The stupidest act in the world is to be reasonable.

The stupidest act in the world is to be reasonable.
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once read a question: what is the reason why you don't understand until you grow up?

one answer was highly praised by everyone:

the stupidest people in the world are those who are the most reasonable.

this society has never been a place to be reasonable!


families don't need to be reasonable

look at the family first. Is the family a place to be reasonable?

No, home is actually a place to talk about "love".

in the process of communicating with our loved ones /family, if we blindly be reasonable, the family will feel less and less warm and less like a real home.

in particular, many men are used to socializing outside and come home to reason with their wives. what should this be and what that should be? this is actually a very wrong way of communication, which can only accumulate contradictions.

A man who only likes to reason with his wife shows that he no longer loves her.

what the family needs is tolerance and care. If you can make money and be reasonable, you have to let go of your reason and your halo when you get home.

stop thinking about whether it should be, right or wrong, and what is reasonable, but to pour out your love to your family.


the workplace does not need to be reasonable

is the workplace /business a place to be reasonable?

obviously not, the workplace is a place of "benefit".

in the process of communicating with our partners /customers, if we keep on being reasonable, your customers or partners will be less and less interested in you, and no one will like to listen to you.

you have to remember that everyone is here to make a profit, and if there is no profit, you will become worthless.

the world is all for profit, and the world is bustling for profit.

as long as you meet people's needs for interests, people will obey you.

if you can't satisfy other people's pursuit of "profit", what if you do it again? What if it makes sense?

Family and work, the two most common situations in life, do not need to be reasonable.


cannot reason with the strong

so, do you need to be reasonable in the face of the venerable /strong?

you don't really need it.

in the face of these people, the most important thing to pay attention to is the word "propriety".

for example, when dealing with elders /teachers, no matter how right you are, you have to be respectful.

many people always think that what they are doing is right, or if they have reason first, they can be righteous and unscrupulous in front of their honorable people.

even to offend them, this is the biggest "unreasonable".

especially in the face of the strong, you are even less reasonable.

No matter how reasonable you are, you have to put up with it and keep yourself safe and quietly accumulate strength.

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cannot reason with the weak

do you need to be reasonable in the face of the weak? I don't need it.

the most important word to say to the weak: "benevolence".

if we always reason with the weak, it can only show that we are getting colder and colder.

the weak live according to the logic designed by the strong. If the weak can not be given enough care, the weak and the strong will go to the opposite and accumulate social contradictions.

the strong should be kind to the weak and give them a better living space.

this is the greatest kindness of society and the greatest wisdom of the strong.


can't be reasonable in the face of conflict

so, do you need to be reasonable in the face of conflict? In fact, there is no need for

. Now the only way to resolve the conflict is "law", not reason.

if we were only reasonable, there would be no charge of "over-defense".

when many people encounter conflicts with others, they always think that they are reasonable and can fight first, which is a very wrong perception.

how do you deal with fights now?

first let's see who did it, and then we'll see who hurt who.

as long as you do it, even if you are reasonable, even if you are in self-defense, you should be responsible.

and if you beat someone into a minor injury, you have to bear criminal or civil liability, which has nothing to do with whether you are reasonable or not, it is against the law.

this logic also applies to other soft conflicts.

when dealing with conflicts, people who understand "law" are far more advantageous and better at dealing with conflicts than those who speak "reason".

with the improvement of the law, the future will be a more and more "law" society.

do you need to be reasonable in the face of unfair treatment?

reality tells us that reasoning alone cannot solve the problem when we encounter injustice.

for example, the female Mercedes-Benz owner found that there was an obvious problem with the quality of the car and went to reason with the merchant, but it didn't make sense at all. Later, she sat in the car and filmed a video, and the problem was solved.

when many people encounter unfairness, at first they go to reason with merchants or some organizations, but then they find that it is impossible to reason at all, and no one pays any attention to you.

in the end, only if you make a scene and make a scene without breaking the law, can someone take the initiative to come to you to solve the problem.

this is why there has been an endless stream of events.


fools are all reasonable, and experts can only tell stories

the first sentence of the moral Sutra is: Tao can be Tao, very Tao.

means: all the truths that can be expressed in words are not eternal truths.Self-destruct.

that is to say: all the truth, as long as you express it, there must be loopholes.

so what are we talking about being unreasonable? Three words: tell a story!

Why is storytelling more effective than reasoning?

the essence of the world is a big scene built on all kinds of stories.

the greatest privilege in the world is storytelling. Whoever has the power to tell a story will have the status.

religious, political and other organizations will "tell stories" and eventually achieve the cooperation of members of society.

for example, the Bible is the longest-spread, most widely translated book in the world, and has numerous followers. The most important feature of this book is that it is full of stories.

the smartest behavior in the world is to influence others through stories.

storytelling is powerful because it is characterized by only thinking and no answers.

the so-called elephant is invisible.

because of this, it can often subvert all the big truths.

the world ultimately belongs to those who are the best storytellers, and stories make the cold truth soft and romantic.

the world has never been good at accepting the truth, and it is easier for people to know and accept the truth only under the cloak of a story.

the world is extremely complex and delicate, and we need a high degree of wisdom to see clearly the various ways in it!