The school violence that we've experienced.

The school violence that we've experienced.
"the most terrible thing is that everyone disagrees" Wen /Zhang Jingzhi, Tong c @ Zhang Jingzhi saw a news today with the headline "Huangshan Tianjiabing Experimental Middle School Grade 7, Senior three."

Wen /Zhang Jingbo

Today I saw a news headline, "three boys from Class Seven of Senior High School in Tianjiabing Experimental Middle School in Huangshan City gave an aphrodisiac to a female classmate." in the article, the whole thing was recorded in the tone of a heroine. when the girl's parents asked one of the boys to call the police and appeal. At that time, the chat notes of their class group were as follows:

"she's out of her mind"

"you (the boy) have a class behind you."

"does she really want to die together?"


below is a screenshot of the chat transcript, which is very chilling after reading it.

the complete news can be found on the Internet, so I won't release it all.

I'll just talk about my personal feelings and explain why I wrote a tweet for this news so emotionally.

because I think of a junior high school classmate

if she still wants to be called "classmate".

in junior high school, a female classmate in our class was ostracized by the whole class. Because the clothes she wears are always dirty, and then she always feels like she doesn't think about it and says what she thinks, and it doesn't make any sense. Their grades are very poor, of course, the most important reason is that we think they are ugly.

ugliness is the reason for being excluded?

I tell you very clearly that when we were in junior high school, the answer was yes.

at that time, there was a fat girl in our school who was in our first class. Because she was fat, her name had been spread throughout junior high school (I had forgotten her name). No one can joke without that name, because her name is equivalent to the current "idiot".

if you want to call a person stupid, then say he is the fat girl.

if you want to scold a person for being ugly, he is still the fat girl.

and the problem is so serious that the girl will be looked at with strange eyes wherever she goes, and then someone will shout her name from time to time, causing a burst of laughter.

so, in our school, being ugly is a mistake.

and everyone disagrees, including me.

this has nothing to do with grades.

I often wander in the top three of my class, but when the class is over, I will naturally say the fat girl's name when I want to scold others for being stupid.

to what extent is the "ugly" girl in our class ostracized by us?

she sleeps on the platform in class, and suddenly someone in the class will take the lead in booing and scolding her:

"so love to sleep, go home to sleep."

"are you here to study? I sleep every day. "

"are you a pig? I'm not happy to see you. "

every curse is followed by the laughter of a group of people.

and if you think that girls won't bully others, that's a big mistake. Because some girls in our class once tried to close the door after school, then tore up her book page by page, and hit her.

from the first year of junior high school to the second year of junior high school, the class bullied the girl more and more seriously, from verbal attacks to tearing books, to closing the door and beating her.

there are 54 students in our class, 53 of whom disagree.

it is normal for her to be scolded and beaten.

We don't think so, who told her to be so ugly.

she said, "do you believe me to sue the teacher?"

We answered her with a smile: "go ahead and sue, do you have any proof?"

that smug face,

is the same as the chat on the above news.

We take "hating and bullying a girl" as a sign of unity,

We start the joke with their names, and

we are proud to "teach" them a lesson.

even if some of us have done anything to hurt her, but those "disagree", so that we can never get out of the relationship.

although we each have our own development now,

some have gone to heavy universities,

some have gone abroad to study, and

some have begun to worry about life.

but now every reunion, we dare not mention that name,

because it proves that we were once demons.

but in our country, no one will be punished for this kind of thing, just like the result of the first news.

"an agreement has been reached through consultation and the two sides have reached an understanding."

"if it goes on, it won't benefit neither me nor the school."

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in an attempted crime, there were one victim and three criminals, all over the age of 16, one of whom was an adult and should be held criminally responsible.

at that time, all the teachers knew that she was ostracized, but no teacher really came out to mediate, and the school did not punish anyone because she was bullied.


I don't know.

recently I saw a movie called focus, which won the Best Picture Oscar this year, and the screenshot above is from it.

and the following one.

suddenly remembered another thing about "her": once in a Chinese class, she lay on the stage and cried all the time.

at first it was a relatively quiet sob, then louder and louder.

I don't remember which classmate. I raised my hand and said to the Chinese teacher, "teacher, she cried too loudly, affecting our study." So a group of people began to booing, some scolded her "crying fart, crying", there areScold her if you can be quiet.

and every time she cries, we laugh.

she cried more and more and began to knock on the table with her fist.

the teacher took her to the office and the whole corridor was filled with her crying.

after class, the head teacher asked all the cadres of our class to come out for a meeting.

the head teacher looked at all of us with red eyes and said,

"her father passed away yesterday. You have to promise me that you can't bully her any more."