The top life, grasp the four "degrees"

The top life, grasp the four "degrees"
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there is a question on the Internet: "how can I live a good life?"

someone replied: "people have temperature, attitude, self-discipline and accuracy, high vision, worthy of this life."

it is true.

there is a saying in Shangshu: "wide and chestnut, soft and standing, willing and courteous, chaotic and respectful, disturbing and resolute, straight and warm, simple and cheap, strong and righteous."

means that people should have nine virtues: generosity, gentleness, modesty, dedication, perseverance, friendliness, moderation, pragmatism and bravery.

the wisdom of the ancients has long given the best answer.


there is a temperature for people

"Mencius" said: "those who love others always love them, and those who respect others always respect them."

in the final analysis, the relationship between people is maintained by emotion and connected by friendship.

when you have more love in your heart, you will hate less; when you are full of warmth, there will be no room for indifference.

when you are depressed, a caring look from a stranger will make you feel that life is still good;

when you are in trouble, a comforting word from passers-by will also restore your confidence in life.

Tao Yong was an ophthalmic surgeon on the healthy train when he was young. On the train, he met a granny Wang who suffered from advanced cataract.

Grandma Wang has a serious hunchback and is unable to go to the operating table. She has a big mass in her abdomen and her life is in critical condition. Her husband and son have also been dead for many years.

the condition on the train is poor and the risk of operation is high, so Dr. Tao has good reason to refuse to see a doctor. But the granny said that she just wanted to make a shroud for herself.

Dr. Tao overcame all difficulties in order to satisfy the old man's wish. Fortunately, the operation was successful and Grandma Wang's eyesight recovered to 0.6.

A week after the operation, Grandma Wang passed away. In the only seven days of light, she made herself a shroud and sewed a pocket with black-and-white photos of her husband and son.

Grandma Wang asked the liaison to tell Dr. Tao that all these years, she was alone and lonely in the dark. Thank you, Dr. Tao, for helping her find her way home.

doctors are kind-hearted.

she will remember your kindness for the rest of her life; she will be grateful for your great love all her life.

A warm person will share the joys and sorrows of other people's lives.

give people roses, the hands have an aftertaste.

May you be a warm person and be gentle with all the people you meet.


Mao Zedong said: "there is temperature in life, attitude in doing things, and strength in advice."

it is true.

attitude, you can see a person's potential, related to a person's self-cultivation.

diligent and meticulous is the attitude; lazy, perfunctory is also the attitude. But often, the attitude of doing things opens the gap between people and determines the differences between people.

Wu Jing, described by his peers as a desperate Saburo, has suffered injuries all over his body after more than 20 years of martial arts career.

jumping from a building, hanging outside a helicopter, fighting until the stick is broken, the eye is stabbed, almost blind, knee cartilage fester, a lateral ligament is broken, the medial ligament is torn.

there is no need for a double in filming, but to stick to the real fight. Every time he is injured, Wu Jing comforts himself with one sentence: "scars, the medal of a man."

Wu Jing, who took his life to film, became a well-known kung fu star.

Bing Xin said: "the successful flower, people only admire its bright beauty now, but at the beginning its bud was soaked with the tears of struggle and sprinkled with the blood rain of sacrifice."

the attitude of being unambiguous and uncoping determines how high a person can stand and how far he can go.

Dong Qing, CCTV Hua Dan. Keep improving the program and carefully polish the details. He spits lotus flowers in front of the screen and is full of talent; after the screen, he works hard and studies hard.

this is Dong Qing's attitude towards work as well as towards himself.

you can see from one's face whether one used to live well or not, and how one is doing in the future can be seen from his attitude of doing things.

some people say: "perfunctory others, perfunctory work, perfunctory life, but finally found that perfunctory oneself."

mediocre, muddle along, although the life is comfortable, but the heart is anxious, the future is confused.

if you conscientiously do a good job in what you are doing and try your best to do what you are doing right now, you will be a self with no regrets.

diligence is the best appearance of life;

hard work is the most important attitude in life.



Matsushita Konosuke said: "the achievement of reaching the peak comes from self-discipline."

self-discipline is to insist on doing the same thing and do it to the extreme.

Are you looking for a perfect linen wedding dress to shine like a star? Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

the life of Mr. Yuan Longping is the best annotation of self-discipline.

Yuan said, "I have spent most of my life dealing with rice. What I am most concerned about is things related to rice and grain. "

when he applied for the college entrance examination, he was determined to study farmers. When he was a teacher, he spread his knowledge about agriculture. When he was a researcher, he studied rice hybridization.

he consulted farmers, collected data, did experiments frequently, compared them repeatedly, overcame technical difficulties, and worked painstakingly.

Yuan Lao let 1.4 billion Chinese people secure their jobs. He spent his whole life interpreting the most beautiful meaning of self-discipline.

the most effective self-discipline is concentration.

the most successful self-discipline is paying 100% effort to focus on things and the pursuit of excellence.

We often say that the more self-discipline, the freer.

however, purposeful, aimless self-discipline usually doesn't go far.

Xiao Li is a very ambitious person. Seeing other people's good figure, he hurried to get a fitness card, but he didn't.It was put aside in a few days.

envied his colleagues for taking the hot qualification certificate, and Xiao Li excitedly bought materials and considered signing up for class, but after a few days of reading, there was no movement.

Xiao Li is also very confused. Why do you always want to improve and improve yourself, but always fail?

the reason is that pain is only stimulated by external factors, but the internal motivation for change is insufficient.

the goal is easy to determine, but do not understand their own needs, find their own position.

the sense of frustration and powerlessness comes only from the superficial diligence and self-discipline, which can not cover up the inner aimlessness.

like an unfinished high-rise building, although it is beautiful on the outside, it is empty inside.

purposeful, aimless self-discipline, like a tree without a root or water without a source, just pretend to work hard and comfort yourself.

complex things are easy to do, simple things are repeated, and repetitive things are done with your heart.

this is the true meaning of self-discipline.