The power of detail (this article is priceless! )

The power of detail (this article is priceless! )
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Xunzi said: "if you do not accumulate steps, you cannot reach thousands of miles, and if you do not accumulate small streams, it will be difficult to become a river."

the long journey begins step by step, and the great rivers come from a little bit of running water.

all over the world, everything is gradually formed from details.

details can determine not only success or failure, but also a person's life.


details can best be seen in character

as the saying goes, "it is difficult to draw bones when painting a tiger's skin."

the most difficult thing in the world to distinguish is the human heart, the most difficult to see is the character, the human heart, hidden in the body is difficult to see through, character, permeated in the skin, can not see clearly.

people need time to verify, while character needs to be considered.

the Tang Dynasty novel Yuquanzi recorded such a story: when Lu Yuanying, the minister of the Tang Dynasty, stayed in Luoyang, he often played chess with a doorman.

once, when the two were playing a game, the official document suddenly appeared. Lu Yuanying had to review the official document first, but the doorman secretly changed a chess piece when Lu Yuanying wasn't paying attention.

when Lu Yuanying came back, he found a change in the chess game and did not say a word. On the next day, he asked the doorman to choose another branch.

as the saying goes, "know the leopard at a glance, know the autumn with a leaf falling."

the seemingly inconspicuous details best reflect a person's true character.

details are like a mirror that can clearly show what a person looks like, so any little thing deserves our attention and attention. Don't give up doing good even if it's not important, don't do bad even if it's inconspicuous.

Life is made up of countless details, and really good people often know how to pay attention to details.


details determine success or failure. Habit makes fate

A loose screw can make a plane crash from high altitude; cigarette butts thrown away at will can instantly wipe out a million hectares of forest.

the dike of a thousand feet collapses with the burrow of ants, and the room of a hundred feet burns with smoke from a gap.

if you don't pay attention to details, even the smallest things will lead to catastrophe. If you do something and ignore the details, it will be difficult to get things done.

since ancient times, but anyone who has made a difference knows the power of paying attention to detail.

in an American oil company, a young clerk named Archibalt would write "four dollars a barrel" wherever he signed his name. "

for a long time, people didn't remember his real name and called him "four dollars a barrel" and often made fun of him.

Chairman Rockefeller was so moved that someone advertised the company so much that he was entrusted with an important task. Later, after Rockefeller left office, he became the second chairman.

A simple thing that everyone knows, but he is the only one who perseveres and enjoys it.

the Book of morality says: "if things are difficult in the world, they must be done in the easy way, and major events in the world must be done in detail."

if you want to achieve great things, you should start with inconspicuous and subtle things, and do simple things well, but it is not simple, and it is extraordinary to do ordinary things well.

difficult things are easy, and doing great things carefully is the cornerstone of success.


your attitude to details determines the height of your life

as the old saying goes, "Mount Tai does not refuse fine soil, so it can become its height; rivers and seas do not choose small streams, so they can be deep."

the reason why Mount Tai is so high is because it does not refuse any small soil, and the reason why rivers are so deep is because they do not reject any subtle streams.

what determines the ultimate height in a person's life is often not effort and luck, but small details that are inconspicuous.

Soviet cosmonaut Gagarin is the first earthly person in human history to go into space. in fact, a week before the selection was confirmed, the designer of the spaceship Luo Liov had a headache because the astronauts he sent were all excellent, making it difficult for him to choose.

but with a small move, Luolev determined that it was Gagarin, because when he entered the ship, only Gagarin gently took off his shoes and entered the cockpit with only socks on.

this humble detail moved Luo Liao and showed him his attitude towards perfection and respect for the space industry in this young man.

in this way, the sacred mission of man's first space flight fell to Gagarin.

A philosopher once said: "the success of details seems accidental, but in fact it is inevitable." those who are willing to spend time on details to the extreme of trifles are the ones who are most likely to succeed.

although the details are not high, countless details can change the height of life and even determine the height of life.

what kind of life you will have as you take an attitude towards details.

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there is a classic story in the West, "Iron Nails and the Nation":

small things happen enough to affect the whole world, even the whole era.

A drop of water can reflect the brilliance of the sun, a drop of sand can see the whole world, and a little thing can see a person's heart.

therefore, whether you are doing things or being a person, pay attention to details and start with small things in order to achieve life!