The top wisdom of adults is to do every little thing well.

The top wisdom of adults is to do every little thing well.
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there is a line in the popular TV drama Awakening:

"in this impetuous age, only people with self-discipline can stand out and achieve great things."

in life, you will find that there are always people who can keep their feet on the ground and take every little thing seriously, while others tend to have a higher heart and lower sights than the sky.

Great events in the world must be done in detail.

the top self-discipline of adults is not to force themselves to do earth-shaking things, but to do every little thing in front of them.


small things are the basis for great things

"if you don't accumulate small steps, you can't lead to thousands of miles; if you don't accumulate small streams, you can't become rivers and seas."

do every little thing right now, slow and down-to-earth, so that you can touch a greater possibility.

in ancient times, there was an archery expert called Feiwei. He was good at archery and hit a hundred shots.

A man named Jichang came here and wanted to worship him as his teacher.

Ji Chang wants to learn the archery skills of Cheng Feiwei in a short time. Feiwei tells him to practice his eyesight first, but Ji Chang doesn't believe it.

Feiwei had to teach him to aim first, but the effect was good and bad, and the shooting basically depended on luck.

later, Ji Chang followed the advice of Feiwei and never blinked and began to learn.

when Ji Chang and his wife were weaving, they lay on their back under the loom, staring at the pedals shuttling back and forth.

after two years of practice, Ji Chang practiced that even if the awl pierced his eye socket, he would not blink.

so he went to see Fei Wei happily.

Fei Wei said:

"there is still a long way to go. When you practice to see the details clearly, come back to me."

Ji Chang returned home again. He chose the tiniest yak hair, tied a small lice at one end and hung it from his window at the other end, staring at the little lice.

three years later, the lice were as big as wheels in his eyes, and Jichang went to Feiwei again.

Fei Wei told him:

"you have finally mastered the basic skills of archery. I can begin to teach you archery skills."

because of his solid foundation, Ji Chang was adept at learning archery and soon became an equally good archery expert.

in life, many people are eager for success and want to rise to the top one step at a time.

you know, if you don't lay a good foundation, you will hit a brick wall everywhere.

do every little thing carefully, and with the completion of each little thing, life will gradually get better before you know it.

as Zhang Ruimin, president of Haier Group, said:

"to do every simple thing well is not simple, and to do every ordinary thing well is extraordinary."

the more trivial it is, the more it can determine the success or failure of a thing.


small things reflect one's character

there is a question on Zhihu: "Why do people who are self-disciplined have a higher rate of reliability?"

A high praise replied:

"people who are self-disciplined can be strict with themselves in small things, and are more reassuring in big things."

the big things depend on the ability, and the little things on the character. Whether a person is reliable or not is often seen most clearly in trifles.

I have seen such a story.

there is a hotel security guard who always prepares umbrellas to pick up customers without umbrellas at the door on rainy days.

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because of this small move, he was appreciated by the leaders and won the coveted opportunity to learn to cook.

later, when the hotel business was depressed, he turned to the express delivery business.

for him, it is the field that changes, and what remains the same is the attitude towards small things.

every time he delivers an express delivery, he will talk to the customer and help him deal with the problems encountered. All the customers he has delivered have a good impression of him.

one Christmas, he specially dressed up as Santa Claus to send apples to customers to improve their relationship with customers. Customers will think of him for the first time when they have express mail.

even, in order to let the customer receive the express delivery immediately, he will carefully observe the surrounding road conditions every time he delivers the express delivery.

I hand-drawn a "food delivery map" that is more detailed than Baidu map, becoming the fastest courier in the area.

after working as a courier for five years, he earned 2 million yuan and even became a bell ringer for Alibaba's listing.

he is Dou Liguo, a legend in the express circle.

the reason why he stands out is that he does every little thing in great detail.