The power of peace of mind (depth of good writing! )

The power of peace of mind (depth of good writing! )
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in Daojing, there are: "heavy is light root, static is impetuous monarch, light is lost root, impetuous is lost monarch."

this sentence emphasizes the need to act calmly.

if you are eager for quick success and instant benefit and are in a panic when something happens, how can you gain insight into the law of the development of things in the complicated world?

therefore, if you want to handle things easily, take care of your life with ease.

A calm heart is essential.


calmness is an ability

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "those who are impetuous and rude accomplish nothing, and those who are calm and calm gather themselves."

people who are impetuous and eager for quick success and instant benefit want to get something from everything, but often get nothing in the end.

people who work calmly and down to earth, because they are calm and calm, they are willing to spend more time laying solid foundations and paying more attention to details, so they are more likely to succeed.

there is a famous fable:

when the old woodcutter was dying, he called his two sons to his bedside, handed them two axes, and told them, "whoever cuts the most firewood in a day can inherit my fortune."

when the two sons heard this, they took an axe and went up the hill.

the eldest son was so eager for success that he began to cut wood as soon as he went up the hill.

but the two axes their father gave them were rusty and dull axes, and it was very difficult to cut wood.

at first, the eldest son cut wood very fast, but he gradually lost his strength, and he had to take a long rest after a while.

the youngest son, on the other hand, spent half the morning sharpening the axe before going up the hill to collect firewood.

in half a day, he cut as much as his brother did in a day.

the Analects of Confucius Zilu: "No desire for speed, no small profit. Haste makes waste, and great things fail to see small profits. "

people with impatient personalities ask for speed in case of trouble, eager for success, but do not realize that haste makes waste.

blindly pursue speed and quantity, often at the expense of quality.

just like a cow, you have to figure out the structure of the cow's body before you cut the muscle.

otherwise, he will become a savage butcher, only know how to open and close, chopping flesh and blood.

Life is the same as doing things, whether simple or complex, must go through a lot of training in order to achieve the ideal state.

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the person who has the ability to keep calm in the event of an accident can see clearly the context of things and solve difficult problems with confidence.

if you are not impatient, you will not be confused; only if you are not reckless can you make achievements.

therefore, when something happens, you should meditate first, don't be impatient, make up your mind before making a decision, do good deeds with composure, and be good with grace.


calmness is a kind of bearing

Su Yan's "power writing heart art": "Mount Tai collapses in front but its color remains the same, and Milu deer thrives on the left but does not blink."

calm, is a kind of quality; atmosphere, is a kind of demeanor.

from a person's attitude towards unexpected situations, we can see whether he has control over life or not.

in this life, it is impossible to keep going with the wind and water all the time, and the bearing of being in danger is the strongest mast to cope with the winds and waves of life.

there is such a story in Shi Shuo Xinyu:

when Tai Fu Xie'an lived in Dongshan, he often went out to sea by boat with his friends such as Wang Xizhi and Sun Xinggong.

once again, while they were playing on the sea, a strong wind suddenly blew up.

Wang, Sun and others were all stunned and frightened, clamoring to sail the boat back to the shore.

Xie an is the only one with a calm and calm manner.

Xie an took his time and calmly reassured the boatman, so he still rocked the boat forward.

for a while, the wind became stronger, the waves became stronger, and the people on board became more and more panicked.

Xie an said calmly at the moment, "in that case, you can go back to sea."

when he went back, everyone praised Xie an's manner, marveled at his calmness, and agreed that he was able to calm the court inside and outside the court and stabilize the country.

the road of life has its ups and downs, and it is inevitable to encounter major and difficult things that burst into it.

lack of stillness, he was confused in front of major events, and he was frightened by himself before it happened.

so we have to deal with the disturbances of the world with a calm heart.

only when the mind settles down can we think soberly;

only after careful consideration can we take measures to judge the hour and size up the situation.

use calmness as the ballast stone of the ship of life, so that you can be free from any storm in life.


calmness is a kind of self-cultivation

calmness is a manifestation of self-cultivation.

A well-cultivated person can take it calmly no matter what situation he encounters.

when he is in high spirits, he will not lose his temper; when he is frustrated, he will not be depressed.

what makes people sigh is how many people have lost their temper and mood when they encounter difficulties in life because of their lack of self-cultivation.

how many opportunities have been lost because of an emotional loss of control, or destroyed years of hard work.

Zhang Liang, a famous minister of the early Han Dynasty, occasionally encountered an adventure when he went out.

when Zhang Liang walked across a bridge, he saw an old man in a distance. The old man was dressed in coarse cloth.

the old man suddenly took off his shoes and threw them under the bridge.

then he shouted to Zhang Liang, "Boy, go down and pick up the uppers of my shoes."

Zhang Liang saw that it was an old man with difficulty in movement, so he went to pick up his shoes.

the old man said, "help me put my shoes on."

Zhang Liang wanted to get angry, but he thought that now that he had picked up the shoes, he would do it to the end. He knelt down and helped him put on his shoes.

the old man put on his shoes and left with a smile.

after a while, he came back and said to Zhang Liang, "you are a young man who can be taught."

so the old man passed on the Art of War to Zhang Liang, making Zhang Liang eventually become a famous minister.

Zhang Liang was favored by talented people because he controlled his emotions in time and calmed down at the moment of his anger.

people's self-cultivation is often reflected in the blink of an eye of electric flint.

choose to be calm or emotional, which is enough to show whether a person has the ability to control his or her emotions.

every major event must have a quiet breath.

it is said that people should keep a clear head and a calm state of mind at a critical moment, and should not be defeated by their own emotions.

only in this way can we stand on our heels and carry great events.

calmness is the great wisdom of life.

only when you have peace of mind can you put aside your distractions, hear the voice from the bottom of your heart, and see the nature of things through the appearance.

Zhu Guangqian also said: "A calm person often stands on his heels and has a clear mind, so he is in danger, can make good use of his time, and make graceful arrangements, so that he will not be at a loss."

watching the mind in silence is a true delusion.

as quiet as your heart is, you can go as far as you can.

Life is as simple as the peace of mind.