The subtraction of life (good in depth)

The subtraction of life (good in depth)
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in 1907, psychologist James retired from Harvard University in the United States, along with his good friend physicist Carlson.

one day, the two made a bet.

James said, "I'll make sure you get a bird soon." Carlson disagreed: "I don't believe it!" Because I never thought about keeping a bird. "

A few days later, on Carlson's birthday, James gave a present-a delicate birdcage. Carlson smiled. "I just think of it as a beautiful handicraft." Don't bother. "

from then on, whenever guests visit and see the empty birdcage at their desk, they almost always ask, "Professor, when did your bird die?"

Carlson had to explain to the guests again and again, "I've never had a bird." However, every time this kind of answer is exchanged with the confused and distrustful eyes of the guests.

in desperation, Carlson had to buy a bird.

Laozi once said, "less is more, more is confused."

many times, superfluous things are an invisible trap.

you don't think you will fall in, but the moment you accept it, you put a lot of invisible pressure on yourself.

in France in the 18th century, there was a philosopher named Dennis Diderot.

one day, a friend gave him a nightgown of fine texture and exquisite workmanship, which Diderot liked very much.

but when he walked around the study in his luxurious nightgown, he always felt that the furniture was either shabby or in the wrong style, and the stitches of the carpet were frighteningly thick.

so, in order to match his nightgown, he became heavily in debt.

sometimes, having something unnecessary can create an extra burden.

because you will keep buying more things than you can afford to match it.

logician Aokang once proposed that a rule of simplicity of eight characters is not necessary and does not add substance.

sometimes you seem to have more and lack more.

anything superfluous, like a hook, will constantly evoke inflated material desires.

when you get rid of the extra things, you can reduce your stress and reduce your burden.

at that time, you seemed to have less and more contented.


extra money

Don't ask for

nowadays, many people are eager to become rich.

money is a double-edged sword.

because it will also bring you more temptation and more trouble.

once upon a time, there was a millionaire who frowned every day and rarely had a smile.

next door to the millionaire lives a couple grinding tofu. The couple enjoyed it, singing, laughing and laughing all the time to the millionaire's home.

the millionaire's wife asked her husband, "We have so much money, how come we are not as happy as the tofu-grinding couple next door?"

the millionaire said, "what's wrong with this? I won't let them laugh tomorrow."

in the evening, the millionaire threw an ingot of gold over the wall. The next day, the tofu-sharpening couple was silent.

it turned out that the couple were surprised at first, but it wasn't long before they began to have their own selfishness and abacus.

what bothers you is not the sudden windfall, but the sudden increase in greed.

in an old street, there lived an old blacksmith.

whenever you pass by here, you will see him lying on the bamboo chair with a semiconductor radio in his hand and a purple sand teapot beside him.

his daily income is just enough for his tea and meals. He is so old that he no longer needs anything extra, so he is very satisfied.

A cultural relic dealer passed by the old street and saw that the purple sand pot next to the old blacksmith was a valuable collection, so the merchant wanted to buy the pot for 100000 yuan.

the old blacksmith was surprised at first, then refused, because the pot was left by his grandfather.

although the pot was not sold, the old blacksmith suffered from insomnia for the first time since the merchant left.

he not only worried about the theft of the purple teapot, he stared nervously all the time, but also had to deal with all kinds of people who came to borrow money. Someone even knocked on his door in the middle of the night.

when the businessman came back with 200000 yuan in cash, the old blacksmith couldn't sit still any longer. He smashed the pot to pieces in front of everyone.

No matter rich or poor, they all have their own ways of living.

what matters is not the amount of money, but the contentment and peace of mind.

sometimes more wealth is not as good as nothing.

you seem to give up your extra money, but you are actually letting go of more greed.



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Don't talk about

there is an old saying: "the ear does not listen to the wrongs of others, the eyes do not regard the shortcomings of others, and the mouth does not talk about the faults of others."

in life, where there are people, there will inevitably be right and wrong.

but you can choose to remain silent and shut up.

in ancient Greece, Socrates was highly respected for his profound knowledge.

one day, a man met the great philosopher and said to Socrates, "do you know what I just heard about your friend?"

"and so on," Socrates replied. "before you tell me, I want you to take a little test, the Triple filtering Test.

" Triple filtering? "the man asked..

"Yes," Socrates continued: "before you talk about my friend, you might as well take some time to filter what you are going to say.

" the first filter is authenticity. Are you really quite sure that what you are going to say is true? "No," said the man. "actually, I only heard about your friend."

"well," Socrates continued. "so you have no idea whether it's true or not. Now let's move on to the second filtering item, which is positive and negative. Are you going to tell me good news about my friend? "No, on the contrary."

 "then," Socrates continued. "you want to tell me bad news about my friend, but you're not sure it's true. Still, you may still need to complete this test, leaving the last filtering item, practicality.

do you want to tell me about my friend mean anything to me? "No, not at all. "

" well, Socrates concluded, "if what you want to tell me about my friend is untrue, not beautiful, or even useless, then why on earth do you want to tell me about it?

Carnegie once said," the joys and sorrows of our day often depend on our words and contacts. "

the more a person gets involved in the land of right and wrong, the more he will attract countless disasters.

Don't listen to right and wrong, let yourself be protected.

whether it is right or wrong, it is polite to others.

not talking about right and wrong is respect for the facts.

if you want to stay away from negative energy, stay away from right and wrong.


Life is a process of constant subtraction.

on the writer Thoreau, he once said: "A man's wealth is proportional to the number of things he can give up."

cut off the excess and stay away from unnecessary troubles.

lose excess wealth and avoid unnecessary weight-bearing.

get rid of unnecessary right and wrong and unnecessary troubles.

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