The power of laughter (depth good article)

The power of laughter (depth good article)
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although there are many disappointments in our lives, we should still believe in one thing: "it is better to laugh than to cry"!

as long as you live, you are blessed; if you live, you must cherish it; if you live, you must live happily and contentedly.

people are carefree only when they have a good state of mind. When you cry because you have no shoes, only to find that there are people who have no feet, you will no longer cry. When you are suffering from a cold and anxiety, only to find those terminally ill patients laughing, you will no longer be sad.

when others say to you, "you are so strong, I can never see your tears", only you know that your tears will never flow in front of others, just wipe it quietly, or swallow it back into your stomach silently!

all this is because you know that God will never favor any coward, because you know better: "it is better to laugh than to cry"!

if you are a smart person, you should do it: calm and leisurely. Don't be happy with things, don't be sad with yourself. Not proud when proud, not self-abased when frustrated. In the face of the praise of others and the temptation of material desires, we can keep a clear head, calm and calm; in the face of the abandonment of friends and the disillusionment of hopes, we can laugh it off.

you will not cry over the spilled milk today, nor worry about the cloudy and sunny tomorrow, but spend every minute of today calmly and every extraordinary twilight. People, only calm and calm, will have an elegant smile.

some people always frown because of the unpleasant trivialities in life: they will struggle for most of the day when they hear others say something you don't like to hear; they will regret for most of the day if they have done a very small thing wrong; they will feel sad for most of the day if they have a few words with others; they will feel a little bit unhappy at work and a little frustration in life, they will feel dark and uncomfortable.

in fact, worry is just a drizzle, sorrow is only temporary, there is nothing difficult in the world! Don't cry because it is not worth it, move on with a smile, you will be comfortable.

whether you are too emotionally fragile or usually like to be angry, don't cry easily. Few people like your tears, and few people are worth your tears, and the one who really likes you and cares about you won't make you cry.

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there is always hope as long as you believe in yourself. Let's remember that sentence: miss the sun, I will not cry, otherwise, I will miss the moon and stars. So, laughter is your patent!

laughter is better than crying, that is because: life is complicated, it is better to face it with a smile than to avoid it; life is realistic, and it is better to be strong with a smile than to cry and fear; life is beautiful, and it is better to laugh and look forward to it; life is happy, and it is better to run a business with a smile than a cry.

it is better to laugh than to cry, that is because it is wise to let go of those troubles only when you laugh; when you cry, you will always be burdened with those worries and sorrows, and that is hard on yourself. Only when you smile can you understand that when you see through the world of mortals, it is nothing but ups and downs; when you see through life, it is impermanent; when you see through love, it is scattered; when you see through human feelings, it is just cold and warm. If you cry, you will not be able to face success or failure and gains and losses; if you cry, you can't help the impermanence and ups and downs of life.

in such a complicated and beautiful life, we should kick off the fetters, eliminate worries, cheer up, relax our minds, and move forward with a smile, because it is better to laugh than to cry!