The three people closest to you determine the fate of your life.

The three people closest to you determine the fate of your life.
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there is a saying in the words of Confucius: "if you enter the room of Zhi orchid and do not hear its fragrance for a long time, you will become with it." And poor human settlements, such as entering the restaurant of abalone, for a long time but do not smell its stench, but also with it. "

Life is just a few decades, we will meet thousands of people, each of whom will influence us more or less.

there are people who make you find beauty and forge ahead.

some people let you see all the ugliness and go straight to the abyss.

after going through thousands of sails and reading countless people, I found that these three kinds of people must be deeply acquainted with in this life.


get along with bosom friends

Guo Moruo once said: "10,000 lip service is not worth a bosom friend who lives and dies together."

the so-called "bosom friend" is the unconditional trust given to the other party and dare to give his heart to him.

you know my silence, I know what you mean.

even if they look at each other without words, they don't feel the slightest embarrassment.

Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo in the Golden years show us the best appearance of friendship.

arrogant and reserved as Jiang Nansun, but never disrelish the lock of vanity in love with money.

regard her as a bosom friend and give her the most sincere friendship.

since childhood, the lock has found warmth in Nansun.

when the lock moved away from her uncle's house and had nowhere to go, Jiang Nansun asked her to live in her own home and give her shelter.

later, when something happened to the Chiang family, Jiang Nansun shouldered the heavy responsibility of the family on his own and was bowed down by life.

even so, Jiang Nansun never showed pessimism and weakness in front of others, but only let down his guard in front of the lock and burst into tears.

Lock felt sorry for her fragile camouflage, desperately making money to rent a big house, and using her best ability to give Jiang Nansun a decent life.

Zhang ailing has a saying: "I have been looking for that feeling, the feeling of holding a pair of warm hands and moving forward steadily on a cold day."

Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo are holding hands with each other, even if the road ahead is difficult, but because of each other's company, the difficulties have been reduced.

it is really a blessing for several generations to be affectionate.

A person has many contacts and few bosom friends in his life.

in the face of life, even if there are many difficulties, we always swallow it alone, sad and difficult for anyone to understand.

if you meet someone:

know my embarrassment without ridicule;

understand my fragility without alienation;

let me feel my heart and heart;

accompany me through the trough of life, but also accompany me to usher in the rising sun of tomorrow.

it is very lucky to have a bosom friend like this in this life.

when you get along with intimate people, you have more strength to move forward.


work with reliable people

Li Ka-shing once said: "to find reliable people to do things, smart people can only talk."

I strongly agree.

reliable, in this day and age, is a scarce quality.

in life or work, whether we are looking for a partner or a partner, we will silently consider in our hearts: is this person reliable?

A reliable person speaks like a nail on a board, steady and reliable.

unreliable people forget their promises in the twinkling of an eye, belittle their promises, and ignore trust.

working with reliable people is reassuring.

Don't worry about his thoughtlessness or his breaking his promise.

I still remember a classmate in college, who almost became a synonym for unreliability in the class.

for the first class group homework, he volunteered to join our group.

in the group discussion, the student was very active and gladly accepted the task assigned to him.

however, when it was time for everyone to hand in the task integration, the student began to put off.

one moment he said that the task was not assigned to him, and the next he said that he was too busy to finish it.

made everyone very unhappy, and because of the shortage of time, we had to finish our homework hastily.

the result can be imagined that our homework did not reach the expected result, and everyone's hard work was wasted.

Feel free to stand out in the crowd in one of our gorgeous junior attire formal. Shop with us for the quality and fabulous prices.

this student later joined another group, still acting in an unreliable manner.

after a few times, no one trusted him.

even if he is in the group, he will not be assigned a task, but will be named in the group and share other people's achievements.

for this classmate, I think he is happy and at ease, and he can take the achievements of others without effort.

for others, however, he has overdrawn his trust, and no one will be so tolerant of him when he steps out of society in the future.

is it reliable to be alone? you'll know if you cooperate once.

there are some unreliable people who put them on the blacklist of co-workers even if they are not pointed out in person.

working with reliable people makes it more likely to succeed.


go with excellent people

"Xunzi persuaded Xue" to say: "Peng Sheng Ma Zhong, do not help but straight. White sand is in nirvana, and it is black with it. "

the people we associate closely with will affect our lives to a great extent.

the company of sunflowers with the sun is a symbol of positive sunshine;

the company of owls and night always makes people feel dark and dangerous.

so walking with good people is a kind of promotion for us.

in the process of getting along with excellent people, we can learn from each other's horizons and match each other's patterns.

I don't know.I feel that I have also become excellent.

writer Xiao Hong, if she had not met Mr. Lu Xun, she might not have been so well-known.

before she met Lu Xun, Xiao Hong had many works, but she was unknown in the Chinese literary world at that time.

until Mr. Lu Xun's appreciation and promotion, Xiao Hong got to know many writers and got in touch with many important people.

with the help of Mr. Lu Xun, Xiao Hong's creative inspiration rushed like a waterfall in the mountains.

after that, she came to the fore in the Chinese literary world and finally became one of the four talented women of the Republic of China.

it's a great blessing to go with excellent people.

there used to be a hot question on Zhihu: "Why are good people always unsociable?"

the classic answer is: "good people are gregarious, but they don't have you in the group."

it sounds harsh, but it is an indisputable fact.

if we are good enough to be on the same level as those we admire, we know what each other's group looks like.

the fact that the students of Nanjing University who rushed to the hot search to ignore the film crew just showed the importance of making friends.

in front of a crowd of star celebrities, the students of Nanjing University were unmoved, there was no fanatical picture of chasing stars, and they were only focused on their studies.

in such an atmosphere, it is difficult not to make progress with excellent students.

and this is also an important reason why we have struggled to be admitted to a good school for ten years.

if you go with excellent people, your strength will not be too bad.

there is a good saying: "when an eagle grows up in a chicken coop, he will lose his ability to fly, and when a wolf grows up in a flock of sheep, he will fall in love with sheep and lose wolf nature."

what kind of person you get along with is what you become.

May you get along with bosom people, work with reliable people, and walk with excellent people for the rest of your life.