child's crying, but still firmly asked the child to stand by the wall and reflect.

many parents think that if their children don't follow the rules when they are young, they will be fine when they grow up.

in fact, it's just your fantasy. Children who don't know how to behave when they are young are mostly the same when they grow up.

A child's character and habits before the age of 6 will be with him for the rest of his life, so parents should plant the seeds of discipline in their children's hearts from an early age.

small enough to take responsibility for doing something wrong, family rules should be strictly enforced, big enough to abide by school rules and regulations, practice social laws and regulations, and adhere to the morality in their hearts, so that they will not grow crooked in the future.

there is a long way to go to raise children, and we cannot protect them forever.

but letting children understand the rules, learn the rules, distinguish right from wrong, and know what is right and wrong is the best "umbrella" and the most useful social core competitiveness for children.