The post-90s girl of Zhejiang University won Alibaba 1 million bonus: child, whether you force yourself or not, you will lead a different life.

The post-90s girl of Zhejiang University won Alibaba 1 million bonus: child, whether you force yourself or not, you will lead a different life.
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Please force yourself to work hard

and live a proud life

two days ago, a post-90s student from Zhejiang University logged on Weibo.

on September 9th, Alibaba Dharma House announced the Green Orange Award, with 10 young scientists sharing 10 million of the prize.

and Zhao Baodan, a beautiful doctoral director from Zhejiang University, is the only female scientist selected, receiving 1 million in cash.

you know, Zhao Baodan was born in 1991 and is only 29 years old this year.

and this bonus is only part of her scientific research income. Zhejiang University has offered a high salary plus housing for her, coupled with various welfare subsidies, has already crossed the threshold of 600000 + annual salary.

after the news came out, netizens first exclaimed, and then one-sided approval.

netizens commented: more beautiful than me, more talented than me.

another netizen said: at the same age of 29, how can someone else be so good? I'm still worried about my job. I can't compete.

if you look at Zhao Baodan's resume, you can see that it is completely fair for her to get such achievements and treatment, and she has worked hard step by step.

Zhao Baodan's research direction is the application of new semiconductor materials in optoelectronics. He has received a Bachelor of Science from the School of Physics, Nanjing University, and a Ph.D., postdoctoral and associate researcher in Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK. He has been a researcher and doctoral supervisor in the School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University since 2019.

although she is only 29 years old, her academic achievements are already extremely hard core:

one of the youngest finalists on the MIT Technology Review China MIT Technology Review-Innovators Under 35 China list in 2019.

she broke the world record of perovskite LED efficiency with a new method of simple preparation and low cost, and reduced the toxicity of perovskite solar cells by using tin instead of lead.

more than 20 SCI papers have been published in the past three years, including 5 first author papers, including top journals in Nature Photonics, Nature Electronics, Advanced Materials and other fields.

as a co-author, he has published a total of 7 papers in a series of Nature/Science/Cell journals.

as the introduction unit of Zhao Baodan, Zhejiang University listed it as the "excellent academic backbone".

Zhao Baodan was born in an ordinary family. Her achievements do not depend on the legacy of her parents, nor on her contacts and relationships, but on her own day-to-day study and scientific research.

when the instructor on the spot asked why her scientific research results were "hard", she smiled and replied that she had a strong interest in physics since she was a child, and that she could stay in the laboratory all day without feeling tired after going to college.

"if you recite one or two ancient poems, there are many more. But physics, the more you learn, the less it becomes in the end, and finally it is unified into a few formulas, which is a beautiful thing. "

in fact, there is no smooth road to scientific research. Zhao Baodan said that the wind is light and the clouds are light, but in fact, behind it is hard work and extraordinary efforts.

during her study in Cambridge, she used to get up at 6 o'clock every day and enter the lab at 07:30, sometimes for 12 hours.

when others are on vacation, Zhao Baodan is still fighting with the subjects. In her own words, scientific research is the "object" who can't stop thinking about insomnia.

Today, when "the theory of the uselessness of reading" and "the theory of stratum consolidation" are very popular, Zhao Baodan tells everyone with his own experience that reading and struggle can really change fate.

the most terrible thing is that you are not hard enough and brave enough, but you can only complain that the world is unfair and life is too bitter.

naturally, it is impossible to have everything going well in life, and it is impossible to get ten out of ten.

but if you choose to give up in the first place and muddle along, the road must be narrower and narrower.

on the contrary, studying hard and working hard is still a shortcut to counterattack in our lives for most of us ordinary people.

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A self-disciplined life

can dominate oneself

there is a good saying: behind all excellence, there is ascetic self-discipline.

everyone's starting point is high and low, some are in a poor family, some are born in Rome.

but the bitter before the sweet rule of life will not change.

Last year, a group of notes of high achiever of Tsinghua University was exposed on Weibo, which instantly exploded the Internet.

his daily learning progress is densely written down in this schedule.

go to bed at 1: 00 in the morning, get up at 6: 00 in the morning and start studying at 6: 40.

in addition to completing regular courses every day, it also includes recharging lectures twice a week, learning two foreign languages, and regular exercise time.

the schedule is full from 9: 00 p.m. to 1: 00 a.m.

according to insiders, high achiever was born in the countryside and his family is very well-off.

after coming to Tsinghua University, with diligence and tenacity, he won a four-year first-class scholarship and remained in the top three of the whole hospital.

after graduation, I will stay and work in Beijing's state-owned enterprises with a generous salary.

also last year, Zhejiang University selected 50 "most beautiful study notes".

some medical students draw the duodenum with colored pens, some agricultural students draw the venation of plants with lines, and some architecture students sketch the plan of Suzhou gardens.

at first glance, some notes seem to have been copied from textbooks, but in fact they are all completed by students in their daily study.

netizens exclaimed: this is not only a note, but also a work of art. People who can take such notes must have an attitude towards excellence.

in life, there are always very few people born with a golden key.

most of high achiever achieved a counterattack in life, not by outstanding talent or profound background, but by two simple words: self-discipline.

Kant once said: the other side of freedom is self-discipline, not self-control, but self-control.

in many cases, self-discipline is not the result of excellence