The story is short, but it lasts a lifetime.

The story is short, but it lasts a lifetime.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is a process of constantly seeing and growing.

sometimes, a person has read a lot of books and experienced a lot of things, but it doesn't mean that he has experience and wisdom. Intelligence needs to be inspired and enlightened.

the following short stories are very short, but very insightful.


one day, the students of Confucius argued with the guests outside.

the reason is that the guest asked a question: "how many seasons are there in a year?"

the student thought, "it's not easy," and immediately replied, "Spring, summer, autumn, winter, four seasons."

the guest shook his head and said, "No, there are only three seasons a year."

the student told him, "Hey, you're wrong, four Seasons!"

the guest insisted: "three seasons!"

finally, the two men quarreled and decided to ask the teacher Confucius, and they also made a bet:

if it is the four seasons, the guests kowtow to the students three times; if it is three seasons, the students kowtow to the guests three times.

after seeing the teacher, the students immediately asked, "teacher, how many seasons are there in a year?"

Confucius glanced at the guest and said, "there are three seasons in a year."

the student was stunned and his face flushed, but he dared not ask, so he had to kowtow to the man three times.

after the guests left, the students couldn't wait to ask Confucius, "teacher, there are obviously four seasons in a year, how do you say three seasons?"

Confucius said, "didn't you see that man was green all over his body?" He is a grasshopper. He lives in spring and dies in autumn. He has never seen winter.

he will be satisfied if you say three seasons, but it doesn't make sense for you to argue about the four seasons till night. If you suffer, it doesn't matter if you kowtow three times. "

the students suddenly realized.


there are great differences in cognition between people.

talking to people whose horizons and insights are not at the same level, just like talking to ducks, no one can convince each other, and instead of arguing endlessly, learn to bow to them.

it is the greatest wisdom of a man not to be entangled with stupidity, not to argue with fools, not to be angry with fools.

Summer worms can't talk about ice, well frogs can't talk about the sea, and every man can't talk about it. Never argue with them angrily. Ignore him and stay away from him is the best way.


there is a monk who is going to travel to the outside world for study.

Master asked him, "when are you leaving?"

he replied, "Seven days later. Along the way, the mountains are high and the water is far away. I asked someone to hit a few pairs of straw sandals and set off after they were done. "

after hearing this, Master smiled and said, "how about this, I ask the believers to donate for you."

the old master told everyone the news. On the same day, dozens of believers sent straw sandals to fill a corner of the Zen room.

the next day, someone brought an umbrella to the monk.

the monk asked, "I only want straw sandals, so why give me an umbrella?"

Compliment your decent grace in our formal attire for black tie. You'll be surprised by the confidence you'll have!

the man replied, "your master said you were going on a long journey. You were afraid of heavy rain on the road. He asked me if I could give you an umbrella."

but on this day, he was not the only one to deliver umbrellas. In the evening, dozens of umbrellas were piled up in the meditation room.

the monk understood Master's intention and came to her and said, "the disciple will leave tomorrow morning."

Master turned around, threw him some straw sandals and an umbrella, and said, "Don't wait for anything, start at once."

so the monk set out in the moonlight of that night.

when you are about ready, take action immediately. When you are still hesitating, the opportunity will probably leave you.

what you want to do, do it immediately. Many methods are found and solved in the process of implementation. If you grasp the initiative and initiative, and take immediate action without delay, you will already win half of it.


pigs, sheep and cattle are locked together.

once, the owner caught the piglet, which yelled, pierced the air, and struggled desperately, fiercely resisting.

after seeing this, the sheep and cattle said contemptuously: "the master often catches us, we don't yell, and we cooperate very much."

in fact, you don't know about other people's lives, you don't experience other people's lives, and you don't empathize with other people's joys and sorrows.

you have no idea of other people's difficulties and situations, so you are not qualified to comment and criticize others easily.

always think of others and look at things from other people's point of view, you can understand a lot of things and learn to be kind to others.


at a parent-teacher meeting, the teacher wrote down four math problems on the blackboard:





after parents saw it, they reminded the teacher: "wrong calculation."

the teacher turned around and said slowly, "Yes, that's what I'm going to discuss with you today."

everyone can see this miscalculated problem very clearly, but I got three questions right before. Why didn't anyone praise me, but just saw that I made a mistake? "

the teacher then said thought-provoking:

this kind of situation is also very common in our daily life. We are always easy to see people's shortcomings, but we can't learn to appreciate the advantages of others.

to learn to appreciate others is to sincerely accept each other and learn positive feedback, which can not only make the relationship more harmonious, but also make each other better.

Smart people never hold on to other people's shortcomings and learn to appreciate their strengths, so you can win the recognition and admiration of others.


once, Socrates' students hurried to Socrates: "I'll tell you one thing, you can't imagine this."... "

"wait a minute!" Socrates interrupted him mercilessly. "have you filtered through three sieves what you told me?"

the student shook his head with a puzzled look on his face.

Socrates continued:

\ "when you want to tell someone something, you should filter it with at least three sieves!

the first sieve is called Truth. Is what you want to tell me true?

the second sieve is called to check, and if not true, it should at least be well-intentioned. Is what you want to tell me well-intentioned?

the third sieve is called importance. is it important that you are in such a hurry to tell me?

the student replied shamefully: "I heard it from the street. I don't know if it's true. It doesn't seem to be very kind, and it doesn't matter."

Socrates interrupted him:


A lot of information in life is invalid. With these three sieves, we can sift out a lot of information that has nothing to do with us.

when you don't have the ability to think independently, you will drift with the current, lose yourself, become a puppet of others, and your life will be plagued by spam.

through these three steps, learn to think in order to have your own life.

every story has its meaning to convey, and every journey has topics that we need to understand.

Life is a process of continuous practice and self-improvement.

May you get a little inspiration in each story and live your own life.